Wednesday, October 26

Booze yo

Can I ask, is it called HotDogs or HotSausages?

What's happening to this country?

Anyway, sausages aside *ehem*, had a fun filled weekend for me at least. From Friday evening to Sunday's morning, I've never had so much booze in my blood till this extend.

Saturday, September 24

The Quickie Post #1

So I decided to start a post called "The Quickie Post". It's not a post of what you think OKAY. Find out what it means here.

I want to write more here but writing a full length post may take quite a lot of time as I need to edit pictures if any before I post and crack my head how to put my thoughts into words. So I thought why not I write some short updates, after all its still a posting here, no?

So here is my first quickie post!

Will be having a get together with my ex-colleagues tonight. It has been some time since I've met all of them. Great bunch of people.

Just had a hair cut. My stylist is trying something new but I got to let my hair grow out before he can fully style it as I just cut off my long locks (as if) couple of weeks ago. Missing my longer hair now. T__T

Anyway been feeling pretty annoyed by certain things lately both personal and work. Seriously its really annoying the hell out of  me and I'm just keeping my cool. Just wait till the day comes when I pull the plug on everything.

Till me next post, happy Saturday guys!

Friday, September 23


Another long weekend has just ended not long ago. I was so wishing it would never but it did eventually. It made me depressed and sad which I cried all night long while rain drops fell from the window pain.

Do I sound poetic? Hope not. LOL. I should be a song writer maybe.

Gosh my fave contestant Brian Justin Crum didn't take of the crown as AGT's 2016 winner! So sad! But that voice (and eyes *cough*) still wins my heart. His version of Radiohead's Creep is by far the best. Always gives me the chills when I loop in YouTube. Hope he releases a single soon!

Currently following the X Factor UK. Wonder who will win this year and there's some pretty good singers too. Excited!

So what I did during the long weekend?

Tuesday, September 13


It was a long weekend and I am loved it! But the long weekend has come to an end. Dreaded Monday is here and I couldn't hate any much more than I already do.

Last Thursday and Friday was the most tiring and stressful period. Was up practically for more than 48 hours for work. I swear I felt I was as high as F after being up that without any sleep and surviving only on 2 cups of coffee throughout that period apart from sugary stuff to give me more energy.

But it was satisfying I would say. Me and the team were super glad it was over. We just couldn't wait for the clock to strike 12 for us to end it all.

Sunday, September 4

Feeling all sentimental

Currently back home at my parents place. I'm always back home on Sundays unless stated otherwise. Always try to make it a point to come back once a week here to meet them and catch up on what's been happening plus how things are going.

Dad is under-going some medication till early October then he has to head back to the hospital for an ultrasound. Hope things will be a-okay.

Went for gym this morning or more like late morning for body pump. Been trying to make sure I'm constant with my attendance. It is the best sort of cardio I could get since I've not been doing any cardio for the past year or so. Been a month I think since I started back body pump and I can seriously see the results faster than I can imagine. Folks have been saying I'm loosing weight and I can feel or see it too. My tees aren't so fit nor tight anymore. Hahaha! Hope to get back my V and abs (dreaming).

Saturday, August 27

Who would you date and why?

Last weekend le familia decided to have a birthday celebration for my dad at my sister's house. I guess the hardest part of this celebration wasn't the preparation but instead thinking of what to cook. As if thinking what to eat on a daily basis wasn't hard enough, I had to think what to cook for everyone. But to ease my life, I threw that task to Marcus instead. Haha. Thank God for him to safe me. Hahaha.

So the trouble of thinking what to cook was settled. All I had to do was prepare the ingredients that's all! Headed to Village Groccer in Bangsar and Bens at Batai to get the needed ingredients. If you ask me its not about being 'wahhh so atas'. Given a choice I wouldn't even want to shop at these places but honestly some of their things are pretty fresh and the selection is wider than the many other hypermarkets.

Saturday, August 13

The gym goers

I need to be like Emily Charlton, "I love my job I love my job I love my job". I actually do love my job and enjoy it lots but just that it has been kind of hectic till it eats you up and more or it might just burn you out.

Anyway, back to my topic of the day. As you've known, I'm a regular gym goer with one main reason which is to stay fit but lately I've been gaining more fats than weight. Trying hard to reduce it back to 11% while I'm currently at 18%! Damn it! Guess the saying is true. When you're above 25 of age, your body tend to slow down and fats gather even faster than you can say 'holy shit I'm fat'. (wait did I just give away my age??)

So I was at the gym yesterday for two classes which was bodypump and bodycombat (yes I'm working hard to burn those fats) when I realise something.

I've been noticing it quite frequent but just didn't blog about it that's all. I bet you guys would notice it too. You're bound to see or bump or even meet various type of gym goers. You would think it's the girls but hell no.

So what are the type of guys you will meet at the gym?