Saturday, June 30

Soul vacation

Woke at 4.30am. Everything is prepared. Heading to airport in awhile. Till then, see ya awesome people! Be back with maybe some interesting stories.

Soul vacation!

Thursday, June 28

Not to "fall" again

Ever since the breakdown, the up, the down, the rollercoaster, the speedbumps, speed traps, I've told myself to not "fall" again. I will eventually end up in a mess again. I never place any hopes just to avoid any unwanted wantings. To not "fall" again but not to never "fall" again.

Tuesday, June 26


Olla. Miss my bloggie for 4 days..muah muah muah (ok that's a little over).

Been having some hectic days or should I say a week to come. At least manage to catch some breath during the weekend. Finally made a visit to Paradigm on Saturday. Wasn't all that "Waahhhhh" but was just "oooouuuuuu". Sunday again drop by at MV for some activity of wasting time. LoL.

So far its been a mad 2 days. Yesterday and today. Working non-stop to get my work cleared. Have been asking my team mate to help out and manage to push some dates back. All this doesn't really help due to the fact I'll be on leave for 3 days next week. Talking about leave, it brings me to packing.

God! I haven't completed my itinerary yet and let alone pack my stuff. Yeah I know its only a 4 days trip but still I prefer to have everything ready and complete so I don't get the headache of looking for it later or last minute. Excited for it but work is making me mad at the moment.

Work stress is killing me. I've not gotten enough sleep which affects everything. No stamina no excitement for anything. Just want to sleep all day long.

Thursday, June 21

Over the top

Yeah I've managed to learn 6 chords to date! Learning on my own is no easy task. Not interested with the classes. It's expensive and too far to go (its at the way ho-ze). Every night I'm strumming for an hour. Hope my neighbors won't get mad. LoL.

Work at work sucks! Yes let me repeat it! Its been kind of stressful now. The last 2 weeks were kinda fine, but now everything is just so so so so so, urghh no idea what to say. I'm trying to clear everything before I go on leave. Plus the things coming in on the day I'm not around is not helping. Thinking of asking a few favours from my colleagues but they're also pack to the rim with stuff to settle. Looks like I gotta get it done by hook or by crook. The newbies are in, but they can't help out much. Still in training (leceh). Don't like work stress. It makes me eat more plus it makes me look so draggy. If only they increase my pay. Then I'll be superbly motivated again..haha..

Katy Perry performing Wide Awake

Tuesday, June 19

A big boy with big dreams

Back in school I used to have this ambition of being a medical doctor or a scientist. Maybe it was due to my fascination with living things. Then I changed it to be a vet because I love animals. After that when I grew slightly older, I wanted to be an architect. I grew older I wanted to be an interior designer. Finally when I reached the stage of deciding what I wanted to be and study, it all came crashing down. My dreams of studying interior design was scrapped (due to certain painful reasons which honestly I still do keep it my heart even though I shouldn't). Instead I was ask to study something else, and ended-up following the footsteps of my sister. So today here I am, doing something which I thought I would be. A total switch from arts and drawing to words and editing. Oh well, like the saying goes, "Be grateful for what you have, for others may not be as lucky as you are".

So now I've decided to set new ambitions (no point haggling over something might not happen right?). A personal ambition and a job related ambition (so weird I got 2 types of ambition...hurmmmm). I wonder will I make it or leave it?

Oh yeah I've got a new hobby! Hurray!! (just look at the pic you'll know what it is..haha)

Strumming to the beat =)

Monday, June 18


I think everyone has a certain scent (as in perfume and not body) that reflects who they are. Some may like woody, sweet, spicy, flowery, fresh and all those others. Having a particular scent is very important. Other then making you smell great, it says quite a number about one from the scent. It also attracts others (who ever you're trying to attract) to you may it be from the other sex or even the same sex. I always believe, for every men (and women), you must have a particular scent (perfume) for yourself. It not only makes you feel great, but it gives an X factor to yourself. But its very important to choose the right scent. You don't just go to a counter get one, and just spray it on yourself before you head out. I would say that's suicide! A person who smells great is always a plus point on any one's chart. I love fresh, breezy, with slight warm feeling and a dash of citrus scent. It makes me feel refresh! :D So what scent are you?

Mariah Carey performing Bringin' On The Heartbreak

Friday, June 15

Imperfectly perfect

I have a unique side. I probably have two faces. I am not a perfectionist although I do try to be one. I put on a smile. I always tend to forget the not so important stuff. I get moody when something goes wrong. I always make jokes whenever possible. I don't have the perfect looks. I always make decisions on my own. I get hard headed sometimes. I prefer to be alone when I need to. I don't Facebook much. I tweet more then read. I love singing. I hate reading. I have little patience but improving. I can cook. I don't like stuck-ups. I can be shy at times. I love to talk loud. I love shopping. I dislike driving. I love traveling. I do cry. I get upset when things go upside down. I love to eat. I don't like back stabbers. I do hang-out. I reply text messages late. I don't like working. I sleep late. I can't remember birth dates. I forget names. I drink coffee. I only use one perfume brand. I like to be simple. I love outdoors. I can't sit down for long........

