Thursday, September 30

Oh no!!!...

So yesterday I decided to take a trip to the faculty in my Uni. When there to get the 'penilainan' form for my internship. After taking that I casually ask the 'kakak' when do I have to submit the report? She said 11/10/2010. So everything was fine. Then I decided to call my friend. So we chatted for a bit.

Me - eh you took your form already?
Bell - yup. why?
Me- just asking. the kakak said have to pass the report on 11/10
Bell - ya i know. not that only ok! have to pass up chapter 1,2 & 3 of our fyp too!!!
Me - what the hell!!! serious ar?
Bell - ya la. you go ask her.
Me - okays!

Me - kakak when need to submit the fyp chapter 1,2 & 3?
Kkk - on the same day as your internship report
Me - if submit later can ar?
Kkk - can. someone else will collect. but ar your marks will be deducted each day you send later ar
Me - hah like that ar. but if for us who got no time to see the lecturer yet how?
Kkk - then you better faster see them oh.

(Kkk stands for KAKAK)

OMFG!! The second I knew about it I was worried like hell!. I've only got 1 week left to do everything. Plus not forgetting, my freaking title has not even been approved yet by my lecturer! The best part, my lecturer will only be free next week!
So now have no choice but to just go on with my current title. Most important I submit something first better be save then sorry right?
With such short time to do anything I still have the time to update my blog. (i'm so hard working right? lolz)

Wednesday, September 29

Serving my spare time....

Okay I've recovered from my yesterday sickness...(I've gotta tell the whole world ar? yeah I do..hahaha)

Since I'll be on holiday for such a long time and my TV doesn't seem to serve its purpose because I can't seem to get a freaking channel (the antenna in this new place don't seem to get a clear channel !! and waiting to subscribe to Astro la..sobs2..) I'll be on a drama fever. Its Korean fever!..LOLZ..
I bet every Malaysian who has a TV at home may know this super popular extreme drama about "COOKING" and "MEDS".. It's called:

(I find it weird the Korean name and English is so different)

Ok. I admit I'm a fan of this drama. (so ah ma right??lolz). But I like the story line although it can be quite dragging sometimes. 
For those who don't know about this drama, look it up at Wikipedia here.  ;p

How famous can this show get? Some of the actress manage to get their faces stamp on tupperware brands (the Lock & Lock brand ok..haha) and even appear electrical items (how cool is that?) plus even on planes. (love to have my face on it too...)

Want know more about the drama read here. (there's even a blog just for it ;p)

So I'm gonna be some ah ma for awhile.. sit back and enjoy..  lolz

Tuesday, September 28

Don't stuff yourself....

So yesterday night took my parents and sis to a famous seafood spot in Ampang. It was called "Nong & Jimmy". I think by the name of it you can guest what sort of food they had there. (Nong nong....Thai loooo...). As usual the place is normal packed with hungry and desperate food lovers (but I'm not desperate ok. Took my family for a taste of it only...hihihi) who would stand and wait just to get a table there. (we also did the same thing by the way..hahaha). The food was Dili-si-ussss. The crab was two awesome huge crab. (it gotta be huge. 1.5kg for two crabs costing RM63 bugs mannn). So were stuff to the brim. That was ok. 
Then after sending sis and parents back, I headed home. Guest what? Food again!! My house mate had just returned from a 'kenduri'. So there was lots of food he 'ta pau' back. As being me, I couldn't resist. 
It started with just a few tasting sessions but ended up gulping down chicken, rice and so much more. (my stomach has loss its 6 pax already!! How??). 
Everything was find until I had morning sickness. (this part is kinda ugly to read please begone before it gets dirtyyy..LOLZ). In the morning around 8 am I woke up and rush to the loo. (the story goes on like that for the whole day until now too!!!...)
The moral here, don't mix your food which is the main reason and down be a food freak like me (seriously I love food but I do control it la otherwise I'll be 'humpty dumbty on a great wall' and I won't have the attraction anymore..lolz). Then make sure you are all ready and out to face what every goes down and comes out.....

