Tuesday, July 31

Triumphant (Get 'Em)

Yes! Finally after quite sometime, a new single is out from the diva! It's none other then Mariah Carey! The new single is due to be out come 2nd August. Can't wait to hear it! Its called  "Triumphant (Get 'Em)"

Ok ok ok. I'm a big fan of her. She's good. She's pretty. She's awesome. Hahaha. I am a fan of Katy Perry and Kelly Clarkson too but not as big as MC. I mean Madonna is hot Gaga's fierce too. =p

Who's a big fan of Mariah too?? Raise your hands (or mouse or keyboards) please!

That boy

A new job. A house. A new car. A new me? Ermmmm. Maybe. But I love my current self and have no heart to change. Oh well.

Ok so those are the 3 main things that I am dying-ly trying-ly wanting-ly daring-ly to achieve within the next 5 to 6 years time. Actually it'll be more like 5 years since its already half of 2012.

Hoping for a better paycheck. Planning to own a house I can call home. Moving round with shinny new wheels.

I know I may sound a little uncle and all planning this that but I do love to plan. So far what I've planned have gone quite well, so lets hope this major AD 2020 vision will become a success (I  also got vision ok..hahaha). In terms of paycheck wise, working hard to get a great place. From my field now, its kinda hard to jump around, so its better I do it now then in later years. House, well I'll be more modest. Obviously I won't be able to afford any landed property in the Klang Valley due to the madness pricing, but a condo would do just fine for me, besides it saves me from having to do the lawn. Hahaha. 2-3 years, I shall, no I must own one from my hard cold sweat! Wouldn't it be supper awesome to move round town in great wheels, but I'll only get it once I've got the house. Having one now is sufficient to get me around plus I can save up for the down payment. Huhu.

"Well, all these are just a small boy's dream who used to catch tadpoles with his brother in the middle of the field after a couple days of rain. But that boy have achieved a certain part in life which he can be proud of. Lets just hope that that boy's dream do come true."

Monday, July 30

Weekend no more

Currently it's 12.30 am. So its Monday morning. So I should sleeping but I'm not. A wrap for the weekend. For the 1st time, I did not go out on Friday! Hurray for me..LoL.

I did promise myself that I would not shop right? Looks like I broke my promise (failed). I just can't resist buying something each time I go out. Even my friends used to say, "if AD doesn't buy something when he goes out, its a miracle or maybe the sky might fall soon!". Hahahaha. So due to temptations around me being too strong, I ended up buying stuff on Saturday and Sunday (which was yesterday la).

Saturday made a drop to Pavillion. It's been like couple of weeks since I've gone there. Nothing much to do other then to walk around and waste time. LoL. Walking round was dangerous. Ended up getting the TWG macarons. Bought all 7 flavours for a try (pretty sweet but was ok...nothing much to shout about). Then made way to Fahrenheit towards Uniqlo. Honestly, I'm a big fan of it (self confess). The colours are just too distracting for me to get more of it. Hahaha. So added another colour to my collection of Polos from there. This time I got the white one (besides there's sale, so its the best time to buy..muahahaha).

Sunday, headed to Mid Valley for buka puasa with a couple of my muslim friends. The main reason was to just makan, drink and head back. Instead, a friend wanted to visit Uniqlo. So followed him. As usual, tangan gatal, bought a long sleeve T, which was white too! Hahaha. I'm going all saint this time I think. LOL! The T was pretty soft and nice. Couldn't resist, so got it. Then drop by M&S, and there was some promo for its cookies. Yes you guess right, bought something again. Four packets of M&S cookies. British cookies are just too good for me (mama mia, here I go again...).

So weekend was filled with simple shopping, easy company, nice food and great time. I really got to stop shopping otherwise I'll be broke.

p.s.- Don't stay up to catch the Olympics. Just go to Youtube and watch 'em. =p

Goodnight sweet cakes!

Wednesday, July 25

It's the hard knock life

Wednesday night people. Mid week but why it's mid week? I don't know. So far how have your Wednesday been? Mind was cruel and mad. Seriously it wasn't a good day. 2 words. Stress tense. Yes! Stress and tense. Well, it's because of none other then my work plus working life. That's the reason I'm deciding to move on but still haven't got the luck yet for my next finding. So, today really suck up. PC wasn't working well and work that doesn't end. Due date this Friday, then next week, week after that, following month and it goes on and on and on and never end. I rather work at Starbucks then here at times (any good Starbucks outlet that can be recommended?). Hope tomorrow would be a better day. Have a great Wednesday night dearies.

