Wednesday, June 30

Can you spell the word 'S' ?

Everyone was buzz-ing about the new gadget coming out. It's so this it's so that. Online tech sites were going a blaze about it. Finally after the quite long (not sure how long la) the gadget was officially launch. The story goes like this (eheemm ehem).

Recently Samsung launched their phone called the Galaxy S in Malaysia and last but not least I was there too!!. It was so cool to be at the launching of something which was quite grand I guess. I mean it has to be grand because from what I heard the flew the managing director of Samsung into Malaysia just to launch the phone. So, the launch was okla but nothing to shout. There was some technical errors during the launch and I can say its quite 'memalukan' for the brand. But lets put that aside shall we.

About the phone. Well all I can is, its by far a phone which is much much better then other phones out there. The screen is awesome. (I'm lovin' it). The specs were great. Apps were great. Overall its great. Obviously it can't be compared to the iPhone 4 but at least its one of the cool awesome ones. You know I'm not quite good at giving my 'opinion' on gadgets because I'm not a 'freak' for it, but I know a good one when I see and feel one.

But for the event, it was a 'cool' launch. One thing I must say, the models they used to stand by the registration area and for the arrival of the VIPs are quite, how do I say 'funny'. LOL. The emcee was Daphne Iking (correct spelling ar?). She's pretty but...... The location of the launch was like 'I'm lovin' it' at Rootz Club, Lot 10. Atmosphere was totally 'I'm clubbing now dude'.

Nothing much else to say bout the launch but it was great to be there. Here are some pics to critic. (sorry the pics are not arrange prop)

There's a video of the launch I wanna upload but its too big in size. Will upload ASAP.

Thursday, June 24


Remember that time when you walk pass that restaurant a million times but never gave it a try? Well I had that experience. So I was at The Curve one day and was walking round looking for a great place to have lunch. First I thought of The Apartment. But that day it was not suitable for it. Then there was all those oldtown kopitiams, but still not for it. Then what about Tony Romas??!!!. Nah... I can't eat that much beef. McD?? Gosh no!! Then what shall I eat? Walking round and round then suddenly I thought of it. "Hye. Why not we go for shrimps?" My idea as usually (bragging) are always awesome. It was 'Bubba Gump'.
A restaurant which specialist in shrimps from A to Z. The great thing about it is that the whole theme of the place is based on the movie 'Forest Gump' (is the spelling gum or gump? ). So there was 5 of us and the meals were great not awesome though. The taste is there but certain menu maybe is not to our taste buts althought western dishes are entirely what we love and crave. The place is worth a try for every food lover. A kind reminder, make sure the $$$ is there. LOL. Here are some pics to for you guys to crave.
P.s. - not all menu were taken pics. Call of my stomach was to great that time. LOL
Guys read this...

Will you get married?

Love this phrase

Menu #1 - Salmon something something

Menu #2 - Chicken something something

Menu #3 - Rice something something

Menu #4 - Chicken & Beef something something

Prawn #1

Prawn #2

Prawn #3

Prawn #4

The prawn menu that's what they are famous for

4 different taste to it

BlueBerry something something

If you want the waiters attention flip this

If you want the waiter to buzz off flip this

3/4 of the menu are shrimps

Lovely portrait

Wednesday, June 23

Long and blonde...

How tangled up can you be? Well Robin knows. Disney's new movie. Looks great and fun. Here's the trailer for it. Can't wait for it. Tangled

Tuesday, June 22

Whats on your mind????????

Whats on your mind? Well for me there are millions of thing on my mind. The mind is so powerful.

Sunday, June 20

Daddy Happy Fathers Day....

To the one I love, my Dad Happy Fathers Day!!!.... It was a great day out yesterday. Family outing can be lots of fun when your family are all nutty....LOL.

Found it..

Katy Perry "California Gurls" is just Tasty & Sweet..LOL.. If you're a gal and a guy whos ain't straight you'll love it... Here's the vid for some 'testing'....

