Wednesday, June 29

Minty freshness.....

Hye perks. Well yesterday was a total leg breaking day. Was up since 7am and finally was laid to rest at 2am. Madness! What was I doing you might ask? I was busy moving from place to place. Firstly I made a visit to Monash, to help a friend out (nice campus very clean), then travelled to Ikea (which took me 1 hour ++ because I took the wrong road & had to make a huge round tour) for the not that great Meatballs for lunch, after that made a pit stop at 1 Utama (boring on weekdays) for movie & bowling & finally reached the finish line at Bangsar (parking there is a pain) for dinner & drink.

The whole day was out great, except during movie time at 1U.

Was expecting to have an enjoyable movie, but hell no I did not. Surprisingly, I think someone in the cinema might have just forgotten to brush their teeth? For the whole time, I had to suffer from the smell of someones breath which is totally not helping in making the movie a better experience. It was not just me who caught the smell, people beside me did too (because she sprayed some perfume

This makes me wonder, do people realise that their breath smells? I mean sometimes even we have bad breath days but we try to over come it by taking mints maybe or some mouth wash thingy.
I hope I don't encounter another experience of bad smells in a cinema..LOL..

Please carry some minty freshies around just in case a bad mouth situation crops up.  =)

Monday, June 27

1 week.......

Its official. I've left 1 week of pure relaxation & enjoyment. Now I'm actually hoping for more fun & joy. Truly, urgghhh...can't imagine I'm gonna work soon. I'm starting to feel the chills running through my veins. Shivers ain't helping. Hope it'll be fun! =)

One more thing that's been on my mind, I think Malaysian politics are truly going down the drain. What's going on out there? If only they could just do what they say, walk & talk at the same time.

p.s. - I'm praying for guys to land a job soon too.

-Miz Brit, the MV is so not u.

Saturday, June 25

Can be quite irritating..........

Sometimes, when a person keeps trying to push their luck in certain situation, and gets too overboard, it really makes you irritated. I'm not in the right situation at the moment, but why don't you get it? Haha. Funny. I'm being friendly but you're going over the edge. Urghh.

Have you had people who just don't get the picture?

Thursday, June 23

More sleep......

Is it due to me having too much extra sleep or what, but I'm really darn sleepy. If I'm up before 12pm, my eyes are like, someone's hanging stones on them with the help of a metal hook. Gosh! I just really can live a life like this, otherwise I'm gonna screw-up my working life soon. *Red Bull*

Wednesday, June 22


Finally! After a month plus plus long period, the waiting season is over! I've landed my first job! Plus it came with lots of surprises too! Haha. I'm super happy but at the same time frighten too. Moving into an unknown environment for the second time at a totally new place.

New phase....

Hye beautiful people all over the world. How has your day been like? Good? Bad? or Nothing much? Hehe. Well, whatever it is, hope it was just damn good.  =)
It has been a week I guest? So fast. So far so good. I've been taking it real good.
I've taken steps to forgive & forget.
So, I'll be moving into a new phase in life. I've received some pretty good news today. Hoping it'll last as long as possible.
To those I cherish, thank you for the support you girls & guys have given. Love ya!

A new me is to be born. The old me is to be thrown.

For you, thanks for the memories.  =)

Tuesday, June 14

New page?.....

Could it be that the time has come for me to start writing on a fresh new page? What colour would the new page be? Green? Black? Blue? White? What ever colour may it be, will it be enough to fill my thoughts in it? I do hope so.

Look a life on a more positive side.

Monday, June 13


Hye people. While I'm writing this post, I'm currently in a state of pure mixed-up emotions. Recently there has been all sorts of things happening in my life. It has been a real challenge for me to go through it day by day from the time I'm up till the time I'm on my bed.
I've made many mistakes. I mean who doesn't right? We make mistakes and we learn from it so that we won't repeat it in the near future, but sometimes we are just human. We are not perfect souls as we wish to be.
Living a complicated life,causes people to less understand us, and increase their likeness to judge us of what we've done.
There are times, some people might blame me for my actions or let it easier be said, mistakes. They assume the action I took is always my fault, and my wrong doing. Sometimes I just wish they were in my shoes, feel what I'm feeling, look at what I'm seeing and hear what I'm hearing.
I do agree, sometimes my action are based on my emotions, and I shouldn't be acting that way, but I can't stop my self. It builds up inside me from time to time, and when there's a spark, it just catch fire. My actions are never meant to be negative, but its to improve what there is, and make it even more positive.
Assumptions are being made about me, from what I did and so on. There are times, the blame is always on me and I am always in the wrong of what I did. I admit there are times I am in the wrong, but there are times which I'm not but people still think I am.
Sometimes I'm just sounding the truth that's all, but still people get me wrong.
Its kinda stressful when people don't really understand what's going on behind the curtains.
Maybe I should just keep it all to myself and within myself.
There's the saying that goes "The world is a cruel place", but no matter how cruel, there's alway a place where kindness exsists.

-If only you were in my shoes-

Monday, June 6

"Tut"...the number you have dialled....

Alright. Hye to all the human in this world. Love you all so much. Am I going nuts? I guest so for having nothing to do for almost a month now.

You know the time when people would say, after you've completed your studies you should find a suitable job?
Well like all the others, I've been told that, and currently going through it. To all those who all still studying, STUDY DON'T PLAY PLAY!.

Actually, seriously it's kind of getting a little stressful for me now. Not having a job yet is so painful now. Its like everything is about money. Yeah seriously. You wouldn't wanna know what happen ya?

So lately there's been this pressure for me, like, to get a job real quickly.
Plus, there are some who sees me as, "Ala you got no job no money, so you can't go la." Those kind of attitude. Urghhh. Thanks for the morale support ya!

Friday, June 3

There's a reason for it.....

Everything happens for a reason. Even challenges in life happens for a reason.
Trying to have the perfect life is never possible, but we only try to make it as perfect as possible.

I once thought my life was complete and perfect but I was wrong. It has never been. I've been dening it for so long until I've manage to realised it.

A friend told me, we got to learn and accept was is to be and was is not.

Honestly, now is the worse time in my life.

I'm trying to fight the wave out to sea but it keeps pushing me back to shore.