Wednesday, August 29

Dear doctor please don't

Hello folks. How are things? Be good to your folks okay.

The book is on the way now. Got the newbies to help out in doing it. They were damn shock about the chapters when I gave the briefing. LoL. Distributed to each of them 24 chapters for them to settle certain things for it. Well, they were hoping for much more, like more information and being told from A-Z on what or how to do. But my answer was just sorry my dears. I don't believe in being spoon fed. Besides, they are taking things too easy and relax, but that's not how the team goes. So work hard and smart boy and girls. I'm real sweet so don't hate me. =)

On another page, my foot hurts like hell now. No it didn't get rolled over by a bike or I sliced it, but it was bitten by something which I don't even know. It happen last night. At first it was ok, just itchy and all. Then this morning it was just a little swollen so thought it was ok since I do get it when I get bitten by those red ants. So as I was at work, the pain seem to grow, and after lunch when I checked, the swollen part grew even bigger! It looks as if I had those Shrek legs. So after work, when to the doc. Was thinking "I'm sure to get a needle either on the spot or at my @$$". Met the doc and he said "Aha..insect bite only. Nothing much. Let me see". He checked it, "You see here, its  spreading but nothing to worry about. You're just allergic to the insect". Dear doc of coz I am since its swollen like a baby elephant feet. Haha. Then I ask him do I need to get poke? He said "No la. No need. No need those anti (something he said I can't remember..too much medical stuff). Unless got bitten by snake la. Hahaha.". So he just gave some antibiotic and anti-inflammatory medication. That's not all. He even gave MC for tomorrow.Yipppy!! But at the same time I'm seriously not in the mood for an off day. Anyway luckily I brought work home just in case. (it was my colleague's smart is she? hurmmmm).

Meds. Never love it. Never will never do.
So now I'm just sitting with one leg up, lappie on my lap and doing work T____T. So much for MC huh.

p.s. - A bed time story.

Sunday, August 26

Flashy camera as I pose

"The world is not a cruel place, but its the people in this world which makes it cruel"

"Its Sunday again (how many times have I said this sentence on my blog?) and I guess not many are liking it. Well so do I but we just got to face it right? There are many things in life which we dislike that we just wish we did't have to face it, but no matter we just got too. Heartbreak, disappointment, sadness, failure, fatigue, sickness, death, pain and so much more are things we dislike but we all go through it some how some way. Convert your dis-likeliness into strength."

I'm going to face weeks of hell on Earth. I hope my inner Angel can save me from it. Or at least there's enough water around to put out the fire around me. 

So yesterday, finally, manage to catch a glimpse of the suppose to be next hip mall in town. I guess many of you might have heard, seen, used or even touch the mall. Well its none other then Setia City Mall. The mall which had some much of publicity not just in the papers, but in magazines, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, just name it. Any social site that any Malaysians has, the mall would definitely appear in it. So to be the trend, I shall debut Setia City Mall on my blog as well. Hahaha. What do I think of it? Well, for a change it was pretty far from other malls. Then there's the toll you got to pay going in and out of the place. But other then that, it was pretty good. I could say, mostly all the shops were filled. The open area with those grass and stuff is surely a plus. A great place to just lay under the stars (if it doesn't rain). I bet they'll be a new year celebration there. For sure. Shopping wise, its all pretty much the same. Its only the crowd that is slightly different. But my experience was fun. Took some pics jumping like monkeys in the open are with weird poses!

What's with the flower?
Today took dear mummy out to get her things and a cake for my sister. Well her birthday was last Thursday, so consider it a belated cake. Got her the same cake as it was for my dad's so went all the way to Mid Valley to get it. I'm such a good brother. Yeah right! Hahaha. But I love her, since she used to splash lots on me. A big shout out to her! Anyway, went for lunch with my bro, then some shopping after a tea break then it was home.

Cappuccino for me :D
Some banana with cream cake
Another disaster struck me yesterday. Its again something to do with the car. This time it was regarding the air-cond. It was just cool and the air flow was pretty low. So driving was really bad plus the weather kind of made things worst. Tomorrow got to fix it which I'm sure how I'm going to do it. Just hope to get it done soon.

So how was the weekends? (again a question I ask every week which I never get bored of..hehe).

p.s. - Fly me to the moon.

