Sunday, September 28


to all my friends old and new plus to all K5 people who are celebrating this coming Hari Raya....

Wednesday, September 24

lots of food...maybe...

soooooooooo hot that day. but we were still very strong..ahahhaha (look who's talking)...even manage to walk all the way to the bazaar to buy food for our dinner (breaking fast la for amin,bell,jali,skem & nabil) & make the occasion more merry....nothing much to buy nowadays....maybe because i've tried mostly everything from that eveythings almost the same..everytime eat curry food, fried stuff......i miss western food so much......lamb chop..steak..lobster...ahh!!! yummy...San Francisco Steak House....i shall visit you sooooooon......

i kissed a girl

i my currently most favourite the lyrics..haahhaha...i must get her cd within this month too...Katy Perry

Sunday, September 21


How do i say this. I can't explain this feeling. Sometimes I think I'm just trying to hard. To hard to please the heart of someone else and the feeling of someone else. Every time I'll have to watch what I say and how I say. This is just to not hurt that person. But has that person ever think of my feelings? Sometimes I'll just be silent acting like whatever has been said is just something small and I'll just let it go. But actually deep down in me I just can't forget it. In my face it may not show but in my heart it burns. Not wanting to hate that person but sometimes it just hurts to hear and see.
Sometimes everything that person says not just to me but to or about some else really makes me wonder. Sometimes that person thinks that's "it's" always right or the smart one or the good one. But actually that person is NOT. Always judging other people and questioning other people. Always wanting to be the person who solves all the problem that other people have. Always wanting to act like the caring one to other people. Sometimes that persons actions really make me don't care anymore. Not knowing sometimes "it's" actually the stv type.
Everyone has feelings not just you.....PEACE...

Friday, September 19


If you are Msia's 80s baby,read through this.
We grew up watching Transformers, Thundercats, Woody Woodpecker, Chip munks, Mickey Mouse, Jem, The Mask, Ninja Turtles, Voltron, Baja Hitam, Popeye, Ultraman n not forgettin SAILORMOON, POWER RANGERS n BUGS BUNNY!!! and anderra yippa mice? :) McGyver ?

Had to brush our teeths during recess at primary school? Had to hold plastic cups, line up with your classmates side by side and start brushing our teeths at some open area... or maybe near some drain??

Do you still remember that we had 'dentist' rooms where we had to haveour teeth check?

Not to forget our 'program minum susu' in primary school.. everybody is suppose to buy like cartons of milk that costs 30 cents.. and you would see everyone drinking it everyday...its the UHT milk...The teachers who would want to punish us must use yellow rulers to hit us on our palms?? 1 metre long.....

That a bowl of mihun soup or some soup only cost 50 cents at the school canteen...

Went to some sundry shop near the school or to the 'roti' man waiting outside our schools so that we can buy junk food like chickedees, mamee, ding dang with some toys in it, 'Ti Kam', ice-cream and we would play games like monopoly, uno, old maid, and all other card games like that...

Another fun time would be during Pendidikan Jasmani. The boys would play football while the girls would play netball... and it would be like we were playing in the world cup...

But of course. the best would be main guli, batu seremban, bottlecaps, ice-cream sticks, 'Pepsi Cola one-two-three', Cops and Robbers, main kejar-kejar duduk,getah... and for the not so active, those kind of 'book games' where we would use buku latihan
to draw and ask our friends to play...

Do you remember the ice-cream tubes which are actually ice and colouring that are sold for 10 to 20 cents.. the colourful ones.. where you usually bite off the top to glup it tastes the best..(pop-ice)

What about days when we felt like doing naughty things such as folding papers
so small to make 'lastik' and shoot each other... how about throwing chalks??

Back then, micheal jackson was just turning white.. and still had albums coming out.. compared to CD's, we were listening to tapes that sold for RM9.90.....

In computer class, we were still using black and white computer moniters.....played 'Atari'... maybe SEGA or NINTENDO..

