Sunday, November 19

Being irrelevant

See la. Sometimes I’m so hardworking to blog but sometimes I’m just like fuck it I’m not going to write anything.

So we just passed mid November and soon December is coming plus Christmas then the new year. There is still so much to do but so little time in our hands till we just struggle to do everything and anything we can within a small period of time.

Tuesday, October 31

Happy Halloween!

It is Halloween! Happy Halloween folks! I think pretty much everyone celebrated their Halloween over the weekend and I did too. In Singapore that is.

Sunday, October 15

2 & half months till 2018

Can you believe it? We are just 2 and half months shy before we ring in the year 2018. I feel like I barely did anything this year. Apart from facing and experiencing new things and issues. So much have happen and I'm not sure what's going to happen next. Just taking a step at a time and trying too absorb everything in.

Tuesday, September 26

A series of unfortunate events

Image result for unfortunate events gifFirstly I would like to say, Unifi is so bloody sucky! The connection is just so unstable from time to time and I'm not sure why can't there any other provider who can overtake them in the industry?

Wednesday, September 20


New job is great so far but pretty hectic these days. Been attending lots of seminar, talks, functions and etc. It is good to network but can be physically tiring as well. It's not easy honestly. Not at all. Some folks might think its fun but its not.

Image result for tired gif

Tuesday, September 12

10 things

Not sure if I've ever written this but I'm guessing not, or maybe I have? Not so sure. Hahaha.