Sunday, October 31

Treat la..maybe Trick.....

It's Halloween people!!!. Costumes out and time to shout!.
Happy Halloween!!

Friday, October 29


Ok so this entry is not about the conventional fireworks. lolz. Its the new MV for Katy Perry's latest single "Firework". The video's kinda very sparky with lights shooting from your chest and all, but its almost very inspirational I could say. Its almost like Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful" lolz. Music wise, the lyrics is full of encouragement with words of strength (be like a firework...). It might not be a good "Teenage Dream", but wonder will it go higher on the charts? Still kinda liking this song though. Very inspiring (I think so la..haha)

Thursday, October 28


I'm not sure what my feelings should be right now. Should I be angry? Should I be furious? Should I be mad?
But why I am not? I totally mad but I'm controlling it. I'm utterly disapointed with you. I've place my trust on you but look at what has become of? I'm just to down by all this.
I've lost all my importants because of you. I can't blame you a 100% but couldn't you have thought about your actions before you do them?
You don't know how sick and tired I am with all your nonsenses. I just can't figure out what was in your head at that time?
Maybe you fooled too. Maybe you were cheated too.
Now you've learned the hardest lesson in life.
What's lost can't be attained back. What's be done might not be forgiven. What's said can't be taken back.
It's not ignorant but it's stupidity.

Monday, October 25

It was lovely not to be in KL......

Sometimes when I get the chance to be out of town, I would grab it tight and never let it go. Well that was what I did during the weekends. Took a trip down (actually is more of a up action) to Cameron Highlands (a place which used to be cold but now no more). Although it was just "Cuti-Cuti Malaysia", but at least I was out of KL. Won't crap much about it here. Will have a special post for it ait.

Before that, enjoy one of my current fav song. Terrified by Katherine McPhee (its 'fee' not 'pee'..lolz)

Tuesday, October 19


22/10/2010 will soon be here (actually this Friday..lolz). I've spend quite a number for something. Hope you'll love it although it maybe small. I can't wait for that day. Nothing much that I have for you but I hope for the best. It took me days of thinking but only 2 days to finish what I've planned. Can't wait for you expressions (hoping it would be a lovely one).

(2 days straight being to Bukit Bintang to find that one nice thing)

Monday, October 18


Sometimes I think I'm always wearing a mask. I'm always hiding behind a mask made of clay, paper, wood or "skin". I have to be who I am not in front of certain people. Being who I am not is not the worst part, but faking of who I am and lying about my feelings is the hardest thing I could do. Sometimes I got to fake what I do in order to bring joy to some or to please someone.
When will I be able to remove this mask I'm wearing? How long would I have to wear it? Will it be forever or for a moment? But what I know, I might not be able to remove it for where I am today, this mask that I'm wearing, might be the only thing that's making sure everything is going right and fine.
Don't like this mask, but I will wear it for as long as it takes.

Saturday, October 16

Think / Act...

Current situation I'm (or maybe some of you might be going through) stuck in. Ups downs, it's a norm in life. (what to do, maybe some of it was meant to be..)

Thursday, October 14

So what about it?....

It's never easy nor hard. 
But if we try we could make it. 
It's never fast nor slow. 
But if we try we could achieve it. 
It's never sad nor happy. 
But if we try we could be glad with it. 
It's never cold nor hot. 
But if we try we could stay warm with it.
It's never liking nor hating
But if we try we could be in love with it.

Tuesday, October 12

One out the hundreds....

Its not once you've done this to me. It has been a hundred gazillion times. Why do you keep on doing this to me? Why do you keep on lying to me? What have I done wrong to you? Have I ever lied till that extend to you? You don't know how it hurts when you lie, but in the end I'll know about it without you even telling me. You think I'm stupid and I have a clue what you're doing. You think by lying to me that I wouldn't know what you're doing. I'm sick and tired of you lying to me and faking all your reasons. What will all this bring in the end? What will happen in the end? You've lied too much to me and there's nothing more I can take. I've trusted you but its like you're stabbing me in the back. What will I do? What will I say?

Sunday, October 10


Some say its an auspicious day. But some say its just like every other day. What do you think? Well for me its just a nice day with the perfect day, month and year. (it sounds and looks nice Ok for me its is an even natural number following 9 and preceding 11. (right??). But its a good day to do something. (like blogging lolz). 


So I have,

10 things to do, 10 things to see, 10 things to say

Saturday, October 9

The art of lying...

So people are so bloody good at it and some are so bloody bad at it. Well I can say that I'm good in lying but not bloody good in it. Is lying a gift? Or is it a skill?

Why do we lie? Well its because we need to hide something which might bring sadness, misery, hurt, smile, tears, laughter, and so much more. If don't lie it will bring up the worse of situations or the best.

Have you made a lie today? What has been your biggest lie? For me, I've made a million lies. Some I'm not so proud of but some because it has too.

Thursday, October 7

To buy or not to buy...

Today and yesterday I've visited this lovely place. If I were to go there I could spend almost an hour by just looking at them. I love them.

"What a lovely pet shop!"

Skipping to the chase, should I get a rabbit? Well the last one I bought it was only with me for like 2 weeks and she (yes a she) went up to heaven due to unforeseen sickness. How could I go through it again (feeling sad...almost)?
But the rabbit is so cute! Have you seen rabbits, when you approach the cage, all of them would come to you for you to pat them? No rite?!. 
Seriously so cuteee! But should I get it? I really want to but should I? Herrrmmmm...
Mum said later. A someone said now (of course la because that someone won't 'jaga' it). Others what they say? I also don't know.

This is the bunny I want to buy!!

Tuesday, October 5


Why do we eat? Well maybe we eat because we have to survive? I think so. lolz

Sometimes I get so bored of deciding what to eat. Whether its breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper. There are times I would like take the whole day to plan what to eat. Even today, (I mean like now) I'm deciding what to have for dinner (Aiyo headache man..). 
So today I drove round and round this one area thinking what to eat there. Then I got fed-up, I went to 'KK' mart (there the one with green and orangy-red design like 7/11) and bought my self 2 packets of Maggie 'Kari', 1 Korean mee and 1 'Mee Goreng' (I always love it!!...). 
Planning what to eat can be so troublesome. lolz. Should I go Bangsar later for supper? (What to eat??!!)

Monday, October 4

Po pet Po pet Po pet....

Living in a house with person who just can't shut the gap can be so bloody annoying. Every single thing there's always something to make noise about. Sometimes I wish you just sit quite on the floor and just look at the TV and don't ask so many questions or even make a single sound. To make things worst, every single other people you must have a share in it or must know about it. Aiyo!! Just shut your bloody big gap la!!...