Well, are we all getting older or what?

1) if you understand what you have read then maybe you are smiling...

2) we have friends from school that are already married...

3) we shake our heads everytime we see high school students fussing about
their handphones in school..

4) we don't hang on the phone with our friends for hours a day talking about nothing...

5) when we meet back with our friends from time to time, we feel excited and
happy talking about the old times, the funny 'adventures' or stories that we
experienced as a kid..

6) last but not least, that when you read this, you would think of all the
happy & sad memories that you have experienced when you were still a kid
and would think contacting your old friends that you have known since forever... i'm sure they would have a huge smile on their face after hearing you...


I love them and sometimes I hate them,
I need them but yet sometimes I want them far away.
I hurt their feelings sometimes but expect them not to hurt mine.
I wish they would be this or that sometimes but I love them the way they are always.

They are funny and loud,
They are quiet and reserved.
They are obnoxious and immature,
They are clingy and needy.

They are sometimes rude,
They are sometimes mean.
They don’t always understand me,
They don’t always listen.

Some secretly hate me,
Some secretly can’t live without me.
Some don’t really care,
Some don’t know what to say.

But in all these that they have,
I will still love them all the same though.
And I most definitely need them too.
To survive in this cold but wonderful world.


Article 1: The Kiss
Kiss on the hand
I adore you
Kiss on the cheek
I just want to be friends
Kiss on the neck
I want you
Kiss on the lips
I love you
Kiss on the ears
I am just playing
Kiss anywhere else
Lets not get carried away
Look in your eyes
Kiss me
Playing with your hair
I can't live without you
Hand on your waist
I love you to much to let you go

Article 2: The Three Steps
Girls: If any guys gets fresh with you, slap him.
Guys: If any girl slaps you, her intentions are still good.
Guys & Girls: Close your eyes when kissing, it is rude to stare.

Article 3: The Commandments
Thou shall not squeeze too hard.
Thou shall not ask for a kiss, but take one.
Thou shall kiss at every opportunity.
* Remember *
A peach is a peach
A plum is a plum,
A kiss isn't a kiss
Without some tongue.
So open up your mouth
close your eyes,
And give your tongue,
some EXERCISE!!!

Wednesday, September 17 many things.....THINKING

so many things on my mind now...thinking bout lots things...what will happen next ? what to do ? what to say ? what to find ? what to buy ? ...thinking thinking many issues to many problems to many ASSIGNMENTS to many.....and it ALL requires thinking....THINKING!!!'s so tiring physically and mentally...even before i sleep i'm still thinking. luckily when i'm sleeping i'm not thinking..hahaha....even writing this blog i'm thinking....every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every week, every month, every year i'm always thinking....
hermm...what to do next???

Tuesday, September 16

we...missing the times

The times we had together.
The times we would laugh.
The times we would fight.
The times we would care.
The times we would share.
The times we would cry.

It's been so many years since I've known you
You were the one who's always there
We used to see each other everyday & everytime
But now we hardly meet at all
Maybe it's because you're too far now
A place that's new for you
I hope you're safe & sound there
Not getting pushed around
But I'm still missing the times
The times we had together

just stand up...

love this nice...all the singers too..

Friday, September 12

what to do....?? hermmmm

so many are things happening. i'm so mixed up. complicating friendships. i made lots of friends here. but, slowly many of them are moving away. why? slowly i'm starting to know their true colours. some of them are really great people, but some of them are slowly changing by the day. so many problems are arising from these friendships. why? some are starting their own world. some are in their own fantasy. nowadays it feels like there's a wall build between friends. what can be done? i think nothing can be done unless all the truth are expose..what to do????

Wednesday, September 10


i'm so full of's increasing by the second. so many assignments have to be done but with such little time on my hand. assignments piling up from the ground up. i got to complete six assignments within three weeks!! arhh!! don't know which to do first since all are important too!! i've never been so stressful the final exams are just around the corner....but i got to keep my composure and challenges no achivements..