Thursday, June 17

I need a laptop..ASAP

Since my laptop went into a coma for the last 1 and a 1/2 months ago, I've been in grief since then. My sweet darling of 3 and 1/2 years is slowly floating away. (So sad...get the feeling?) It was suppose to go under the knife sometime this month but a date can't be set yet. I think maybe there's no hope. I got to let you go. I must. I shall. Because......

I want to get a new laptop!! LOL.

Ok. My dad did not object my idea in getting a Mac Pro but he just said that there wasn't much programs that can work with it. (That I know) So does that mean I have a chance in getting it? Then was thinking of a Sony Vaio (correct spelling?) but my mum said why don't I take hers since its still new and Vaio too. (Love too but I would prefer a new one which was my choice..LOL I'm so picky..hermmm). But she did said maybe I should just get a new one because if repairing the old one will sooner or later bring big problems too in the end.

What brand to get with the right price and right specs? Lots of searching to do.....

Sunday, June 13

Snap snap up...

So, I was driving back to my place the other day around 7pm from my parents place and only to have myself snap some pics along the way. Actually it was two pics. LOL. Sometimes taking a slow drive can really calm you down. As long you don't get honk from the back or sides that is.

For fun :)

She back with a #1 hit!!

So Katy Perry's back with her current number one hit on the charts "California Gurls". The song is cool, hip, schick, pop, and naughty. LOL. Its also a cool dance sing too maybe the clubs might hit it up too since its great for dancing. Who knows. Too bad the MV is not out yet but a teaser is. Can't wait for the full MV because the teaser it self is a wonderland. LOL.

Sunday, June 6

Lets See......hurmmmmm...

Huh its my number 200 post. What have I been bla-bla-ing about since my first post?? LOL. Well stories that I like to share thats what. Well I still got lots more to share and I will keep on sharing until I got nothing to share. Who knows when will that be. LOL.

Lets get to the story telling part.
So my boss went on a one week holiday at AusieLand (is my spelling correct?) to some place which I din't bother asking. When she was (yes a she) not in the office, it was seriously less noise you know. Wonder why? Well when she came back, all was like normal. At least she was back in one piece. So you would not have the care in the world if she had bought you something or not. But surprisingly, she did! She bought a gift for the PR team. Each person one. So nice of her. Looks like she does care about us..LOL. What gift you might ask? Well its right after these line of sentence you will see it.

See it has name and very nice paper wrappings too.

This is what that's wrapped up.

The very famous cocoa butter soap. Good for your skin with Vanilla scent.

My next story goes like this. One day I was hungry and craving for some street food. But the street food near my place wasn't good enough. So the only place I could think of was Jalan Alor. As usual couldn't make a decision on what to eat there since there were so many choices to choose from. Walking up down like someone who's thinking very deeply, then I stop at one shop and said, "I'll just eat here". Once a place was chosen, the next problem was what dishes to order. The same princple happened. Close one eye and just take a pick. 4 orders were made for three handsome looking people including me... LOL. Have look down and you'll see what was eaten. LOL. (p.s. the name of the dishes are quite difficult to translate in English..hahaha)

A view from the "makan" place. (I wanna go Penang)

The name of the shop. (Was hoping it only sold grilled fish but....)

The first dish "Kangkong" fried with "belacan".

Sweet and sour deep fried fish. (I forgot what's the name of the fish but it cost a whopping 45 bugs!!)

My fav called Buttered Chicken.

The ever yummy one "Sambal" fried with "Kacang botol".

Restoran Meng Kee Grill Fish.
Those were the food that we ate. The dishes were great but the fish wasn't. It was seriously extremely fishy but the gravy was delicious. The total price was 95 bugs for 3 with 3 drinks and 4 dishes. It's quite on the high side. So caution: if you want to go to Alor please be prepared. LOL.

My next target to rule ALOR!!!,,,HAHAHA