British cookie for supper..huhuhu

p.s. - comfort food that's what I need.

Tuesday, July 24

Pastel or bold?

Did I spell pastel correctly? Who cares. Hahaha. Its Tuesday and its rainy in the morning. What am I going to do about that? Not sure since I'm not capital H.I.M. to change the weather. Lol.
So lets talk about colours. (How nice I could be Oprah or Martha but instead of a live show on tv, I'll do it the blogging way of it..cool right?? and I'll be filthy rich too!). What colours do you like, love or adore? As we know there's thousands of different colours out there that you can ever imagine (to make it easier just imagine rainbow la). 
Ok for me, I used to love pastel colours because I prefer not to over power my personality (ok this sounds a little over the top...erase it please!) and I like earth tones coz it makes me feel more comfy with myself. I used to go for brown (I just love it..), beige, light pink, soft yellow, baby blue, and all those sort of colours. But now I've got a change of taste. I know this might sound a little cliché but for no particular reason, I'm into bold colours. I prefer plain, bold colours but I do still love pastel colours. Like those colour blocking stuff as well. I used to like Ts with all sorts of printing, but now I love plain, nothing much on it Ts. Not so much of a shirt fan any more (blame my job) too. Colour blocking is just fun to play around with. Although I don't colour block like every single time, but I try to mix and match. Besides, my friends (even my mum) says my wardrobe is too dull which needs more colour to it. So now, I'm placing lots of colours into my life. So if you see a guy walking round with blue jeans and yellow T, that's not me ok!

Lets make our lives more colourful!! We should have yellow pants day!

p.s.- A must listen song below!

ZZ Ward performing Put the Gun Down

Sunday, July 22

Solitary star

Have you seen a shooting star? Have you made a wish upon that shooting star? They say if you make a wish when a shooting star darts across the sky, your dreams will come true. I've seen a shooting. I've made a wish upon a shooting star. But my wishes have yet to come true. But it has never stop me from wishing. I guess that's the one of the few reasons that keeps a person going. The sky is big vast place to be same as this world wide wet world. There are thousands of stars in the sky as like there are millions of people on planet Earth. Sometimes when you're down or in need, you feel like the world have placed their backs against you ignoring your pleas. But, even if the world is against you, some how you'll be able to pull it through somehow or some way. So being a solitary star isn't as bad as what some might assume. All you have to do is outshine the rest and be the brightest. To me, a solitary star shines brighter that you can ever imagine.

Louis Armstrong performing When You Wish Upon A Star

Thursday, July 19


Warning. This is just some plain boring post. Please if you're hoping for something more juicy, sorry I'm currently out of it (but not the other type of juice that is). It has been such a rainy Thursday. I guess the rainy season is back again. Pretty weird if you ask (but I'm no weather man). Anyway, as much as I wanted, there was no reply as a response. So I guess I just didn't make it although I was short-listed from around 200 plus to be among the 5. But I do take that as an accomplishment for being short-listed. So got to be proud of myself a little. Yippie (so sad!). Also thanks for the good luck wishes! (lots of love!!).

Moving away from the sad part, lets move on to the nicer part. So, to keep myself cheerful all day, decided to get a cup of coffee and something a little nicer for lunch. Since they've open the drive thru here last week, decided to give it a try. Well, it was just like a McD drive thru if you ask me. Hahaha. Oh well, got one of my fav drink that's cocoa capp. After that made a visit to the bank to submit my application. Hope it gets approve, since it'll be a real convenience if I go travelling. Then went to grab some lunch. Was driving round looking for Subway and ended up not finding it because a friend of mine said they'll be opening soon (great! hahaha). Instead went to Old Town and got their chicken rendang with pulut kuning. Headed back to office, and munch the time away. Honestly speaking, don't even think of having that menu unless you're a person without taste buds. Not worth it. Oh yeah another thing, they charged me for take away. What? I actually didn't know that! and they also charged me for service. Were I to freak out? No I didn't. Since I wanted to be happy. Hahahaha.

Going to head for MV after work for dinner. Meet you there shall we? lol.

Have a great ending to your Thursday people. Tomorrow is Friday after all. Huhu.

