Wednesday, May 30

Where's your girlfriend?

Wednesday. Its Wednesday! Oh Wednesday. (not sure why I'm so excited its Wednesday).

1stly, earlier, a glass door in my office just shattered. It seems the door was open (or something..can't trust rumours la), strong wind blow (fusssssshhhhhhh), the door closed with a bang (boooommmmmmmm), the glass shattered (plang plang plang pling pling pling). Everyone turn round like less then 0.00001 second (super fast!!) and got up (busy bodies like normal..haha) went to the area. Luckily no blood was found, so everthing was ok. "All safe people! No intruders or burglars!"

The number one question I get the most (and hate the most) is "where/who's your girlfriend??". Who do I get it from? 1stly, my uncles, aunties, cousins, and school friends (and some Uni But the most is from my uncles (I think they're worried coz so far only 2 boys got married..hahaha). Every single time I meet them that's the only question they have on their mind for me. "So where's your girlfriend?" "When you going to show her?" "How many you have?". The WWWH questions as usual. My answer is always simple. "I don't know (with expressions of an innocent face)". They seem to keep picking on me for that question but my cousin (same age as me) doesn't get shoot at with it (wonder why....hurmmmm). Why me? Why me? Tell me why me??

Dislike difficult questions. That's why I don't like exams! =p

Kylie Minogue performing Timebomb

Monday, May 28

The boy who cried wolf

Facts about me: I'm an easy going person. Love to joke. Serious when it comes to work. Open minded. Always happy go lucky at times. Cherish friendships.

Stop reverse! Back to the phrase "cherish friendships". What do you guys girls understand about it? Literally what does it mean to you? Does it mean your friends are very thing? Does it mean you place a very huge bit on them?

"Got to know about a particular news from someone about someone. Its kind of shocking to hear those words which were not that nice nor lovely for me or to some as well. But who am I to say since we were made to sound like the big bad wolf."

Once a nail have been knocked into the wall, a hole is left behind. Even plasters can't cover it up as it was before the nail was knocked.

Look so dull

Hello world of awesome people.

So yesterday went for a haircut at a saloon near my place (I always make sure its the same person who cuts my hair...kinda picky me..haha). Was there kind of early so sat and waited (in front of the high big mirror which makes you look super awesome). He walk past "Hye...waaa you look so messy today". She walk by "hello hello...what you did last night?". Then the stylist came "How are you?"....a pause in between... "Why you look so dull today? Messy too.." Answered "Not well. Sick since last week". Stylist "I see. Its the weather. Too hot. Finish cutting, go back and rest ok. Take lots of cooling drink. Less outing. Pity to see you so dull". To admit, that was so sweet (blushing), and not just the words (if you know what I mean..LOL) (ok enough of day dreaming).

So went back, had lunch and 2 caps of cough syrup.

Its been 2 days I've started to consume cough syrup. Normally I totally dislike it. You ask me to take it 3 times a day, I'll just go for once a day, or sometimes non. But this time I'm finding it quite useful. Got it from the pharmacy since I was too lazy to wait for a check-up and stuff with the doc (when I think back kinda stup, should have gone to the doc since I don't have to pay a single penny, instead at the pharmacy, got to cough up all my penny). So I've been finding it quite hard to sleep lately but the cough syrup does the trick! (I'm not hooked on it ok). You take it now, 15 minutes later you'll be dazing, dreaming and.....boooooommm! You're on the bed (or anywhere) snoring you're way to dreamland. For the past 2 days, it's been like a sleeping drug for me.

So lets hope my dullness will go away soon.

p.s. - I think its the cough syrup effect that makes my brain not to think post doesn't really make much sense..LOL

Thursday, May 24

Dear Mr Dr



*Head hitting the desk*

That's the result of being sick. I think its the 2nd time this year I'm ill (not a record). Down with a sore throat, slight cough, a bit of flu, and an up down fever. How it started? Well, on Tuesday had some slight sore throat. It was still ok that time. Then came Wednesday morning (which was yesterday if you're wondering), when I woke up, it was like as if someone shove something down my throat (the pain and swelling..can you imagine it??) and left it there. Could feel the swelling and also the soreness (how am I going to sing Adele again??).