Sunday, September 7


finally i'm at home.(actually mostly every week i'm last night slept at 5.10am. so early. busy watching "200 pound beauty" nice. 1 of my favorite korean movies "maria ave maria"..hohoho. luckily i wasn't watching nabil, bell, and jali. they all were soooooo glued to the movie..especially jali...(jali jali). b4 that we had supper (actually sahur la) bell,nabil,jali,amin and kimi...they eat so diet la (might be true.....not).
5.10am...very bad after effect. got up at 2.30pm..half an hour before our (me,bell,jali) 'koku' s over..also very early. 3pm something i came back home..with my parents. the main reason i come wash time to wash at k5..hahaha such busy home i went out for tea time with my parents...went to "oldtown kopitiam" yummy there..(slurp slurp)...later evening went mines only. want to go midvalley but far la..i went with bell,jali and scary ghost movie.."angkerbatu" dont ask if the show is's totally not for me la...very bad directing, cast ok ok, storyline..."help them"....,scary or not? ok la...hope to watch a better 1 next time..hihihi....wah my "bi" so rojak today..hahha maybe room,my pet,my house (my dad's la)....home sweet home....

Thursday, September 4

whom it concerns...

whom it concerns...i tried to get along with you, but i just couldn't. maybe it could be me or maybe it's about you. from the first day i knew we might not be friends. but i still tried. but then stories were told about certain things which wasn't all that easy to my ears. but still i just like "ok let it be". but there are some lines which has been made that should not be crossed. but you did. so you let your feelings out to someone thinking it would be alright in the end. but sorry that's what i can say. whats said has been said. you can't change the past. sometimes i feel like i did something wrong but sometimes i feel like did i? . i don't really bother. if you still want to be my friend, sure i will. but if not, then i'm fine with it.

whom it concerns...liking is not loving. i just like someone doesn't mean i love that someone. i used to like you but now i accept you as one of my closes friend. i don't want to be fake. so it's better to like than to love for me. i've liked many people in my life just like you. but maybe i don't have what it takes so i'll let it go. i don't want to think about it. i am the type not to compete with other people. i just want to carry on with my life. but i will always pray happiness for you even with whoever you are with. i will always like you as a friend. a closes friend.

just wanna say...

from the first day i was thinking like " this place is so nice....all so good to each other...all can get along with each one having problems facing each other or anything like that...all don't seem to be the stv type....." but i was wrong. not fully but maybe partly. after sometime here true colours were shown. different characters of different roles were seen. some were totally not what i imagine meaning totally the opposite. good,bad,not that good,not that bad and so on. lots of things happen not just to me but to lots of people here. emotions were shown. anger were shown. tears were shown. sadness were shown. snobbishness were shown. everything were shown. and many things were broken. hearts were broken. friendships were broken....certain things i couldn't imagine took place here too. i couldn't believe it, but whats not to believe. everythings to believe . friends who are friends are friends with friends of a friend and the circle goes on and on and on (if get what i'm trying to say here).....this is life. everyone has their good and bad faces including me. i'm the kind if you're older then me, i respect you. if you're good to me, i'll be good to you. if you're another kind, i'll still be friends with you. but if something that really "pissess" me off, sorry...but i hope that doesn't happen anymore to me here...let the past be the past....hermmm what can and can't i say anymore....this is all i just wanna say.....peace $$

gloomy gloomy.....

such a gloomy day...rain rain ....don't know why i was so moody...everyone knew it from my face....just don't know....just want to scold someone or just scream my lungs out....ah!!!!!!!!!!!! make it worst my bmt so sad...almost had a breakdown (seriously)...hoping for the best...maybe i'm getting to stress up with everything...everything that's happening many ups & many things..hermmm.....but luckily i had my friends to cheer me up....daphne, bunga, jali & lucky to have them... :) .... they made me laugh & all.... we even "buka puasa" together me,bell,jali & bunga....except for daphne la...then later watched Enchanted...lalalala....then had supper too...or sahur is it they call it (think so la)....gloomy to happy day....

