Saturday, January 29

How shall I put it.....

If you decide to make a plan stick with it. If something crops up, try to deal with it. If you know you might have made a mistake, try to solve it. If you made deal, pay for it. If you're going to be sensitive, be wise enough for it. If you think its all about you, might just forget about it.

Sometimes we have to give and take on certain situation. Not everything is just given. We have to take what is given, and give when it's to be given.

Avril Lavigne - What The Hell
Loving the song.....

Thursday, January 27


I'm speechless. I'm sad too. But I wish you all the best. Be safe and take care. Thank you.

Wednesday, January 26

Tuesday, January 25


Why are humans aren't acting as humans? How can humans be such cruel creatures? 
There's been a recent vibe on Facebook about a couple who was shown abusing a cute innocent poodle on video. The video was recorded by the lover (girl) showing the other lover (boy) training a poor dog by abusing 
Read here to know more and see more at MDDB

I truly hope the guy rots in hell for his doing. Stop animal cruelty!!

Monday, January 24

What's waiting for me.....

Sometimes I would just sit back, relax, have a cup of coffee and think to myself. What would my future be? 

I mean, with all this unpredictable stuff going on, what will it be like? 
Will my future be affected by my doings now? 
Will my future be bright like the morning sun? 

Sometimes, honestly I do worry about my future. Especially with my life now which I can say is not planned out to be. Every morning I wake up, and  I'll go like, "Is this what I really want ?" or "What happened ?". I'm kind of having a fun life now with my friends and family, but I'm afraid sometimes I might just loose them all. Is because I'm thinking too much of it? Maybe I just need to stop thinking and just go on with life. 

 In 5 years time, where will I be? Will my life change? Well I'll have to find out when the time comes. 

What will my future be like?

Sunday, January 23


So the above title is the code for my Japanese language class. At 1st I thought learning Japanese was like, "Awesome!!". Now I think I'm kinda regretting it. Why? Because learning Japanese (reading & writing) is so DIFFICULT!. But what to do, I chose it so I'll have to stick with it for another 4 months. The other great part of it is that I got to know all the Hiraganas and Katakanas by CNY. Because after that it's exam time. I hope I won't die (of cos I won't...haha). Tomorrow there's again another quiz for Japanese & I'm only 60% there. Hope by tonight I'll be able to finish it.

Do good...

There's a saying that goes, "If you do good to someone, one day that someone will do good to you too", (Am I right or wrong? Not sure la..hahahaha). My mum always tell me this and says everything happens for a reason, sometimes not much questions to it. So maybe we have to face facts.
So from now on I will try my best to do good (not saying I don't do good now la..I still do ok!), not only for me, but for all my loved ones and cherish ones.

Friday, January 21

For you.....

This for you. Most of the time you're great and I love everything about it. But there are times you can be such a pain in the @$$!. Your emotions are taking control of you like hell. You take the wrong as the right, and the right as the wrong. Sometimes I think you have a emotional disorder but then again I think you're just fine. You think you are right most of the time and I'll have to give in, but you have never given in to me. It's definitely stressful sometimes but it's lucky I'm not showing it as much as you do with your emotions. Please I ask of you. Don't be so bloody sensitive. I think maybe you're just to worked out or something, but don't take it out on me. If your day's bad, don't ruined mine. Control your temper or I'll loose mine.

P.s. - don't take things for granted.

Thursday, January 20

Nice song....

As you know I'm not quite a Linkin Park fan since the 1st day they shot into the music scene. But these particular song is suddenly becoming one of my fave now. Not sure why but 'I'm Lovin' It'.


When I'm given a long break from class (like today until Sunday), the only thing I would love to do is sleep. I don't know why but it's like I don't have much sleep at all. I am going to be a "sleep-er-holic" ? Hahaha. Home not. The second that I'm typing this too I feel like sleeping.

Tuesday, January 18

Go with flow....

"Go with the flow". This is what my friend told me. So that is what I shall do. I should just follow where the river flows because in the end I might not be at the losing end but someone else. All the time I have been trying to do all I can but nothing seems to be right because it's always my wrong. Then may it be. I shall not bother much and let you be.


Sunday, January 9

Busy week....

My dear blog. Miss your darn much (not really nah!!..haha). So the 1st week on 2011 has just ended. Now we'll be moving into the 2nd week of 2011. How fast is that? Very fast indeed. 
I'll be facing a very busy and important week this week. My sis is getting hitch!! (finally after years..haha). Got lots to do and lots to prepare. Just tried my jacket and my mum says "the guest will be wondering who is the groom" (over powering its call? hahaha). Didn't tailor it due to time constrain. Had to buy is off the rack ( so sad right? not!!..). 
Seriously sometimes I'm running out of ideas to write in my blog (that's the reason for not much news from me..haha). Maybe I got to be a little more hardworking in updating my blog. 
Well CNY is coming soon, so is my birthday!! Can't wait for it. Wonder what I'll get??? (don't hope to much AD - telling myself). 

< 1 year. Holiday can't wait for it! >

Sunday, January 2


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! (although its already the 2nd day of the year but its still not to late to wish right??? haha). 2010 is gone and 2011 is here. A new decade full of adventure awaiting. Hoping that 2011 will be a much better year for me and all my loved ones plus friends and not forgetting dear bloggers too. Starting fresh!!...

- you're back!!...