Xoxo..kaki gossip for the soul =}

Seal performing A Change Is Gonna Come

What's your choice?

Why aren't you attach yet?
Well, I guess its because I've not found a right one or nobody's found me yet.  

p.s. - Yes I'm still waiting for a reply. Suppose to be today but maybe it would be tomorrow. Oh well. Lets just hope for the best shall we? :) 

Tuesday, July 17


How did it went today? I would say 50:50. I'm trying not to put much hope at all. But I'm just hoping for the best. If goes as how I wanted, it would be a definite plus for me. But still telling myself, "don't hope, just be normal..fuhhh". So after the meeting, decided I needed some time out. So headed off to OU or One Utama.

It was so nice to walk on a weekday with not many people around. But there wasn't much fun since it was quite quiet and stuff. I promise myself not to shop for this month, but I broke that promise. How bad and sad I am. So walking round, then decided to stop at this one shop. Went in looked round that saw a couple of jeans. Couldn't resist so I grab 2 pairs and a belt. Again I spend! Oh no! But the main shocking thing is not the shopping but the colour of the jeans. Seriously, I've never thought I would buy such a colour.

Isn't the blue a bit too striking?
But oh well. At least I've added some colour to my wardrobe right? Now the only thing I need is a pair of shoe to match it. Suggestions?

Tuesday was a wet day. Keep those blankie up and keep warm cookies. =)

Monday, July 16

Who love Mondays?

I sure don't love Mondays but sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. Ok its just so complicating. Lol. Anyways today was like a dreadful day because was so darn sleepy. Not only that, woke up with a back like it was as if all my bones jammed up and can't move. Then my neck was stiff as well. How for a start to a Monday right?

Currently, preparing for tomorrow. Kind of nervous but I just need to be myself and sell myself for the highest price I can get. Haha. Please please may everything go well. If it does, it'll be another feather to my cap. =D

Have a great night sleep people! Xoxo. Gossip kaki here..hahaha

Sunday, July 15


Its Sunday again. What?? Gosh! Sunday?? What??

Been a great but busy day yesterday filled with laughter and some time out from life. Kicking it back and enjoying some moments. Currently I'm so bloody tired but won't give in to it! I shall stay awake till its time for bed which I'm not sure what time. Hahaha.

So yesterday I was invited by a couple of friends to join them for an activity which is called "dancing class". Ok honestly I'm not sure why they called it that, but I guess its because its all dance only. Where is it you might ask? It was at Fitness First. Which one? At Menara MBF (it seems to be a "famous place" I heard..). Since they were gym kakis there, I could go in free. Hurray! Actually its been weeks they've been asking me to join them (or maybe months) but I was just plain lazy to go, but I decided to just give it a try yesterday. But that FF was kinda small and cramp. Avenue K seems bigger and nicer. But still the "view" was nice too =D Anyway, was there around 11, had brunch, then at 12.30 I join the class. The 1st class was kinda easy to dance, but the 2nd class was hell. The songs were bloody up beat and the steps were madness. To make things worse, it seems all those in there were already experts at it because they've been training for weeks. Even the auntie around 40s to 50s I guess could do it extremely well! And me, just jump right in and move to the beat. Hahaha. Some steps were extremely hard to catch up but I manage to pull it off a little (of cos with my own version as well..hahaha). My friend did praise me (floating) since I manage to pick up the steps quite fast (oh thank you...I heart dancing that's why..huhu). So dance from 12.30 to 3pm. Showered and dressed up and headed off to Pavillion.

With aching legs (not only me..everyone was..haha..) walked to and was at Pavi from 5 plus till 11pm. How mad is that?  Was looking for a watch but couldn't find a nice one (can some one buy me one? hahaha). So instead I opt for a shoe. Even choosing a shoe was so darn difficult. I mean a pair of sports shoe. Was looking for a pair of running shoes since I can use them for other activity as well plus its light. Every where I went, there wasn't my size. Its always either too tight or too loose (having a feet my size its extremely popular..lol). Design that I love no size. Design that I don't really love had size. Goes the same for the price. After going round, found a pair (finally!!). But pity the guy. Because of me he had to close the shop around 10.30pm. Sorry ya bro. So since didn't have the chance to catch movie at Pavi, moved on to Subang Parade.