To make the story short, tried to sweat it out. Ended up worst then I imagine. A simple Einstein formula:

Hot [body] + Cold [environment] = Burst of explosion [confusion by the body]

Burst of explosion = Body couldn't handle the stress [breakdown of immune systems]

Cough + flu + fever + stress (hot + cold) = A very much walking bacteria [sick]

Tuesday, May 22

Hi Hye Hai Hey

Individual A: Hye
Individual B: Hi
Individual A: How are you?
Individual B: Good. You?
Individual A: Good too. Doing what?
Individual B: Online. You?
Individual A: FB and online. Had your dinner?
Individual B: Yup 3 hours ago.
Individual A: Good. So where are you staying?
Individual B: XXXX. You?
Individual A: XXXX. With who?
Individual B: Friends. You?
Individual A: Cool. Alone.
Individual B: I see.
Individual A: Yeah.

Typical conversation. Typical questions. Typical answers. Maybe something un-typical. Such as you got a car? You've been to Timbaktu? You tried ice skating? You know how to ride a bike? You eat rice? Ok ok what I'm trying to say is, maybe just add some creativity to your speech you know.

p.s.-this post has nothing to do with whom or what so

Monday, May 21

Breakfast in bed

How I wish I could sleep all day long in my bed.
How I wish I were the morning or night of someone in my head.
How I wish I woke up smelling the fresh salty air by the seaside.
How I wish I could take a sip of hot brew on the mountain side.
How I wish I could be Snow White with hair black as night.
How I wish I like Alice in Wonderland when nothing is ever right.
How I wish dreams I dreamed were like in those fairytales.
How I wish life were a fantasy of magical wonders.
How I wish everything was like in those movies we see at the cinemas.
How I wish everything is perfect like breakfast in bed.

Friday, May 18


Food. What's food? Food is food la. Don't ask me what's food. I'm no walking Wikipedia. LOL! All I know is I love food. If possible, I would try all sorts of food possible. But sometimes I can just be too lazy to go round trying. So I'll just find the easiest place I can get 'em. I always liked exotic or shall I say unique food (I mean I do love the common ones too not that I don't). Give me something new, I'll always try it 1st. If I were to go anywhere, the 1st thing I look for is food. Who doesn't love food? Tell me! (I'll hunt that person down if he/she doesn't..HAHA).

So on the topic of food, last night attended my cousin's fine-dining 4 course meal something something (I actually don't know what he calls it. Its something to do with his studies and project stuff. So figure it out yourself. Kapish??). It was held at Charco Restaurant & Cafe @ USJ Sentral. Honestly, his cooking was good, just maybe a little more experience would do the trick. He had very good course mates ( who helped him out too.

What do you think about the menu? Yummy? Slurrp? Urmmm? Errmmm? Urghhhh?

Are you a food junkie?

Miss Platnum performing Give Me The Food

Thursday, May 17

ABC in life

Its almost the end of the week. Is time moving faster this days? I wish I could do stuff like Inception (ok to much fantasy).

Ever since I completed my studies last year (I'm so missing it damn much), lots of things have change for me. The 3 years I had was just memorable and will never be forgotten. So much of ups and downs during that time. I wonder will I ever get the same experience if I were to continue again?

Life have changed drastically for me. Being from 1 to 2, then back to 1, then 2, then 1 again, then 2, until I just decided to stop it all and just be 1. Just needed a break from it all. Working life came as a surprise for me as I didn't expect to get any so soon, but it was good. Made me busy, and forget the things I should.

Family life also changed. Ever since the major conflict I had, the main support I got was from non other then my family. To my sis especially. She really helped a lot. I've realised how much actually I missed them and neglected them for some time.