I don't want to be perfect. I just want to be imperfectly perfect.

P!nk performing Perfect

Wednesday, June 13

Random Wednesday

Yes it's just hurmmmm. Nothing to say but hurmmmm. Hurmmmm for life being the way it is. Hurmmmm with work. Hurmmmm with people. Hurmmmm hurmmmm hurmmmm hurmmmm. What we plan doesn't always work out the way we want it to be. What we want is not always what we get. What see is not always what we think. What we hear may not be things we wish. So lets all say hurmmmm.

Scrapped plans to head north this weekend. Was thinking I could get a weekend of food and laughter at Penang, but it just had to be thrown out. Again I'm being pulled down with work. Things are getting more extreme now since the new book started. 73 chapters to be done, but I've yet to start on anything. How I wish I didn't have to work. So most likely I'll be stuck at a coffee house somewhere with my lappy and drilling my skull to remove my brain.

I need to remain stress free. A good sweat always helps in that but in makes me superbly tired. Been waking up late the last few days. More rest and sleep needed. I shall not take coffee to keep me awake at work.

Lastnight had a good chat with my closes childhood (does primary school friend considered as childhood) friend. It was a good one and as usual crazy one for almost an hour. Can't wait to catch up next week (if it goes well).

Decided to shift my focus more on work and friends plus family now. Tired of looking around anymore. If there is there is. If there is none, there is none. So be it.

Keeping my Wednesday bright and sunny.

Jamelia performing See It In A Boy's Eyes

Sunday, June 10

Doesn't mean U drive a big car, U're great

Lets shoot it straight to the story.

So, I made a visit to Mid Valley this afternoon (was almost evening) to get some stuff. So as usual, I'll always park at Gardens because its easier and convenient. I just don't quite like the parking in Mid since its confusing. So after some walking and shopping around for 2 hours plus (the fastest I've ever done), decided to leave and return home. So went to pay the tix and got my car and headed for the exit. As I was at the exit, there was this car a Mercedes Benz Compressor with the number W _ _ 2700 trying to exit. I was right behind that car. The driver tried to stick the tix in the exit machine but somehow it won't open (not sure due to what). The driver tried to do it for around 5-10 minutes but no luck. I decided to reverse until I passed an empty parking space on my left and what I did was I just gave a couple of flash (headlights) to the driver in front and pointed to reverse into the parking so that other cars could exit. At first the driver did reverse but then stopped like a metre away from the exit. Logically, no way a car could pass and it would be selfish to do that. So I gave a couple of flashes again. The driver reverse again and stopped (this time like 2 metre but still no car could pass). Suddenly, the driver got down from the car (the driver didn't even reverse into the parking, but just stopped and blocked the exit) and headed towards me. Not only the driver but the wife gone down too.

The driver was a HE. A man I think in his late 40's almost 50's. Around 5 feet 6. Weight around 65kg to 75kg. Wearing light pink shirt and beige pants. With specs and moustache. Very clean cut look he had. So as he was walking towards me, his wife got out, and went to the drivers side and reverse the car (instead of him doing it). As she was doing that, he came towards my car, to my window. I was expecting maybe he wanted to ask something. But this was what he said.

"What were you pointing just now? Why you keep flashing? I don't like people flashing flashing at me!!"

So I answered back.

"I was pointing to you to reverse your car into the parking so others could exit. Also I flash to signal you to reverse your car."

Then the big word came from him as I finished my sentence.

"I don't like people flashing! ..FUCKER!!"

The second he said that word I was seriously heated up and I raise my voice.

"Watch your bloody language sir! (I still called him sir since he was older). It doesn't mean you drive a bloody big car, you're great. Respect others!"

So after I said that he gave his ego look and walked away. Not walking towards his car, but towards the exit machine and trying to insert the tix. I was like saying to myself, are you that bloody stupid??? You can't exit, it means your tix's either spoiled or you didn't pay or you went over the time limit!

As I was having a dialog with him, his wife was trying to move the car to allow the other cars to move out. The wife seems a bit embarrassed from what her husband did because she kept waving sorry to the other cars. I respect the wife because she knows what I was trying to do. Her husband was such an @$$!

Did I do anything wrong? What's the problem with it?

It doesn't mean if you're rich you can say or do whatever you like to others. It doesn't mean if you're older you can say whatever you wish.

If you're rich but with an attitude just like the back of an elephant ass, I'm sorry but I got no respect for you.

He was lucky I didn't gave him back what he deserves. I believe Karma is fair.

A real son of a female dog! A real donkey hole!

