Monday, October 29

Hot shot or cold as ice?

Currently spinning on my ear phones are Mariah Carey's Emancipation of Mimi while tugging to the tunes of "It's Like That"

It was a weekend of catch up time with a friend or two and I just totally F-ingly dislike Mondays. Almost took MC today, but since I wanted to leave with a good reputation, so I just thru that idea out the window. Goodie me. Gotta keep this up till the end of November. Oh help me so would ya?

Anyway, which would you choose. A super hot cup of coffee or a blistering iced cold mocha? But remember, the coffee could get you burned and left with a scar while the mocha maybe be cold to the touch but will eventually warm up. So which? Or you would you just go for a room temperature glass of water?

Head over heels for Ailee!

Ailee performing I Will Show You

Tuesday, October 23


Walking with a bucket of water. Dip the cloth in it. Squeeze the cloth. Wipe hands with the cloth. Spread the  cloth open. Wipe the surface of my blog with the cloth. Done.

Ok. 1st, this is the 500th post!! Gosh I didn't know I've been crapping so much bull dunk since 08. Hahaha.

2nd, I think I got to find a sugar dad or mom for like a couple of months. Haha. Just joking. But seriously, if any volunteers please don't hesitate. =p Anyway, this month been spending like lots on stuff like shirts, shoes, pants and others. Reason? Because of the new job. For over a year plus been wearing nothing but jeans and Ts to work, soon I've got to chuck all that aside and be a corporate guy. Part of me is like, "Hoooyahhh!! New clothes" while another is like "Shit la! Gotta spend so much". Other then clothes, there's like so much more expenditure. Gym, car, food, outing..damn. Hope I survive this couple of months. Budget forecast, "Doomed!".

3rd, nothing else to write. Because nothing special to special. What's there to write? Hahaha. Oh well been trying to revamp this blog to make it more appealing. Its been a week to try do but each time I look into my lappie, it'll only be FB FarmVille 2 or Youtube. Nothing else. Other then when "nature calls for that occasion". Hopefully will get it done by my 501th post. Hahaha. Notice the banner??

p.s. - Coffee anyone?

Monday, October 15

Dude, where's my lamp?

Hye ya folks. Its October. As if you didn't know that already huh. Oh well just some story mory to tell. Its going to be a slightly longer post. So you better stop right here if you don't intend to bore yourself with boring stuff. Kapish?

So, on Saturday (yes the most recent Saturday) I was invited by a friend (Ok lets call him Arc Angel. If you're reading this, the name suggestion you gave, doesn't work! LOL!) Arc Angel to a musical theatre production which was held at Monash University. It was a production by the Monash Performing Arts Club. Since I do love theatre (was active for 3 years during my Uni times in theatre production) I couldn't say no to him. So just some recap of the theatre and if there was another run, I would definitely watch it again. So let me shoot.

The show was called 'Dude, where's my lamp?' and it certainly did stick up to its name. The theatre was a musical mash up of different famous Disney princess and non-princes characters plus lots of women power! I mean girl power! There were boy power too. Nice ones too. Ok, back to the show, so since it was a mash up, that's how the story becomes interesting. Just a question. How do you actually do a mash up of all the Disney characters? Well, honestly, the script writer cum director did an excelente job! The story revolves around Genie travelling to different places to find his lamp.

The storyline goes around certain characters with this kind of situations:
I guess every girl (or guy) would certain 'rub Genie's lamp' just to get a wish since he's so buff! Can I get my wish Genie?
How could Aladdin be so innocent in making sandwiches for his ever hungry Jasmine? Like seriously?
Who would have thought that Ariel would actually fall in love with Prince Eric who had his first kiss while 'breaking his back' on a mountain?
Flyn Rider is such a playboy until the ever innocent Rapunzel fell for him. Maybe it was her 1st time?
Talk about being manly enough, no one can ever challenge Mulan in that field. Hello, never try to do a hand wrestle with her! But she's forever General Shang's little darling. Now I'm guessing is she.....?
Ursula is the sexiest witch I've ever seen! Plus she sure caught Gaston's pistol. Wonder how good is he at shooting?
Talk about having weird fetish needs, if you're out of chest hair or even any hair, sorry guys, but Belle would definitely shoot you down. Beast is her only fur ball. Wait fur ball or balls?
Not forgetting, Wikipedia did help a lot in finding the lamp plus Matrix made a comeback.

