Wednesday, February 25


4 Feb 2009 :
- my birthday !!!
- KOC 3232 exam

6 Fe 2009 :
- TGV photo shoot
- completion of TGV posters

7 Feb 2009 :
- my birthday dinner at Domino's

10 Feb 2009 :
- BBI 2417 1st special occasion speech

12 Feb 2009 :
- KOC 3301 exam

14 Feb 2009 :
- did performance during PENITI V Interkolej 2009

15 Feb 2009 :
- H.E. exam

17 Feb 2009 :
- did performance during MAP 2008/2009

21 Feb 2009 :
- FESTIK 2009 (40 . . . . . seterusnya ? by Theatre Group Fifth)

23 Feb 2009 :
- perhubungan strategi awam exam

25 Feb 2009 :
- finishing last minute assignments for KOC 3301

26 Feb 2009 :
- BBI 2417 2nd special occasion speech

February was a month of things things things and lots of things......I wonder how will March be like????

Friday, February 13


Action, "yawning.....yawning..again..." tired la...
The past few days has really been busy busy busy busy...Aaarrrggghhh!!!!! Plus I'm so tired..
My battery's only about 43% left..I'm not sure when it's gonna finish..pretty soon I think...
The past few days has been everything bout "college"...Running up down here there...Getting things for this for that...
Can't wait for everything to finish... Now I'm really starting to feel the "stress/pressure/weight" building up inside out....Panda eyes are forming....Body going down all the way....
I so bloody tired!!!!....If only I could like just sleep for the whole day....
Plus my bloody assignments...KOC "Strategi Perhubungan Awam".... The so-called "Pengarah" plus the other group member are really I don't know what to say @#$%...Gosh....2 1/2 weeks for that event to take place & nothing has been done yet...not a single thing...I don't wanna "gagal" that paper la!!!....I wanna go for a HOLIDAY!!!!!SLEEP!!!!!

Friday, February 6



That's what I'm feeling now

Smiles are on my eyes & face but my hearts not

I'm surrounded by great people but the echo of silents is too loud

The world is cold sometimes cruel

Part of me is here part of me is there

Yesterday I wasn't my self but someone else

Sitting by myself on the bed beside the window shade

Thinking of nothing just relaxing my mind

Being just me not someone I'm not

Wednesday, February 4

Cake + Song + Egg + Flour + Fun + Laughter = 21 st

Wanna know something? Really wanna know? Okie.. I can't believe how bloody (opps...sorry for the word..LOLS) fast time flies. I've had a wholesome 20 years ago. 20 years ago? HAHAHAH No no no... It's actually just 20 years. No "ago" ait.. Why 20? Because, guest what?! At the stroke of midnight last night, I've added another year to my age. Yeah I know. Growing older day by day. Wanna stay young forever la.......

20 + 1 = 21

Gosh I'm already 21...It was like only yesterday I was still at sweet 16...

I'm 21 now...21....21....21....21....

Yes, 21, it feels good but old...LOL

But entering 21 at midnight on the 3rd of February which is actually 12 am on 4th of February year 2009 was really an experience.
OK this was how it went. I was at Flower's room aka Bunga studying (yes studying for DCE & KOC). Then later Bell aka Nuddin (hehehehe) came and invited us to KTDI cafe. Ann (Futakomori) also came along. So at KTDI we "tapau" roti's la & some drink. (wait.....pausing for a while.... fingers tired to type.....1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10...OK continue.....)
We ate beside "Dewan Harmoni" on the big long black table. After eating I wanted to go back to my room. But Bell said to wait. Then later again I wanted to go up. Then Jali aka Beyonce' came & distracted me to the band room aka music room. In there we were singing & all. Then suddently, the door open & I saw a CAKE (chocolate lo)....CANDLES....(gosh a birthday cake...arhhh!!!!) Bell, Ann, Daphne, Jun, Bunga with the cake for me..SO NICE "U ALL'S"....Then I blew the candles & made a WISH.......................(can't tell what wish..bad luck you know if I tell..LOLS)....
Then we went out. So I cut the cake for everyone. Being like a normal birthday BOY..hahahaha...






Yes it was EGG...

Egg grade C ke ? A ? Later it was not just eggs...
Later I was all tired out chasing all of them around smashing I sat down with all of them enjoying the DELICIOUS cake...yuuuuummmmmmmmmmmyyyyy......
Suddently again..........




SIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So yes...I was almost like a dough walking round...Flour + Egg...can make pancake le..
Then after flour...

SLARRPPPPP!!!!!!!! again.....



So, can you imagine....head to toe I was almost almost almost covered up with :

1) Egg
2) Flour
3) Cake

But all those stuff din't matter. What mattered was it was truly the best birthday WISH & PRESENT I could say I really had....

Thank You so much to Bell, Ann, Jali, Bunga, Jun, & Daph
T Q U ALL'S...

p/s : birthday sape seterusnya ye?huahuahahahaha

Sunday, February 1

. Self . Dream . Future .

> learn from your mistakes, improve yourself < > always be yourself, not someone else <

be strong

be brave

be proud

be confident

> forget the past, never look back < > look forward, dream of the future <