Friday, August 24

No not at this time please

Happy Friday guys. How are you doing? Hope its great. I guess some of you might be going or coming home today or tomorrow. Have a safe journey. The roads in KL have been like smooth as silk. Just love it! If only it was like that everyday. =)

Anyway, I got a seriously shocking news. No. No one died or got hitched. No. I didn't get a pay rise. I wasn't promoted either (don't think it'll happen here that's for sure..haha). The news was, the book I'm suppose to complete got rescheduled. Not to a later date but they brought it forward.

WTF! Seriously I'm seriously mad. Its bad enough to change it from January to November. Now they've changed it to September. Middle of September to be precise. Owh come on! 73 chapters to do in just a few weeks. They've delayed their side which is such a trouble for me, now just because they are done, they think they can just do what ever they like and just ask me for something with just a snap of a finger??? How unprofessional I must say. Things I've requested they've not given. I've been so flexible with them through out the process. Even they needed more time I gave. But when I need more time, do I get it? Seriously. Seriously. (Gosh why am I so emo...don't want it to spoil my Friday)

(I've lost my mood for Friday now. Or the weekends. Hurmmmmm. I need music to calm me down.)

Emeli Sande performing Mountains

p.s.-Lets go for dinner. Shall we?

Wednesday, August 22

Past the half week mark

I keep thinking that its Monday today for no reason. Why oh why. I'm not growing am I? Haha. Cross fingers I shall stay young or like this for another 20 years at least. LOL. Due to my brain which functions very  slow after some long breaks, I hardly did any work at office. I just practically read online stuff, and did online stuff.

So Mariah Carey's latest music video for her latest single is out! The video looks great the concept and all but it pretty sad. Its sad and grim because why? Because, its suppose to be a Mariah Carey feat the rappers, but it looks like the other way round. I mean from the song it self it was bad enough. Now even the video is like that. Is she like promoting the 2 guys or something? If you ask me, I would think it would be the two rappers feat Mariah Carey. But she looks great with those straight super long hair. \o/

Hope Thursday would be better. Weekend is around the corner and I've got nothing to do. Haha. Home bound!

p.s.-Sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite.

Back to work

I'm feeling like "What the hell!" Holidays just gone like that. Just like that. I repeat. Just like that. Why does holidays move faster then non holidays? Stressful. LOL. I would love to have like a month of it. I guess it'll happen when I'm jobless. Haha.

Manage to fill my day today. After 2 days of being good at home, manage to get a friend to go for some outing today. Although it was a short and fast one, it was still good. At least I didn't just sit home. (my legs need the exercise. So jalan jalan helps..haha). Since we were kinda bored with MV, headed for Curve instead. Wanted to go Ikea and get something, but the queue to the cashier was so long, I just skipped the idea. Had a late lunch (actually 2nd lunch since my friend didn't had yet) and was so full. So walked around then got bored, headed to OU instead. Seriously, the parking for both places were like heaven! So easy to find a spot. Went walking round OU, coffee, gossip then headed back home and I'm here now.

Oh yeah. Yesterday was dad's birthday. Wanted to have a grand one la, but kinda tight on the budget so had a simple one. Sis sponsored the dinner while I sponsored the cake and mr bro sponsored the gift. It was great and dad was glad with it. He was happy too since my aunt and the whole family came. Had it at the Han Room at Gardens. The food was great but deco maybe can be improved (for the other area). The private area was a little weird since you have to walk outside and into another area. But still, the service was good, friendly and cosy (air-cond was cold!). Its not a big restaurant but much better then some others I could say. Some of the dishes for the night.

Started of with soft shell crab salad. 
A bowl of shark bone soup. Kinda milky like those fish head noodle soup.
Indonesian style tiger prawn serve with baked buns. A surprise for this kind of restaurant.
The birthday cake for dad! It was a little too small but everyone love it. XD
Its back to work tomorrow (I mean later). Extremely lazy but got to. Other wise I won't be able to survive!.
Hope you guys had a great holiday this few days. :D

p.s. - Just waiting.

Monday, August 20

Bored with being bored

Happy Raya people (if you're celebrating it in anyway). So fast its Raya right? Well this year I didn't do my trips around since certain issue cropped up plus everything was last minute (last minute invite expect me to go?..hasihh). Maybe next week might just visit some friends when they are back in KL.

Anyway, so for two days I became a home bound guy(boy). Imagine me staying at home? (just imagine!..haha) Seriously boring as hell but at the same time I get to control my urge to go out and spend. So that's a good thing! Hehe. Saturday again made a visit to KD and then Mid Valley. Yesterday was just all day indoor. There were some outdoor, but very, extremely little. More of washing the car, bathing the dogs, washing the place, washing those shoes, feeding the fish, staring at the TV, looking at my lappy, rolling around with my phone. I guess that was the most packed day I've ever had. Haha.