Then there was the friendship part. Everyone became more busy with their own stories to tell and own journey to make. It was something we all expected. Everything would not be the same as the 3 years we had. But I'm happy and grateful to have known them. But there are somethings which are unavoidable (won't jump into that part).

Florence + The Machine performing Breath Of Life

Tuesday, May 15

Colour my life

As I'm writing this, I'm still in the office (yeah suddenly I'm hardworking plus I'm alone) trying to clear some stuff so that I won't drop dead (with a fab post) in the coming weeks. I've got a book (not a fan) coming up next week and I'm trying bloody hard to make sure I don't end up like road kill in office (cross fingers). 3 items for clearance next week and I've yet to work on them. Lately been to lazy to do anything at all (need a trip to the beach maybe?). I've been lazy with work as well as my social life. Been turning down certain hang-out invitation plus some "meet & greet" session for the past couple of weeks (for no particular reasons). Am I moving into another phase of life (hope I don't!)? I guess I need to inject back some colour into my life. Its quite colourful now (all sorts), but maybe in need of some striking colours. No more pastel colours, but more neon colours (over!). Oh well, that's life. Can't wait for my 1st major solo trip next month. Decided to do it alone (due to unforeseen reasons). Who knows it might be fun.=)

Still thinking about the colour part. (why suddenly I'm so grey?)

Monday, May 14

Dreadful Monday

*Yawnnnnn* *stretch* *bending fingers* *twisting back* *drinking hot Milo*

The one day out of the 7 days in a week that I dislike the most is MONDAY. Why? Well a couple of reasons are:

  • its always so darn bloody hard to wake up in the morning on a day which you dislike (1 hour later then usual)
  • for no reason, traffic is always heavier on this day (seriously, even I leave later then usual, it still gets jammed up)
  • due to my Monday blue, it seems all the drivers on the road are a bunch of brainless no good drivers which keep changing lanes and braking every 5 seconds (I'm so high with emotions)
  • the sight of my work doesn't seem to end and always increases on these wonderful day (totally don't like viewing my mail)
  • I can't never focus on my work and thus my productivity levels drops to 30% (my brain factory takes time to operate)
  • the thought of dealing with certain people makes my hair freeze (office politics)

  • doing the same job over again really makes me sick (that's why I'm not suited for an office job)
  • spending half the day on the net rather then work (hye its because of my mood, don't blame me)

[not sure if this are valid reason why I should dislike Monday]

What days you love the most? What days you dislike the most? What days you feel neutral the most?

Sunday, May 13

Random Saturday

Ok. Seriously, my brain's kinda empty to think of a title. So 'random' is the best solution. Please be warn, this entry is just too boring. Stop here if you don't want to read anymore. Thank you.

A short story of Friday and Saturday.

So Friday night when for a movie at MV. Was feeling kinda generous, so I decided to treat 2 of my friends for a movie. Managed to catch Dark Shadows. As usual, Johnny Depp doesn't disappoint so thus Tim Burton. A should watch movie. Funny, serious, crazy and bloody. Haha.

Saturday, been out the whole day. Actually its more of half or whatever. I truly didn't want to be out, but had no choice. Dear lappy had been going through some serious sickness. He turns pink every time he's turn on. Poor fellow. So had to take him to Curve to meet the doctor, and the result was, dear lappy had to be admitted for 7 days or until he gets better (please recover soon). The plan was to actually sent lappy in for treatment and leave, but the plan was ditched. The main reason was, because I didn't go alone. If I had, I'd surely followed my plan (what an excuse I'm giving...LOL). So after sending lappy in, when for lunch. Hadn't any idea of where to eat since was lazy to think, decided to make a pitstop at a Bavarian Bierhaus. If you're wondering what the heck is that? Its a German outlet. The food was great! But warning, the servings are extremely huge (just imagine how much Germans eat compared to Malaysians). After lunch did a mall inspection (jalan-jalan bakar makanan), then headed for IPC. Was looking for a perfect gift for my cousin, but couldn't find one. Since I don't really know what he likes (he likes cooking). Then skipped the searching and headed for Ikea. Another great way to waste some time. Hahaha. When there, trying to get some ideas and feel (so dramatic) for my future place (I repeat....future which god knows when). I just adore and love Ikea stuff (although they can be pretty bloody expensive) because its simple and tidy. As usual, when you visit Ikea there's always something you want to get. So got a few towels (trying to make a collection..LOL) and headed off (at the end of the free 2 hours parking). Went for an early supper at Kanna Curry House (the roti tisu was awesome). Finally I'm home!