I've not been to SP for like 4 years I think. But was good. Managed to catch Ice Age 4 at 12.30am. After that headed back home for some sleep and leg resting.

With all the jumping, sweating, eating and drinking, today I'm totally burn out. Besides need to do some writing.

How was your weekend? Hope it was good too. =D

p.s. - got an offer but need to prepare something. Wish me luck ya!

Thursday, July 12


1st I've got idea for a title post. 2nd I can't think of a title post. 3rd I guess my title post wouldn't make any sense.

Ok, today I'm on MC. Hurray. Just simply took because I was lazy. You mad?? Of coz not. Hahaha. Took it because I had to go for an acupuncture treatment. You know those where they poke those long sharp needles into your body? Yeah I went for that. Seriously it wasn't cheap at all! But since it's suppose to help so when for it. Drove all the way to Kota Damansara for it (mad place) which took me like 35 minutes I guess (there wasn't any jam..so I didn't fly there) from here to there. People say you won't feel a thing, oh how wrong they are. The doctor said if you can't feel anything means your body is not good. If you can feel means your body is good. So I felt every inch of pain from the needle which means I'm healthy? Hahaha. Anyway, needles plus chinese medication (imagine the herbs..urgghhhh...) came up to 100++ bucks!! Die from heart attack. Hope it works.

"Other stories when on so called MC- So bored at home. Got nothing to do. Watched Adele's concert DVD like for the 10th time and Devils Wear Prada for the 100th time. Want to hit the cinemas but I don't fancy going alone. Want to get some coffee but drinking alone so boring. Shopping wasting money. So just online and eat (how not to get fat??)"

Time to distress myself.

p.s - a simple phrase can cheer me up, a simple hi can make me smile

Wednesday, July 11


Was on a flight to a place. So I was happily seated with no one beside me (had the whole row to myself) taking in every second of space I got. My parents was seated behind me as well and as usual, mum was not a fan of planes. She gets pretty shaky when it comes to flying (which I still don't get it since she's been flying so often to UK back when she still wore those body hugging kebaya) while dad is used to it during his working days. The flight was good and all, the stewardess was all smiles in their tight red outfits with flowy hair providing everything you need with a touch of hotness. So I was relaxing to some tunes, suddenly I felt something was not right. Something was seriously not right. I could seriously say that the plane was not on auto pilot any more and the pilot was controlling it manually (can you imagine that??!) because the plane was moving up down left right like it was almost nearing landing. Deciding to figure out what was not right, I opened my window shield (the pull up down thingy) and I was shocked to see where I was. The plane was practically flying across streets and in between trees trying to avoid the branches from hitting the wings of the plane! It was definitely around 20 metres from the ground and the pilot just keep flying the plane so low till I had only one thing on my mind. Which was "I'm gonna die!!" In the plane, everyone was screaming, crying, the crew was clueless of what else to do as they themselves were freaking out but trying to keep calm as they were taught too, but I could see in their eyes, the fear that they have. I look back, saw my mum and dad holding tightly to their seats, not speaking a word but with their eyes closed tightly. I look around, everyone was in deep fear as the plane just kept shaking madly till no one could sit in peace. Out the window, I could see cars, bikes just metres below. The wings of the plane hit a few branches but was still fine without signs of distress. As the situation could not get worse, the pilot made an announcement from the cabin "Dear passengers please make sure your belts are tighten and hold on to your seats. Crews please be seated and get ready". The crews rushed to their respective seats within seconds and all passengers quickly tighten their belts for their child, spouse and grab tightly to their seats. Just as I tighten my belt, I felt a sudden pressure change. The plane was moving upwards, away from the streets and higher into the air. It was a great relief but something was not right. The plane was going upwards, but not gradually. It was going almost 45 degree, then 50, then 60 till I could feel the pressure of being pushed against my seat as if I was being launched into space. I look to my right and I could see a child crying while her mum could only look as she could not do anything at that time. Everyone was in immense fear and so was I. At that time, I knew what was about to come. I just kept my eyes tightly shut, trying not to think of anything at all but being safely home with my family. After almost 5 gruelling minutes, there was a sigh of relief from some. It seems the plane have begun to stabilise and fly normally. I look out the window, we were at cruise speed above the clouds. "Am I dead?" I ask my self. I got up turn back at mum and dad and they looked relief so was the others. The crews came from the back and greeted us with a smile and teary eyes. An announcement was made "We shall be landing shortly please remain seated with belts buckle and seats up right".

