Saturday, August 27

Who would you date and why?

Last weekend le familia decided to have a birthday celebration for my dad at my sister's house. I guess the hardest part of this celebration wasn't the preparation but instead thinking of what to cook. As if thinking what to eat on a daily basis wasn't hard enough, I had to think what to cook for everyone. But to ease my life, I threw that task to Marcus instead. Haha. Thank God for him to safe me. Hahaha.

So the trouble of thinking what to cook was settled. All I had to do was prepare the ingredients that's all! Headed to Village Groccer in Bangsar and Bens at Batai to get the needed ingredients. If you ask me its not about being 'wahhh so atas'. Given a choice I wouldn't even want to shop at these places but honestly some of their things are pretty fresh and the selection is wider than the many other hypermarkets.

Saturday, August 13

The gym goers

I need to be like Emily Charlton, "I love my job I love my job I love my job". I actually do love my job and enjoy it lots but just that it has been kind of hectic till it eats you up and more or it might just burn you out.

Anyway, back to my topic of the day. As you've known, I'm a regular gym goer with one main reason which is to stay fit but lately I've been gaining more fats than weight. Trying hard to reduce it back to 11% while I'm currently at 18%! Damn it! Guess the saying is true. When you're above 25 of age, your body tend to slow down and fats gather even faster than you can say 'holy shit I'm fat'. (wait did I just give away my age??)

So I was at the gym yesterday for two classes which was bodypump and bodycombat (yes I'm working hard to burn those fats) when I realise something.

I've been noticing it quite frequent but just didn't blog about it that's all. I bet you guys would notice it too. You're bound to see or bump or even meet various type of gym goers. You would think it's the girls but hell no.

So what are the type of guys you will meet at the gym?

Monday, August 1

Lets talk

Its August. We've just passed the mid year mark and just a few months before we ring in 2017. So fast!

It has been a dramatic month end I would say for me. With so many happenings, from work to personal life, it's rather draining actually. Its like sucking the life out of me day by day, minute by minute. Perhaps many do not see how its affecting me but I can feel it and definitely see the changes.

Monday, July 25

Maybe, just maybe

Honestly I just love this little space of mine. Been always wanting to write but seriously time is a killer. People always say making time is an option but honestly I just find it hard to make time for anything. Anyway thought I should put some thoughts on what I've been up to lately since I've been pretty quiet on my blog these days.

Have you been following America's Got Talent? Well I have. I mean I've been following since they started in the US and I've always been following the UK version of it. Anyway I'm rooting for Brian Justin Crum. Not only he looks you know like how he is, but he has that voice! Love his performance when he covered Radiohead's creep!

Monday, July 4

Its that time again

That time has come again! Vacation yo!

Well this time is back to the city I love travelling to. 

Which is? I don't know. Why not you guess?

Be heading there for four nights. Hoping to get the much needed rest and loving time with my other half.

Anyway this situation always happens to me all the time. When I am about to go for a break, there are bound to be tonnes of shit load work to settle.

Why? Why? Why?

I am trying to have a peaceful holiday hopefully. I might still need to check my phone at night but hope it'll be good.

The much needed break after lots of torsy turvy situations.

Are you heading any where this long weekend?

Saturday, June 18

Paid my dues

I've paid my dues. Wait, are you thinking of Anastacia's song?

Well not! I've paid my dues as in my outstanding bills I've gotten from MBPJ. Yea, remember I said (not sure if I did) I wouldn't want to pay it? I've got to.

So last Thursday I received two love letters from MBPJ stating that I have outstanding amounts to be settled and failure to clear them I would be called to court and my name would be submitted to JPJ which would mean I won't be able to renew my car road tax. Blood hell I tell you.

Anyhow because of that I decided to settle the payment using MBPJ's online portal. To my surprise there is actually a discount given when you choose to pay online. Like for reals! From my understanding, if you pay within two weeks of you receiving your ticket, the price to pay is only RM30 (original is RM100) while the longer you keep it the price gets higher. What I can summarise is the price are grouped into RM30, RM50, RM70 and the ultimate price to pay is RM100.

As much as I hate it, I would rather get rid of all those shit then to have my road tax blocked. So I'm currently RM600 poorer and don't even bother asking how many tickets I've gotten from them. I tell you staying in PJ is such a pain when you have dogs like them running round.

Sunday, June 12

Catching up

Another weekend just ended like that. Too fast I tell you, too fast!

But I had a lovely weekend as always. Spending time with your loved one really makes a difference in many ways.

Been feeling kind of emotional for the past few weeks but slowly and surely been keeping it in check nicely.