Friday, June 8


Hope is the emotional state which promotes the belief in a positive outcome related to events and circumstances in one's life. Despair is the opposite of hope. Hope is the "feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best" or the act of "looking forward to something with desire and reasonable confidence" or "feeling that something desired may happen". Other definitions are to "to cherish a desire with anticipation", "to desire with expectation of obtainment", or "to expect with confidence". - Wikipedia.

I always do believe there's always hope in what ever comes, what ever goes, what ever moves, what ever flows, what ever walks, what ever swims, what ever breaths, what ever talks, what ever flies, what ever smiles, what ever crawl, what ever you do or what ever happens.

I'm always hoping. For the best.

p.s. - can't wait end month

Thursday, June 7

Compare what again?

Hello gorgeous people. Say 'I' if you are gorgeous. "I".

Here's a story of being compared. Ok. Since young I've always been compared. Not to my own siblings but instead to my cousin. Reason is because we're both the same age (we're only the 2nd pair to be the same age). So when you're the same age you get compared to. So since I was a cuddly kid (yes I was, you'll love me), aunts and uncs used to compared how big I was, how tall I was, how cute I was and all those hows I was with my cousin. During the younger days, I didn't really bothered much because I didn't have a care in the world for what they say or do. So as I moved to my teen days, the comparison became more often. UPSR, PMR and SPM was all compared. Even when I started to build up myself, how I look, was also compared. Even after completing my studies, having a degree now, I'm still being compared. Why do they compare their own family member? (I do respect them but at times, I'm just too sorry for them because I just don't care what they say). It gets a little stressful but I could say I'm used to it. That's why I'm not really a fan when it comes to family dinners. If I have to attend, I'll make sure I'm on another table and not with my cousin.

Being compared is no fun. Being scrutinised is no fun. Being look lower then the other is no fun.

Sheryl Crow performing Sweet Child O' Mine

Tuesday, June 5

Move it!

Move it! That's the #1 word I use when driving. Seriously its a must. Do you use it? (don't lie ok. I know you do). Malaysian drivers (not all la..some only) especially woman (sorry not being gender-sis) are real dangerous drivers (men are kind drivers..LOL). They would just change lane without bothering if you exist or not, and once they've turn their signals on, its like a must for them to move into your lane even though there's like only 1cm of space (sorry ladies, its true, just ask men or those men to be). Men on the other hand have some sort of an ego when it comes to driving. The bigger the car the bigger the ego (what else affects his ego? "Big"?). Then there's the ass trailing type of drivers. There's the light flashing type (I wonder do they go round flashing themselves too?). The honky type who only knows how to honk (that sounds kinky). The Ferrari drivers who thinks they're like those initial D drivers (if you're almost the same as Jay Chow also not so bad la). There's also those who would driver beside you and just keep looking or turning to you trying to get a look (so famous as that meh). The slow drivers who hog the fast lane (BMW does that too!). So many types of drivers. Its a real 1 Malaysia thingy. Driving on Malaysian roads are just a real test of how high your blood pressure can go up to. If only I didn't have to drive. Any volunteers to be my driver? LOL

Update: Finally after month of delay finally got my dear lappy repaired. It was so bloody expensive! RM1787! But thanks to the extended warranty, nothing had to be paid. So I'm a happy person (see me smiling from ear to ear). Hope it doesn't have anymore problems with it.

Friday, June 1

Snow White and the Huntsman

Happy 1st June people! Its half year now, but I'm half done and half undone. So lets be done with it shall we. =D

So, one of the most anticipated movie of the year (in my opinion only) is finally out! Oh gosh its out! Snow White and the Huntsman.! Due to my desire (huge superbly huge) to catch the movie on its 1st day (since I couldn't get the premier tix like The Avengers...thanks for the tix that time =D), I manage to get a friend to accompany me to catch it at MV (lazy to go Pavi or Tropicana) last night. It was pretty packed but thanks to online booking (luv' it) got one of the best seats! Ok. Enough of crapping for awhile. Time for some gossiping.

Overall, the movie was just so so (darn it). Was hoping it would like have the X factor that would want me to want more, but sadly I'll only want it more when I feel like being an evil person who's just feeling awesome. The effects were awesome (thanks to Alice) but the storyline kinda failed. Charlize Theron as Queen Ravenna was just pure evilness and gorgeous! She just have all the evil in her. (love her..oh yeah the wedding part looks as if her boobs were gonna pop OUT!). Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsman (is just too good looking to be a huntsman if you ask me) was a messy but hunky guy with an axe. Sam Claflin as Prince William is the best looking prince ever (look at those eyes!) with those seriously charming (figured) looks. Finally Kristen Stewart as Snow White. One word: BELLA. It was like I was watching Bella suddenly got stuck in a different time zone, in a different era. Oh well, at least the soundtrack for the movie was awesome. But little miss sunshine just didn't rock it in Snow White and the Huntsman. But its worth a watch just to get a view of your own. If it wasn't for the super evil queen and some great effects, the movie would be superbly dry.

p.s. - at least I got to do some "eye washing" at MV =p