Wednesday, September 3


Someday that time will come,
And everything will make perfect sense to me,
For now,
I shall laugh at the confusions that comes my way,
Smile through the tears that comes from the pain,
Put on a brave face when I'm in fear,
Sleep through the sadness that falls on me,
Keep reminding myself that,
Everything happens for a reason,
I will not hope for much,
But I just hope that "someday" will come,

weird feeling..

is it just me or something...i just feel weird a little today...somethings like not that i sick or what? hermmm...don't know...maybe thinking too much about certain things....just want to forget about it and just continue.....what can i do?...just forget.....take and let go....don't bother bout weird....

Tuesday, September 2

"buka puasa"..... lazy...had to go back to upm after such a long holiday (not really la)..met everyone again..was like we din't meet for like hundreds of usual everything was back like it was before..went to class & all but there was something different this time...about dinner....hohohoh
first time i was breaking fast with my Muslim friends....
Buka Puasa" fun it was....everyone (me,jun,daphne,bell,jali,bunga,nabil,amin,kimi) sitting around the table on SOFAs ..hahaha...watching tv and all too ....we had so many stuff to was like a mini dinner was a real experience for me.....

merdeka day 31/8/08

merdeka day....was so
long and busy day that's what i could say.....
from kl straight back to my home...had to take lrt ktm then my car...hahaha...from there to my friends house...then out again...fu-yoh!!
with those guys in the pic Jali,Amin & Amin's friend (sorry forgot the name....hohohoh)
including me, we went for movies (Wall-E) at cheras selatan...(Selangor people should know where it is)..hohohoh ...crazy night after that...true colours revealed..colours of the rainbow....but all was fun..i really enjoyed my merdeka day.....MERDEKA!!!

Merdeka Eve

30/8/ much fun..merdeka eve at KLCC.....
celebrating merdeka eve....countdown to merdeka
so tired that day. we (bell,jali & me)
really did some
window shopping ....(fyi it was so fun)...we went from times square to low yat,
bb plaza, sungei wang, lot 10, starhill, pavillion,...finally our destination
KLCC....then we met up with our other 2 friends which brought 1 more
friend makes it a totally of 3 of them.......
nick,akmar,izzat....(the girl,guy & guy in red)
when the was like 11.55pm everyone was so excited bout it cos there'll
be fireworks and we waited patiently...then 10.................9.................8.................7...............6.............5............
4..........3.......2....1!!! merdeka so much fun......but waited...... no fireworks....
they only had it at merdeka square
....but dint bother bout it....later we
went "mamak" to "makan" then overnight at a hotel....
it was a real fun day even without the fireworks....who needs fireworks to
have fun...hahahahaha....but it was so tiring and forgot to mention it was
raining toooooooooo...........happy merdeka..

Life in Uni.....Starting a new Chapter nice (so near too)..I love Uni life. So many people to meet. Exciting. But can be tiring too. But loving it. Totally different from those days in school. Sometimes how I wish I could just turn time back. But life's goes on. Being here sometimes brings up the stress in me. Mostly from waiting for the bus and assignments. LOL. But still love it... I had to stay in a residential college. Wasn't excited bout it at all...It was college 5 or K5..but later I gotten used to it...turns out it was very fun here!! lots of stuff to do..hohoho. Besides I
got new friends too...great people..funny too!! crazy sometimes but it's all alright... I could not ask for better friends....
Bell and Jali were the first few who I've they are one of the closes friend I have here in upmthen there's Jun & Daphne who are some of the others who I've met here in upm...Jun, she's like the nanny to all of us..hohohoh...while Daphne's like the GLAMOROUS girl in upm...hahahaha
there are so many more people I've met here and known.....just hope that the friendship will last.....peace
So my life begins a new chapter from now on......