Monday, September 27


I've got so many decisions to make. Which one shall I choose? Which is the best? What is right? Who is the important one? Lots of What Who Which When Why and all those decision  making stuff. I'm not lovin any of it.

Saturday, September 25


I wanna be Elmo in that case...LOLZ...How popular can Sesame Street ever get? They've got a real street after the show too. Remember the days when I used to wake up early in the morning just to catch Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monsters and all those full of personality furry stuffed figures. Still love them!!

5 months.....

My internship will be officially over tomorrow. What a 5 month its has been. Damn so fast too!. Although I'm gonna enjoy my 3 months holiday before my next class starts, I'm gonna be bored to death I think. So much I've learned and so much I've made. Great people I've met from great places.
Maxis was a real great experience for me. Lots of cool events I've been to and from. Lots of goodies too. (lolz).
So where will me next adventure be? I don't know. Gotta wait and see.

Wednesday, September 22

Too often...

Quarreled and fought again. Recently it has been too often. I don't know what to do anymore. It's all my fault. I think I need an attitude adjustment. I'm so sorry.

Damn 5th time I've met her....

I'm sure many of you guys and gurls have gone through the same situation as I have. Which is someone coming up to you and asking you to fill in some kind of form or what the hell its called. It can be quite annoying though people asking you all sorts of question and all. (please don't get annoyed with me ya when I do those kind of stuff..lolz). So back to the story I'm suppose to tell (crapping to much these days..haha), this girl around 22 or 23, specs, pony hair style, around 5ft, weight not even 50kg (she is thinnnn...), student I think came up to me. 
Girl: Excuse me sir can I ask you some Q & A ?
Me: (being a gentleman) Ok.
Girl: You working?
Me: Yes (with confidence although I'm just interning)
Girl: You satisfy with your pay?
Me: Yes (hell no I'm not!! hahahaha)
Girl: You save?
Me: Yes if I have extra
Girl: Would RM100 per month enough for you?
Me: No (how am I gonna survive in my old age if I save 100 bugs per month)
Girl: I mean just lets say la. No exactly.
Me: Ok. Then its enough. (I actually wanted to get rid of her..lolz)
Girl: Can  you give your number for future references?
Me: Sure (uh uh..I won't give you..I was so evil..012-XXXX was all different numbers..)
Girl: Thank you sir will contact you later for more updates and questions.
Me: Welcome..- BIG smile (lucky I didn't give my number..lolz)

Then few days later, wasn't sure if she knew I lied to her. But I bump into her again. She came straight up to me with the same freaking form. Lucky I was smart.

Girl: Sir could you......
Me: No thank you....

Then the following week again I bump into her. (Oh no is she my match mate in heaven???)
It was the same place again. Masjid Jamek station!

Fourth time. As if the third time wasn't a charm. But this time it was at the KLCC station.

Fifth time. (today!!) Of all the hundreds of people in KLCC, why must she come to me? At Burger Kings some more! She came straight to me (I think she recognises me too) and then "NO!". Simple and precise. LOLZ.

Am I just lucky or actually unlucky to meet her? 

"Oh dear lord. Why do I keep seeing this gal?"

Monday, September 20

Fall, Get Up and Start Again....

If you fall don't fret.
If you've scratch your knee cry.
Push yourself back up again.
Stand up and move on.
Leave the pain behind.
Nothing is meant to hurt.

Saturday, September 18

There's a fine line between Personal & Professional....

How many of you would agree that there is a very fine line between personal-ism and professional-ism? 

Although is a very thin fine line, but there is still a difference between those two things. There are times I wonder how people can say that they are being professional without mixing personal stuff with their work?