My second dream of being in a flight nightmare. The 1st was a crash but I survived and now this. Do you think these dreams meant anything?

Stevie Wonder performing Superstition

Tuesday, July 10


Its not as easy to just talk about something to someone as we want to. There are certain things that we want to talk about, but we can't never or would not want to talk about to others. Having those type of situations can be a real burden and takes days, weeks, months or even years to get over it. But sometimes we have to talk about it whether we like it or not. Not to bore others but to relief our selves from having to have something in us that keeps dragging us down from time to time. But there comes a time where we want to talk about it, but somehow we can't seem to find that ear that would listen to us, not to critique but to support. So what would you do if you can't find that ear? What would you do if it keeps dragging you down? I guess the answer would be, keep it to yourself. That's the best one can do until it drifts off to a place far from the centre.

Sunday, July 8

Soul vacation 1.0

30th June till 3rd July 2012. Had a short trip to a place where the name means "city of angels". Can you guess it? (try to Google) I'm sure most of you might be able too. If you can't, its called Krung Thep or better known as Bangkok baby! LOL. Honestly, 4 days wasn't enough but since it was just a start for me, it will have to do. Had an amazing time there although I traveled alone there (yes was a solo traveler there...and I survived! hahaha). 

Travel gossips:
ERL Putrajaya to KLIA and back. Flight by MAS from KL-BKK and back. Stayed at Legacy Express Bangkok for 3 nights. Meet up with cousin. Did some non-stop shopping. Sight seeing and eye washing (cuci mata). If I were to talk about the whole trip here, it would be like a novel. So lets just see some pics instead shall we? :D 
A place for a good rest at Legacy Express along Sukhumvit Road
King size bed just for me! Heart it! Pretty modern too
Central World a must, a part from Siam Paragon, Gaysorn, MBK  and some sort of other malls
Traffic during morning
Traffic during afternoon
Dancers at the Erawan shirne
Seriously I just love Siam Square
BTS to move round the city
Off Thanon Sukhumvit you'll find food for your taste buds
Coca-cola! Thai style
So tempted to get a pup from the market apart from the "other"..LOL
You read that right!
Chatuchak weekend market is a must
Fashionistas will love it. I did! Plus the stall keepers is a plus!
View from Red Sky bar
Red Sky a must if you're there for an awesome 360 view of the city
Walk walk walk
Care to dine at Red Sky?
Soi Cowboy apart from the Silom area ;p
Not sure what's this..lol
Around the Grand Palace
The Emerald Buddha its in there
It's the famous gold building  (can't figure out the name.haha)
Palace guard...so white
Part of the Royal building
Can you guess what's the guy selling? hahaha
Majority of the dogs are like this...wonder why?
River cruising!
Ala ala taxi stand
Terminal 21. You'll love it here because I did. Every floor  has a different concept  such as LA, Paris, Tokyo and others plus its like an airport cum mall
Something like char kuey teow
Local orange juice freshly squeeze!
Mango salad
Tau fu fa with mini char kuey
Some road side snacks
The people are truly friendly. From the streets to the malls, there's always a smile on the face. Like my cousin said, they'll alway say no in the most lovely way. So my 4 days was filled with nothing but food and walking. Shopping didn't do much except from the weekend market. Couldn't do much during this trip but there's always more to come. Already planning for my next maybe or hopefully by end of the year if all goes well. Soul vacation 1.0 was an experience and I totally love it! So travelling ain't all that bad actually. :D At least it was all smiles there. Fashion and people was just what I needed!

So no trips for now till September this year and April 2013. Till then I shall work like a slave..LOL

p.s. - Do try their massage if you have the time. Bangkok is famous for it for a reason. Plus the service was just too good I would say =p

Thursday, July 5

Back to reality

Holla folks! How are you doing? Did you miss me?? (I know you don't so don't say yes). How fast my holiday ended. Could I call it a holiday? Maybe I could although it was just a short one. Still sucking KL life back into me. Anyways, honestly, still tired from my trip. Shouldn't holidays make you more energise? I don't weird for me. Any trip I go, when I return, I'll be so darn tired. Oh well, it was a good one. Watch out for the  next update. Some stories to share about my trip toooooooo.....???? Geng geng...hahaha

Try guessing.. :p