So that was pretty much a bored boring day. So unproductive (as usual). Lots of walking and eye cleansing (locating locating..haha). Also its kinda surprising I was home before American Idol even started. A new record!

How was your day or days been like? Its a Saturday night. You should be out and about.

Friday, May 11


Lately I've been noticing some trending status on Facebook and Twitter, which consists of these few words:

"I miss you"
"I love you"
"Hope to see you soon"
"Can't wait to see you"
"Take care okay"
"Please be safe"
"Be good"
"Remember me"

and the list goes on and on and on........

Sincerely, its nice to see friends/people moving on with their lives may it be for the 1st time (those with lots of lovey dovey things going on, could be a 1st timer), 2nd, 3rd, 4th or more (so active). Its something everybody wants, its something everybody needs in life. Is there anyone person who would reject it? Maybe there could be, maybe just 0.001% (who knows right?). But the other 99.999% will surely want it, not for the sake of just fulfillling life rules but for fulfilling life needs. A companion to grow old with, to enjoy life with, to share ups and downs with, to share life with. So don't be that 0.001%. Be that 99.999% instead.

Drops of Jupiter by Train

Wednesday, May 9

Warm wednesday night

So fast its midweek. So fast its May. So fast its almost a year at my new place. So fast people come and go. So fast everything moves that fast.

Lately I've been having a bad very bad habit of munching at night. I've kick that habit like 2 years ago (I'm serious!) but now it seems I'm getting back into it. I think the main reason is stress? Or maybe I just like eating? Or I just got an itchy mouth? What ever it is, I just must munch something. Or at least have a drink. Friends say I'm lucky I can eat but don't put on the pounds (Yeah rite. That's why I got to sweat it out). Since the last Ipoh trip, bought quite a lot of biscuits, and they are not helping at all in me getting rid of these habit. If I don't stop myself, I can just eat even when I'm so full (I think my food cell or whatever it is, must be spoiled la).

Oh ya. When to Bangsar yesterday and got some awesome choc stuff (choc? its just so fat-te-ning..yeah I know). Its pretty orgasmic. And you do know that choc helps in achieving that pretty good...*wink *wink

So how was your day? Do you munch too? [please say you do...LOL]

Tuesday, May 8

Shocking news

It was a huge blow to everyone. From those at the top even to those at the bottom. As if things couldn't get worse. A part of the team has decided to tender with just 2 weeks notification. Hell or Heaven? I would say hell. Why hell? Because it means more work for me and the others (for the time being). But it gives some opportunity too. Since there's some empty spot, who knows, if everything goes well.


How was your Monday? Awesome? Disastrous? Boring? What else? Well mine was kind of just nice. Enough salt, sugar and pepper [actually was an extremely tiring day due to a late night on Sunday and working out a sweat which makes me sleep like a giant baby ;p].

Again woke up today. Luckily, my working hours are kinda flexi so didn't worry much. But hell no I was pretty worried when I was on the way to office.

While driving (rocking to Adele's Set Fire to the Rain) a team mate text me on the phone. "Boss (just a nickname ok) you're coming to office right? Remember there's a meeting at 9 at XXX." Suddenly the feel of Adele in me was gone. Zappppppp. I check the time on my watch and it was like 8.50! I still have like 10 minutes. So I replied, "Yes I'm coming. Tell XXX I'll be late coz there's a very bad jam." I had to make up some story right to save myself (its called survivor skills). Luckily I was not too far from my work place. Just another 5 minute drive and a 10 minute walk (ok it sounds pretty far). So to make up for the lost time, I drove like those KL taxi drivers who hardly bother about the rest (they think their grandfather's father own the roads). Drove and parked (I've never parked that fast before), got down and walk like I was floating on air (I should get those roller shoes).