On Saturday went to visit the car doctor for some treatment. The reason? It seems my car exhaust pipe broke. I only realise it when I heard a clanging sound coming from the back. When I got down to check and looked under, there is was. Broken in half! How could it break! Luckily it didn't cost me that much. :D

See that? It broke!
So after spending on the car again, needed something to calm my soul. Only food does it (other then other things). Went for lunch at Delicious. I still remember before they turned into this middle-upper range food place, they started off selling nice great sandwiches with pastries. The deco was simple and moderate but cosy. Plus not forgetting the price. =p

A lemon and pepper pasta something. Can't remember the name. It was nice but a bit too creamy. Do try their Salmon pasta.
Beef something spaghetti. This is great. Its more like corn-beef fried with peppermint leaves plus olive oil. It looks simple but the taste is just nice. Worth trying.
I guess when you're home, not going anywhere, nothing to do, that's when you start to realise, maybe something is missing. Something is not right. But well, this things can't just change over night with a flick of a switch.

p.s. - How are your holidays going? Please say you're on holiday on an exotic island.

Sunday, August 19


Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir & Batin


Happy Holidays!

p.s. - I've never been so bored.

Thursday, August 16

Random Wednesday (again)

Its Wednesday. Actually Thursday already now. What a relaxing week it has been so far. Can afford to play games and watch Youtube too. Haha. But I know it won't last long. So I'm sucking in everything possibly can.

So today went for dinner at Plan B, MidValley. The food wasn't that bad plus the atmosphere was nice. Kinda like it but I think the Bangsar one is more lively in terms of people. But it wasn't all that bad here as well. The food was good except for the soup. Please do not order the Barley Chicken something something soup. The taste was just not at all good. Actually I wouldn't try the soup at all. Haha. But you may if you want to. Had the fish burger and they were really generous with the fish. Got a super thick slice. Plus the sauce with it was lovely to the palate. Anyway in all the food was nice and ok. Will surely be back for more. Oh yeah, while was having dinner, saw some attractive faces as well. Definitely a plus point for me to go back there again. Hehe.

The fish burger thingy
After dinner went for some window shopping. Lucky I manage to control my self and not buy anything. Hehe. Was looking for some nice jersey type Ts but no luck. So instead headed for bowling. Its been so long since I've bowled. Still manage make some grooves at the lanes. Scores weren't that bad. Played two games with the 1st set getting 105 while the 2nd set had 154. A new MV record. Of coz it couldn't beat my personal best which was 184 two years back. Hahaha.

Hope you guys had a great mid week too. Xoxo.

P.s. - lets go for a blind date.

Sunday, August 12

Another Sunday in office

"Cocoa cap grande please. Blueberry cheese muffin and chicken melt sandwich." That was my lunch for today. What a pity! I wanted O'Briens, drove there, and guess what? All the shops are close except for Subway (which was like not so good! Had it last Friday). So just went Starbucks and grab this few items and headed straight to office. Finally the book is done for now. Can relax a bit this week. Enough for today. Lets talk about the weekend! Hahaha.

So after a century of not cooking, I made dinner for everyone on Friday (I'm quite a good cook okay! Just prepare cut what I need or feel I needed on the spot, heated the pan, threw everything in, cooked, wa la! Done!). It was spaghetti! AD's Meat and mushroom special (no pic since everyone was hungry and sapu everything). My next dish maybe would be lamb chops. XD Ok enough of Friday. Lets move on to yesterday.

So I did say I needed some time out right? I did have it but not fully.

Was at Sunway yesterday. Its been like 2-3 months since I've been to there so decided to drop by. I like the place but sometimes it gets a little too confusing plus the parking is like a you're trap in an oven with the heat set at 360! Seriously, it was damn hot. Plus the mall it self is darn hot which I'm not sure why (saving on cost is it???). Anyway, after circles of searching for parking, manage to get one after like 45 minutes (that's like the worst nightmare). I had no plans to shop at all. But due to the influence of seeing people buying, I couldn't hold it (what an excuse right? Hahaha). Just got a pair of shorts (purple) and a bag (green) from the Japanese street thingy (is it?). In total in cost me like 50 bugs which I think was a good deal (fashion doesn't need to have big price tags.. =p). At 1st it was only the 3 of us, then another 2 joins us for dinner. Went to Ole-ole Bali. The food was good. I wouldn't say awesome, but good. Much better then Bumbu Desa that's for sure.

