Friday, October 24

Last Night

Last night was a night that I did not believe.
Last night was a night that I pretended.
Last night was a night that I could not resist anymore.
Last night was a night that I had to release it all.
Last night was a night that I finally forgotten it all.
Last night was a night that I did not have to think of it anymore.
Last night was a night that I slept with joy with no sadness.
Last night was a night that I shall remember.
Last night was a night that a tear rolled down my eyes........

Thursday, October 23

can we just like but not love someone?

Liking someone is hard. But loving someone is even harder.
Whats going on in my mind?
Whats going on in my heart?
Is there a pill for this confusion that's happening in my mind?
Is there a cure for the pain that's in my heart?
Sometimes my heart cries. Sometimes my heart aches.
Why am I having this feeling for you?
I know it's impossible for you to be mine.
But why do I still want you?
I'm only making myself miserable because of you.
I want to forget you. But why is it so hard?
I want to start a new beginning.
I want to forget all the ones.
I want to go back to my old self.
I want to forget you in my heart.
But how?
Every night before I sleep I will think of you.
Thinking what you are doing?
Thinking will I see you tomorrow?
Thinking how will I face you tomorrow?
All this thinking makes my heart crumble.
It's because,
You're heart is for someone else.
You'll never open if for someone else.
You'll only love that one person.
Because of all this,
I've made up my mind.
I'll try to forget everything that I feel for you.
I'll try to go back to myself.
I'll try not to love someone until I'm ready to face it.
I'll just try to like but not love someone.
Liking does not hurt as much as when you start to love someone.
My only hope for you now is that the person that you love will finally come to you.
That you'll be happy.
And that one person will not hurt you in anyway.
No other star shines brighter........

Tuesday, October 21

a tale of fantasy which comes alive...


A story which brings the child out in you

Debunga Setia is the name our story. It was an all in one experience not just for me but for everyone (theatre group 5 qkb2103 by Edmund). A fun filled time we had. We only had 2 weeks to prepare for this production. But with such little time, we manage to give the best we had. A show that really brought the child out from all of us.....
Nature production
(the crews of Debunga Setia)

I'll really miss the fun and the times I had during the whole time in this group with all the people who are not just funny but crazy at certain times too..hope we'll bump into each other.. ;)...XOXO

QKB 2103 08/09 theatre group 5

Monday, October 20

something inside....

this feeling is growing day by day. whenever i don't see you i will start to think. but whenever i do see you, i feel weird. i always remind myself that i should not have this feelings. it's not right for me to have this feelings for you. for which i know it would be impossible for me to achieve. but i feel happy when you are around, but sometimes i will start to think of the things that ...~~~~~~~~~... sometimes to avoid myself from going deeper, i would just avoid myself from you. but no matter how i try, i will somehow still meet you. sometimes i do hope what if my wish do come true. but i know that, it will never will. maybe all i can do is just be myself and just carry on..for that something inside me may one day just fade away................................

Wednesday, October 15

FINALS........SO FAST...

gosh finals are coming very soon....i haven't started studying yet. what to do!!! not in the mood to study. why? hermmm...must study must study...anyway....GOOD LUCK TO ALL MY FRIENDS WHO WILL BE SITTING FOR THEIR EXAM....& ALSO EVERYBODY ELSE...!! GOOD LUCK

Tuesday, October 14

i don't understand some people...

why do some people always like to back someone else even though he always says that he has nothing with him...?? who he think he is? other people's job is his...please back off...i know you have the experiences but that doesn't mean you are still in charge...your time are gone...the way that i want my things to be done is my own way...what does that has to do with know what?? sometimes i really hate your always want to be in always want to be the one involve in everything...i really don't understand...maybe that's the's because i don't understand you...and i think i wouldn't want to understand please don't make me speak my mind one day...which might be very soon....

Monday, October 6

still can't believe

It's officially 100 days(haven't minus the public holidays) I've been in UPM. So many things have change. My life, my home, my world LOL & all the others. I still can't believe I'm actually here now. I still can remember I was in primary school running around with friends all day long. Then came secondary where eveyone would have their own groups, topics, games, still a time I would not forget. Then upper secondary arrived where we were considered the oldest in school, very serious when it came to studies but there was still fun in it. Now,after all that I'm actually in a University. Everyday I still can't really believe it. I wasn't always the brightest student in class. But I've manage to get to this level. I've made my self proud. I've made the 2 most important people in my life proud that is my mother & father. But many challenges are yet to come. Being here is just one of the very few challenges I've to face. All in all, being here is still something I can't believe.....

Found a new hair studio...nice

OK..I got to get a hair cut. So I was thinking of going back to Real Cut (very regular there..hhihihi), but I changed my mind. The cutting is good maybe because his a professional hair stylist, but whenever I go there is either on Saturday or Sunday. This 2 days are like full of people. So his always rushing to cut people's hair & all. So I decided not to go there. Went round finding a trustful studio, & finally I found one..hurray!! It was very very near to the place I live. From the outside its ok. Not that impressive but nice. Very modern..LOL. It's called Hairoom Studio. Sounds good.LOL. So I went in with my sis following me. Took a sit, had a hair wash. OMG she is some of the not so good shampoo girl..LOL (not to insult but...). Could you believe it that my shirt was all wet at the back when I got up! (you don't get this problem at places like A Cut Above or Jantzen) But I din't really bother. So then came the stylist. He looked so worried when cutting my hair. That made me worried too.LOL. It took around 30 - 40 minutes. Then finally he was done. Had some wax put on. Then I looked. You know it wasn't all that bad. I wasn't sure of it at first but it was good. Even my sis (who is very particular about hair) said it was good too. He was good. Din't rush, just took his time. At long last i found another place which I can have a hair cut..LOL The price was fair not that expensive too...I shall return to this place soon.....

Saturday, October 4

tick tock tick tock

Nowadays time passes so it because the earth is turning faster?? can you imagine if it was?? i won't be able to type properly...LOL ...(sigh) so fast 1 week of holiday has gone...this year raya was the first time i din't go to any of my friends house who are celebrating...invitation were receive but time could not forgive...anyway happy raya to all my friends in Kajang...miss them all..(hohoho)...what a holiday.i din't really enjoy any of it..maybe only the time where i got new stuffs..(hahaha)... the starting of the holiday was the only time i went out..that was on Saturday...went to Mid Valley with my friend Aiman...yeah just the 2 of us...but if was fun...we manage to catch Mama Mia!! that show..with all the singing, dancing, & some drama too..LOL..then we (i mean he) broke fast at Nyonya Colours..what else?? oh yeah!! it was Wednesday or Thursday ?? hermm wasn't sure but something happen!! dog ran away..her is Brandy medium size black in colour with some brown & white...!! can you believe it...i really don't how she (yes a bitch meaning for a female dog not the other meaning) did it. but she did....she jumped over the fence & so she went...we (me & my sis) went round searching for her, but we couldn't find now all we can do is wait for her to return.....
this holiday was not really a holiday afterall...din't do much thing & din't go much places...