If you say you are being professional in your job and at work, but why do you take things written or said in a social networking site aka Facebook and bring it to work to discuss about? You say we should not bring personal matters to work. Let personal matters stay at its place. But look who's doing the other way round now? You talk about the power of social networking sites and how it can influence people and all. But did you realise that it also entitles you to what you have to say? You took what was said in that site and you bring  it to work and tell me I should not write those kind of stuff like that. Who you are to tell me what to write and not to write?  And besides it wasn't a matter of pointing finger at all at anyone. You only made a guess. You maybe the higher  royal with a crown on your head but still like I said its a personal matter. So why are you bringing that matter to work? You say I'm being quite immature about that matter because of stating it in that site but you being sensitive about that matter and bringing up that matter isn't that immature too? Sometimes people try to be the 'good person' in a certain situation when it occurs. But they don't realise that what you are doing is back-firing at you yourself. I know your good intentions but if you are being a professional in your manner, you should have though and observe before making a move like that. It's like what I've often said, 'Look yourself in the mirror and tell me what you see before passing judgment on others'.

Wednesday, September 15

Something to speak?

Finally I'm writing something on my blog.. (like don't..lolz). So some quick updates ya.

Pangkor FUN!!! love the sea although its not like Redang la...but still better then Penang..(its me...but its water wise ok not sight seeing wise..)

My skin is darkkkk. My face is like going through a new phase of live...lolz

Raya didn't visit anyone this time. Since I was on holiday and everyone is still away. (miss my college mates... sobs2)

Happy because tomorrow is Malaysia Day which means holiday for me..haha

Excited but sad also half hearted but want to go. My internship is about to end next. (5 months is like 5 days)

Still editing the Pangkor pics. Uploaded to FB but here not yet. (Will bla bla about the trip soon!!...heheehe)

Starting this Friday I'm gonna die with events until my last day. (iPhone 4 is coming soon I know? Because I'm working in Maxis ma...lots of secrets..heheehe)

Saturday, September 11

sElAmAt HaRi RaYa

Ok it should be on the first day I've should wish this but since Raya is for a month they why not I wish it now? lolz. To all my friends, bloggers, readers and all who so ever la that celebrates Raya, I would like to wish a very Selamat Hari Raya to all of you.

Pulau (Island) Pangkor

Currently I'm in Pangkor!! (still got time to update a post le..haha)..At the moment I'm drain dead. Tired man. I think RedBull would'nt help even now. But its so sad I've gotta be back in KL tomorrow although I've been here for two days already. (actually just 1 and a half la...lolz). Won't give much detail now. (wanna make is more interesting in my next post..huhu)...Pangkor is currently ooo la la la la....

Thursday, September 9

Stars are blind....

Who would have imagine. After being said to have been and partied with a Malaysian millionaire look at pic A and B.(which made a buzzz media wise)



Now she's making a her way down here. Who is it? Well she's none other then Paris Hilton (sure will stay at Hilton KL...lolz).But she will only be here for 24 hours and its this month too.
The pop star will here to launch her new fragrance called Tease and row of handbags only at Pavillion KL. the great thing, she will arriving on the 23rd, 24th for all those and will leave for Jakarta the same day but at night. (Crazyyy ??)
But for those PaLis HiRton fans, don't be down. You might just be able to meet and greet her since there will be a MEET THE FANS session at Pavillion too. (Nicky will be there too...ooooo)

Paris, hope you're not like what you are in Simple Life....LOLZzzz

Please Don't Stop The Musicccc.....

Rihanna is going for a new image, style and music. Rated R is in the past. She's back with new hits and tunes.
She release her latest single titled "Only Girl (In The World)" which is produced by the Grammy-winning Stargate who also made some of her previous hit singles too. Plus her latest album is also rumored to be out in November titled "Loud!". So here's the latest single from pop and R&B sensation Rihanna. It could be her next #1 hit in the US and maybe worldwide. Enjoy the music Rihanna-ners. So what do you think about it?