The green chili was yummy!
So after dinner, wanted to try out the skating thingy. But everyone was full plus I don't think they're interested, so ditched that idea (it should be easy to skate right since if I can do roller blades??). Well its next time then. Went for some walk to digest the food then headed back. Half way out the parking (which took like 30 minutes), the other 2 called and ask if I was doing anything later at night. Obviously I wasn't and I could expect what they wanted to do. It was clubbing. So my direct answer was like "Why of all days tonight when I got to work tomorrow?". No choice but to decline with an answer "After next next week. I don't care. I'm gonna drag all four".

To close the night, went for some yam cha sessions before heading home at Paparich Bangsar (it was on the way back so just drop by there la). I just love the 3 balls thingy with the soy milk and brown sugar (smooth and soft plus white..ok that sounds a little crude..oh well). After the session, drop off the other 2 then it was home sweet home. By that time it was almost 2.30am. Slept at almost 3.30am. Woke up at 9.30am.

And here I am crapping about what an eventful weekend I had (so much for eventful right..).

p.s.- When am I gonna wear the blue jeans??

Friday, August 10

Doing hurdles like an Olympic champion

Konichiwa people! Its Friday and I'm not happy with it because I'm so freaking tired (please read it while imagining me lazing on my chair with my tongue sticking out and eye balls turning like those cartoon characters). I want to go out for some coffee time later tonight, but I know I won't be able to last after 10. This week and last week was like a week full of killer bees! (I mean the work). Too much to handle but manage to pull it through! Pat on the back for me (patting myself).

Lately, I'm so into the mood to go out and enjoy but at the same time I'm just like pulling back not wanting to go out. Not sure whats the reason. Oh gosh does it mean that I'm getting lonely? Oh no please no! I can't be and won't be (I guess). Oh well it does get lonely at times, but somehow I'll just sleep it off and wake up to another day of boring things and boring life. (Its so dull). I guess that's the reason why I want a job that will take me to places (anywhere) and keep me on my toes. Will keep trying until I give up trying for that job.

But I want coffee? Anyone (puppy eyes)? Have a great weekend people! Plus a great Friday too!

p.s. - I shall play SimCity Social all night long.

She just look glam baby glam
Top model?
Doesn't Lady Gaga just look so awesome in the September issue of Vogue?

Wednesday, August 8

Knock knock who's there?

Did you answer it? Or didn't you? Its midweek already. Gosh how bloody fast time really move by. Any how hope you guys had a good one. =D

Tomorrow is Thursday and yesterday was Tuesday. So yesterday after work (I usually finish around 5) I decided to stay back (force to actually) to complete the book. By 6, I could say 90% of the floor have gone back. By 6.30, 100% was gone leaving me alone on that whole wide floor. I guess lots were not as hard working as I was (syok sendiri a bit) staying back until so late. While doing, suddenly I realise it was around 7.45 and I should be heading back home. So packed my stuff and all. Then while I was packing I heard the smoking area door open and close. Went I turn round, I saw no one. "Strange". Then again and again and again. So I just ignore it because even those from the upper floor would come down to have a smoke. Maybe there were a few who were working late. Didn't bother, packed stuff and headed for the wash room. As I was walking, I heard noises coming from the ladies. Weird. "There wasn't anyone in there as well" Cos from my place I could see who goes in and out from that area. So again, ignored and went into the men's. After completing was needed (golden shower? LOL) walked out to my place. As I passed by the ladies, suddenly I could get cigarette smell. There was like a cloud of smoke. "OK that was extremely freaky!". I walked around the area nearer to the door but turned away. So I walked casually to my desk, grab my back and headed to the basement. I skipped the lift and took the stairs instead. Even the car park was empty. Got in my car, start and drove off.

That was kinda freaky for me. There have been stories going on about the office. One of my colleague who was also alone on the upper got a shock the printer started to function but there wasn't anyone else who did any printing. Then there was a case where my former colleague was sitting alone too, suddenly sheets of paper started to fly off  a desk without the fan or air cond functioning at all. My former TL did hint to us not to stay too late alone since there was a friendly "person" in the office.

Seriously, it was damn weird but like what I believe, if there is any, as long you don't disturb them, they won't so towards you.

So do you believe in spirits or ghost? Or you're a scientific person who only wants scientific proof?