Finally at the office, placed my things and zooommm straight into the meeting. All that rushing, they haven't even started anything. It was like 9.15. Made me rush and puff for no good reason, and I almost killed an ant (being more dramatic

I never liked morning meetings. And I never liked meetings. They take forever!

So how was your Tusss-day morning? Do you like meetings? Office meetings or any others?  Except for "those" meetings if you know what I'm talking about *wink*wink.

Monday, May 7


1stly, I just feeling like taking my 6 month old phone, dipping it in the toilet bowl (washing it clean), putting it in the oven (maybe roasting it for like a minute), place it in a frying pan (deep fry it for about 5 minutes), place it on a plate (silver plate), take it outside (find a road busy with lorries and buses), place it there (on the road) and let a truck roll over it. Would that be nice or would that be sweet??

Seriously I'm going nuts over my phone. As if small probs wasn't bad enough, now the worse prob has occurred. The story goes like this.

[Please read with full expression] "So, I was as usual, texting my friend and all. Suddenly! The phone goes blank! It restarts as usual (it happens once in a purple moon). As I was waiting, the phone hangs while loading and won't load anymore. After 5 minutes it was still the same. So the only option was to pull the batt out. Pulled it out and waited again. The phone still hangs at the same point. So again, pulled the batt out. Tried to turn the phone on. It loaded, but hangs again for 20 minutes. What I did? I pulled the batt out and left it that way for around 20 minutes. When I place the batt back, finally the phones loads and YES! Its working!"

But my worse nightmare was about to begin (horror music).

My phone was automatically reset and was reverted back to factory status! It means, my phone was back to square 1 as like the 1st day I got it! WHAT THE FREAKING HELL HAPPEN!!??? All settings were changed. The bad/worse side, all..... I repeat ALL.... my contacts were gone! Kinda weird, even those on the SIM card were missing. Not a single number was in my phone. But there was a good side. My messenger contacts and also those who I've whatsapp, contacts still exist. That's weird too. Photo's and video all intact (thankfully... =p)

Oh yeah what phone you might ask? Its Blackberry. The worse phone I've ever used! So now, every person who contact's me is like a stranger. I gotta ask "who's this?" and give a bloody long explanation. Gosh. I really don't have luck with gadgets I think. Maybe I should stick to the ever classic 3310? or T610?

Have you had a gadget meltdown?

Sunday, May 6

Random Sunday

Its Sunday. Tomorrow is Monday. I totally "Dislike" (FB please create a dislike button).

So it has been a nice weekend but also darn tiring. Seriously like so tiring, I could sleep for 48 hours straight without knowing a bomb could drop at home. (I'm no oink oink).

So Friday, after work, when for a run, dinner and headed out (took me 1 and half hours to reach my friends place) for karaoke session at Klang. The session started at 12 till 4am. It was such a superbly tiring day. I was bloody sleepy, but had fun screaming my lungs out (I actually have a nice sexy husky voice when I sing..hahaha). Finally reached friends place, put up a night. It was like 5 am. Could only sleep after tossing and turning for like half hour maybe.

Saturday, woke up at 10am, refreshed and when for lunch at a mall. Completed everything around 2 pm. Headed back home (finally) and touched down at 3 pm. Refreshed myself again (I like showering), and headed out at 4 pm. Where was I heading? Oh well Rawang. Had some BBQ party and stuff there. Had a great time there. Finally headed back home at midnight. Drop by Bangsar for awhile then continued my journey to heaven on earth. Touched down at 2 am. Slept at 4 am.

My story is so dull. Gosh. So dull.