From the start until the end, the only thing I couldn't do was yawn! It was hilarious, almost spontaneous, creative, weird, illogical, full of fantasy but just great. Ok, you would definitely ask, was it so perfect? Well of coz there was some flaws here and there. I mean, lighting could have work out better, audio was major, props could be more, costumes needed a touch of creativity, but having said all this, even if everything was good but the story wasn't it would be bad as well. But for this, the storyline was great so that's more important. Plus its not a competition or a blockbuster theatre production. That aside, the cast was good too. Some were pretty good and the surprising thing is, they actually recorded the songs not all but some of it themselves. So that's pretty original and at least they can sing, otherwise it won't be a musical any more would it? Lol. Another thing that made it so fun and great to watch was not only the humour that they incorporated but the crudeness of the show! It was full of sexual stuff which makes it more good. Haha. It was totally 18SX above but there were like 4 kids in there. Hope they don't get it. hahaha. Besides what's a joke without a little sex right? =p

Anyway, I have totally no regrets before and after catching the show. It was well worth it and I would totally recommend others to catch it if there was a 3rd, 4th, etc run. Based on creativity and freshness plus originality, 3 and a half stars out 5 would be the answer with a note on the side, "A must watch!"

Below are some pics which were taken by Arc Angel's ever awesome phone. Haha.
Ticket to the show. Creativity awesomeness.
Ariel and Genie. Love the transformation of Ariel into a human.
Jasmine Jasmine. She's giving Aladdin a 'hard' time.
Mulan is the guy! I mean girl.
General Shang and the boys.
Gaston and the sexy Ursula.
Belle and her big fur ball, Beast.
The cast.

Friday, October 12

Hate pulling strings

If you want it say it. If you don't want it say it. Be bold and take that step. Don't keep pushing around. For a moment it's alright. But if it gets a little too long. It's not fun anymore. Hate pulling strings.

Hye ya folks. Its Friday again. How I just wish everyday was Friday. Not Saturday. Coz I don't get excited for Saturdays. Just Fridays. I don't eat at Fridays often since the serving dropped in size. But Fridays are good for coffee. Anyway happy Friday people! If you love Friday say "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!"

It has been a smooth week so far. Everything is finally settled, actually around 80% I would say. Now is just the time to clean up everything.

Anyway, on Wednesday, I dropped a bomb in my team. It wasn't an atomic type since nobody drop dead and woke up again looking mutated and stuff. I should have made it as such but I was too kind. Oh I'm just so kind. 'L' to the face. So what I did was, I handed in my resignation letter. It was one of the shortest letter I've ever written. Just 2 sentence. Can you imagine? A resignation letter with only 2 lines of words with pure wisdom of leaving the company. And yeah. Hoping to begin fresh in something totally different from what I'm doing now. Lets just hope the coming weeks up till my final day here, everything goes smoothly and no hiccups along the way.

New job. New place. New people. Everything new lah!


p.s. - More relax now

Tuesday, October 9

Was I exposed????

Happy Tuesday folks. Even if you're not happy, be happy. Or smile. Since its good for your heart and soul. *Gcheezzeee*

Anyway was in the office damn early today. Around 6.45am. Yes I've made history! The earliest I was in last time was around 7.30am. Hahaha. Decided to come in early so that I won't have to replace hours since I'm going off early today. (its so nice to work in a flexi environment but still........) Will be meeting the agent to get the documents and discuss some issues before we move on. Hope it goes well.