Michael Jackson performing Ghost

Tuesday, August 7

Its just me

Monday is here. Actually a few minutes more it'll be Tuesday. So far it wasn't a dreadful Monday. Yes I had to work and no, not because I wanted to or OT and stuff. It was because my company decided not to include today into it's list of public holidays. You get it right? [company no like holidays]
The awesome part of being one of the few people working on a public holiday is, the place is awesomely quiet. I mean the roads and shops. CBJ is known for being packed during lunch hours but today it was like a dead city. But I wouldn't want it to be that way all the time. Again wanted to settle my banking issue, but the bank was closed. So I guess tomorrow I've got to settle it.
Then there was the new colleague who is older than me but wants to act some sort of all superior and stuff. Its a she for your information. Just because she's older, she doesn't want a younger person teaching her. She feels some sort of downgraded I guess. Oh well, lets see how long she's going to survive with that ego of hers. Until you ask, I won't help. I got to stand firm.

I guess I'm in dire need for some good night out moving it off with some soothing drinks. Its been months since my last trip. But then again, everyone seems to be busy or not interested due to being busy again. Oh well :) Shall just stick to coffee or popcorn nights then.

Time for bed dearies. Sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite ait. Huggies.

p.s. - I've yet to touch the Baileys I got from my Bkk trip. But some vod lime would better no?

Mariah Carey performing Triumphant (Get' Em)

Sunday, August 5

A weekend to call my home

How has your weekend been like guys? Great? Awesome? Fun? Cool? Hectic? Romantic? Lovely? or any other? Well as long it was great is good enough.

Feeling seriously sleepy from lack of sleep and all. Some how it wasn't about work though. Haha. It's all due from too days or very late nights, ending up like a bag of baked beans. Lol.

Friday went for a midnight movie at Pavillion. Guess what did I watch? Total Recall. It was just a movie that I wouldn't want to recall at all. For the 2nd time in history, I actually slept in the cinema! Haha. I mean besides from being tired after work and all, the movie was just bla bla bla. I don't know bout you guys if you like it or love it, but I totally didn't at all. It was pretty dry. But Kate B was just awesome! Hearts her =D Surprisingly, for a midnight movie, there was pretty lots of people. Managed to cuci mata here and there. Hahaha.

Still on a movie marathon, last night went for Step Up Revolution at Mid Valley. I must say, other then the dance moves in the movie, the cast was ooolala. Hahaha. But obviously I'm more for the awesome dance steps in the movie and not other stuff. LOL. Actually I've not even watched the other Step Up movies before this. Now I know why lots were kinda crazy about it. The movie was great but people in the cinema wasn't that much. Due to last minute booking, me and my friend chose to take single seats in between the crowd. So I got the upper one and I was stuck between 2 couples. My left was a more of a ok couple. More matured I guess. But my right was like a couple in need I guess or should I say the girl was? After every scene in the movie which had like some smooching, kissing or hugging between the 2 lovers, the girl on my right would move over to her bf and start giving him a peck on you know where. At one point, she totally hugged him and started rubbing her hands over his chest. She would making some weird "manja" noises and acting all flirty and stuff. Seriously, it was kinda, not really disgusted but irritated? She keeps moving and rocking the chair. I just feel like turning round and tell them to go get a room or something at Cititel or Boulevard. How can her bf tahan la?? Aiyoo..

So 2 days of movie and 2 days of outing. Both days ended up sleeping late with one at 4am and the other 3am. Plus today I'm in office. Doing some last minute job and knocking my head on the desk.

Work and Music
Have a remaining great Sunday folks! Go out and dance in the rain!

p.s. - Lets support Datuk Lee Chong Wei Tonight! DLCW = Don't Let China Win!

Thursday, August 2


As I'm writing this post, I'm currently having a cup of plain yogurt, while watching Summer Brothers (a local drama) with my hair held up requiring the help of a hair band. So far it has been a great week for me in terms of work. How was yours?

Everyone tries to be perfect don't you agree? But everyone is born with a flaw. It could be anything. From physically to psychologically to anything. Many take this flaws as something bad, something not wanted, but it should be taken as something good. Flaws are imperfections, and this imperfections makes a person special in his or her own way. Honestly I would rather be with someone who's not perfect then someone who's perfect. Plus I've got flaws too. I think I've got a lot of it, but I've learned to deal with it and make myself better with it. Having it makes me feel better then I'm actually not perfect. Which I'm glad I'm not.

p.s. - Yesterday I was praised for looking extra smart with a stripe shirt. That's something..Hahaha.