So today I'm like a half dead human. I'm sleepy but I just can't sleep. Not a nappy person.

How's your weekend? Please tell me its better then mine will ya?

 Adele just look so so so so stunning here! (Yes I'm a fan of her)

Friday, May 4


Good horning people. Its Friday. Yeah so what's with Fridays? Nothing right?

This post is just some random stuff for a Friday morning.


Woke up bloody sleepy. I'm not sure what's the reason. It can't be due to the capp I had yesterday right? [location: Heaven on earth]


Was driving behind a truck (aka lorry la), and I over took it since it was driving superbly fast, like Kimi R on the racing track. So as I over took him (yes its a him because I glance who was driving it), suddenly.....'splattttttttt!!!!'. My car windscreen had a few drops of the mans disgusting spit! Actually not a few drops. It was practically 15 drops at least. Oh man! Shoooot on you! [location: Highway to hell]


My bloody left eye has been giving me probs for the past week. Every morning I'll wake up with a superbly itchy eye and the next thing you know it, its slightly swollen. Its just so disturbing. I just keep on blinking like a 1000 times in a second! [location: My superbly cold office, CBJ]


Sleepy, swollen eyes, moody and lazy. Who says Friday was awesome???
Maybe I need some stuff from TGIs. Lets meet you there shall we? (make a date 1st)..

Thursday, May 3


You won't believe it. I think my taste for music is changing or am I growing older?? (please say I'm growing younger!) Lately (actually its more of this week la) I've been listening to tonnes of movie soundtracks. They're not those Gaga or Swift songs, but those you know, orchestra types, those violins, drums those kind. I've suddenly just fallen for the theme songs of various movies, and they're such a goose bump gives types. Sometimes, you can even like, you know get the feel of the music (alright I know I'm just so "god man what are you saying??"). Maybe my brain and ears are evolving.

Alright who wants to pay a visit to MPO? Lets go!

Wednesday, May 2

Ordinary or not?

Alright. I shouldn't be posting anything because I'm currently in such a tight spot, and my time should be focus on my work. GDI! Hahaha. Gonna kill myself! Clearing dates are just too close.

Anyways, last night (actually this morning coz I slept around 2am) I had other weird dream. I actually had something like this awhile ago but I'm having it again. This time its in a different way. It was as like the movie Inception. You know, where people try to kill people? LOL. I had that sort of dream. All I can remember from that dream was......................

"I was driving back home with mum. Then suddenly I saw a guy and a girl walking in front of my house, with some blood stain on them. (I'm sure they killed something else before that, which was true). The blood stain was from my dog. They killed her! (cruelty to animals!) So as I drove closer, I notice they were actually waiting for someone, which was me (somehow I knew they were waiting for  me la). I avoided the road to my house and waited in another area (as usual in dreams, suddenly there's a hiding place even if you're in a car). The guy and the girl kept walking up down until they decided to walk towards an open space (which I wondered where it came from) which had a tent (another Inception style of creation I think). There was like another 3 other guys under that tent and a small boy (I think the boy was for some bait thingy). So me and mum, waited for another hour (oh yeah, my mum was pretty silent the whole time) in the car until all 6 of them decided to leave the place (which I don't know where they went). After they've left, I headed straight into the house (oh yeah, I left my car somewhere and walked back home). Rushing to open the gate and stuff before those killers (I guess they're here to kill me) came back. So in the house, it seems my sis, bro and dad were all preparing for something. They looked calm but at the same time making sure everything was safe (I didn't see any shot guns or samurai sword if you were wondering). My sis kept looking out the window, peeping through the blinds while the rest just kept silent saying nothing. After an hour or so, there was no sign of the bad guys (I'm sure they're bad coz I'm always the good Then suddenly something happen!........................................................................................................................................"

my alarm rang! Dang it!

So here I am now, in office, composing a find story here for me to share. LOL. I didn't get to finish my dream. Was so hoping for an action pack ending to it! Oh well, but its weird don't you think? Having these kind of dreams. What you think?