That aside, last night I was looking for some letter and I couldn't find it. Ask mom if she seen it but she said no. Then she started looking round high and low for it. Before I went for my daily routine, I told her its ok. There's no need to look for it, I'll do it instead when I get back. So before I left, my office hand carry was placed on the chair, zipped up. I always zip my bags because I don't like people peeing into my bags and stuff. Headed out, then around 2 hours later I came back. Suddenly the letter I was looking for was on the table. I asked where did she find it, she said it was in one of the drawers. (thanks mom!). Then she continued  her sentence, "the were a few letters in your bag as well". I turn towards her and just kept quite, then took my phone and just reply unanswered text and all. There was silence! In my mind I was like,

"She open my bag??? She must have seen it! God no!!!"

That was the moment I felt like, gosh gosh gosh. Ok. You must be asking, what's the big deal right?? Well, there's something in the bag that belongs to a friend of mine. He asked to keep it for him. Since then, we've both forgotten about it plus I don't carry that bag when I'm out on weekends to pass it back to him. Now she could have seen or not I'm not sure. But all I know is, she look weird when I came back. I guess she's guessing something and knows something. I'm so gonna drop dead like a fly (booommmmm).

Friday, October 5

Adele - Skyfall - 007

Its Friday folks! Any reason to be happy or excited? If you are, good for you. Stay happy and proud shall we? :)

So James Bond just turned 50 today. Happy Birthday sweetie. We shall dine later tonight alright? A simple one will do. Maybe some mamak around KL.

Skyfall 007 will soon be out. But what's more exciting is the theme song for it. I guess you should know by now (unless you're not a fan..hahaha) that the theme song is co-written and performed by the none other then husky full of soul singer, Adele! I would say its one of the best Bond theme songs ever. Like ever!

Just listen to it. What you think?

Adele performing Skyfall

Been blasting it over the heads for times after times...

p.s. - Pull the plug

Thursday, October 4

Polly wants a cracker? Not Jolly was a crackhead

Take your cat for a walk. Make your dog purr with pleasure. Give your fish a good bubble bath. Give your hamster an iPod. Teach your rabbit the Gangnam style. Maybe just ask the tortoise to take out the trash. What ever you do, treat them well today (not just today ok! everyday of your life!) because its World Animal Day!! To my dear 3 little angels (sometimes devils).............HWAD!

Anyway, I'm not sure if any of you suffer from this weird thingy. Do you produce static? Like you know, rubbing = friction = static? Ok. I sure have lots of static in me. Not claiming to be a super hero wannabe, but even my friends says that. Each time when I go out walking or anything (which involves movement), whenever I accidentally touch someone or anything steel, there's a sensation. Like an itsy bitsy super, like an ant bite (that's overly rated), jolt! (that's too much), static feel between me and the other person or whenever I touch a steel surface. (Am I like Wolverine? Storm? Magneto? Gosh I can be cast in the next X-Men movie!). I've read in an article by someone (which I'm not sure) that its normal to have it, but a little too much static can be dangerous. For example filling the tank (someone please do it for me? thank you..*wink wink*), near a gas tank or anything flammable. Maybe I need to discharge myself.

p.s. - Got another 2 calls, and 1 pending results. The other pending docs. In a dilemma.

Wednesday, October 3

My October Wish

No who. No when. No why. No Where.

October is here again folks. Aren't we all wishing that it'll be a good one? I sure do. Another 2 months it'll be a new year. New resolutions (haven't even completed this year's resolutions). New beginning. New life. New person. Would there be a new me? Well I'm not sure. Will have to wait and see on the 1st of January 2013 then. Hahaha.

My only wish for October is to start a fresh new career. I've been trying for months and so far there's been ups and downs. Almost got my break in the world of writting but my lack of experience got the better of me (but I'll still try to get back to it). So this month I'm hoping for a better one.
Someone once said that if you find your self running out of luck, take a dip at the beach. Well I've did just that! Haha. Well it might sound superstitious, but its this kind of superstitions that makes one to believe in something they do.

What's your October wish?

Christina Aguilera performing Your Body

p.s. - 2 weeks to wait