Wednesday, September 8

I'm breaking up inside....but its making me stronger

I ain't sure if its me but we've not been getting along quite well.
I've been trying hard to keep it happy but it seems its not right at all.
I'm faking a smile just to pleased you for its want you may want.
I am giving my best to keep it strong but I can't be the only one.
I keep telling myself to look up and everything will be alright.
I'm hoping for faith for it maybe the only thing to help me get through.
I'm holding the parts together inside of which I am afraid to let go.
Why don't you see my feelings whenever I'm up or down?
Why don't you understand the things I've done just to get your attention?
Why do you judge me for everything that I've said and done?
Why do you say I've change for its you that I don't recognise anymore?
My inner may have change but its because of you who made me this way.
I am breaking up inside but you don't seem to know it.

Tuesday, September 7

Goo Goo Gaa Gaa

There's so many pweeettty people in KL. (although I've known it for a long long time...hahaha). But there's also so many stupid people in KL. (stupid here means they don't use their god given brains to do something..)  There's also those not so pweetty ones in KL. Although KL people are like that, but I still do love KL-ites.(especially the pweety pweety ones of all sexes...  ;p) They are the most daring, outstanding, head banging, jaw dropping, and all those ing ing people. Never mess with a KL-ite. They'll kick your whopping ass up in the sky. Are you proud to be a KL-rian? I sure am... 

"hey sexy girl from kuala lumpur"
"hey baby that's me i'll be on the dance floor"

Monday, September 6

I ain't got a clue....

So what will my post be about today?

yeah!!!..........but...........I think...........hahahahahah...........You see.............right?....................Then........

(sostupid...lolz)........lalallalala........He..............of course...............

But...................she.................or..................maybe so...................can't be...............

After that they................(freaking mad!!)..............Alright but..................Great!!!....................

So nice..........sweet.........Finally...........YES!...........


Saturday, September 4

Stop right there!!...

Have you had someone telling you what to do always? Buzzing people around telling them to do stuff for his/her own sake? Well I have that lots lately. Well from where? From there la. Ordering people is the main priority but who are you to tell me what to do? On the job maybe but in other things its my own. Bossy people can sometimes be lousy people. Those who loves to order sometimes are not secure with themselves. (so please stop bothering or ordering thank you). A perfect song for those busssy bosssy buzzzzy bodddy people. ;p

Thursday, September 2

10 years time.....

So where I see myself in TEN years time. (these are the choices I all continues with an 'OR')

1. The 1st would be seeing myself just lying on the beach (most expensive bitch beach) with lots of money   
    flowing or swimming into my pocket...hehehe

2. Having my own buss-ness. I think I wanna sell clothes for the guys and the girls who all sorts. 

3. Being the director of a super duper company where without me they will "DIE"!!!

4. I could be still sssssingggllleee or unmarried. (sounds scary!!)

5. Might have kids but not married.. (would it be adopted or clinically manufactured?)

I wonder what will happen in 10 years time ? Of coz other then my age being 10 times more or me being 10 times biggerrr..hahaha...still wondering.......

Wednesday, September 1

If can't take care of it then don't touch it...

You know I'm not the kind which doesn't allow people to use my things unless its personal. I'm a person which if you want to use it, then go ahead but make sure you take of it. So one day (actually today la) someone borrowed my laptop for all his Facebook-ing stuff and all sorts. I've known he always uses it because he always inform me even though I'm at work. I don't mind since I only use it at night (because that is the only time I'm free). 
So today I came back from work, sat down, rest, took shower, had dinner, and settled down. I decided to open my laptop. For the few weeks that someone has used it, it was all clean and spec. I've told him to keep it clean and all if he wants to use it. 
The second I open the laptop, the first thing I saw was ashes (yeah cigarette ashes!! S#$T!!). The minute I saw it, I took a pic of it and I text him.

Me: Tagged on the pic - what did you do? come on. if you wanna use people's stuff please take of it. look at the cigarette ashes.

He: Sorry la. Maybe it drop when I was smoking.

Me: Didn't you see it when you close the laptop?

He: I didn't see anything also..

Me: Ok fine.

Ok. The moral is. I'm won't be mad if you actually took care of my stuff. Its not the first time. Why some people just can't seem to see the value in other people things? I mean come on. It might not be yours but couldn't you just take of it?