Wednesday, December 18


I've left just almost a month and the mount of dust that've collected here is just mad! Even Snow White can't even clean it even with the help of all her furry and winged friends.

I'm back! Sort of. Please feel free to be excited or maybe not. Which ever you prefer. 

Anyway, you might ask where I have freaking been right? Please say you do and did have those thoughts. Well I didn't really go anywhere actually. Been here all the while. 

Just some recap, wedding by the beach was pretty good. Although it kept raining non stop like seriously. But I did enjoy the trip. Plus my room was upgraded as well to Club Suite. How awesome huh? But the view and room wasn't that awesome. Enought of that. Let's talk about now. 

Drum roll please! 

I've started a new job and it's my second week here. So far well it's been great if not awesome. Just love the place. No more corporate shirts or pants. Casual environment and love the laughters I get daily. Let's for the coming weeks to be even better! 

So that's all for now. Haven't got much juicy stories to share yet. Actually there are but I'll just save it for a better date.

I feel like flying somewhere. But it'll be next year. I think I've crapped bout this stuff quite a lot lately. Sorry I can't help it. Anyway have a great week ahead guys and gals. 

More to come!

Wednesday, November 27

Lucky plucky

Its official. Only 7 days to go. From then on everything will change.

Kind of nervous for it as well. Hope all goes well.

Weekend will be attending a wedding. It'll actually be a first for me to attend a friend's wedding. I'm such a unfriendly friend. I've been invited to so many but attended none. So I've decided that I should attend this since I've actually made her a promise that I'll be there. Hope my outfit fits for the occasion. Couldn't get a lovely Tiffany blue shirt so just settled with what I had. Stay tuned for the outlook! Insta maybe.

Oh my. I'm listening to Christmas songs now. As always only Mariah Carey is my fav among many others.

Nephew's 1 year old birthday is coming up soon. What should I get him or maybe the parents? Any ideas?

Changed my gym membership to all club now. At least I would be able to join various classes at various times. Why don't guys join classes at gyms? Is it because of masculinity issue? Oh yeah. I've started yoga. Basic yoga that is. Damn, I thought I was flexible enough but looks like I'm not so, but I did manage to actually keep my legs in the air with my back off the ground for some time. Any gym buddy to be volunteers?

You know, I've honestly got no idea on what to write here. I need inspiration! To Mr.Ricky, you've not claimed your prize yet!

Been planning for next year's holiday. Not exactly planning but been having it on my mind. Only two trips have been identified. One beach holiday (which is a must) and a city holiday (another must). Where? Haven't confirmed yet. Crossing fingers I'll be able to go for it.

Christmas and New Year coming up pretty fast! Have you done your Christmas shopping or you're the last minute shopper?

p.s. - Dear Santa, I've been a really really good boy this year *wink wink*. I wish for an awesome surprise and gift this year.

Wednesday, November 20

It's tough

The only person who truly understands you is yourself. No one else does. Not even the person closes to you can truly understand you.

I'm now in a situation where I want to take control of my own direction. I've made enough mistakes. It's a risk I'm willing to take and may it be big or small, I'm willing to face it. Words have been flying around on how I should do this and that. It's not that I don't appreciate it, it's just that give me the chance and I'll prove it to with my actions. 

I can't turn back time. I'm not like the others who are just shinning stars in the sky. I wasn't lucky nor had the choice. Deep down, if only I pushed for what I wished, maybe things might be different now. 

I'm willing to be ridiculed, talked about, or any other negative words, but I'll still be strong enough to pull it through. 

It's tough. Too tough to handle but it makes me tougher in the end.

Monday, November 18


I've got roughly 3 weeks. Broke the news to them last week and they were pretty unhappy but at the same time super supportive. I totally didn't expect how they actually reacted and gave their support. It truly touched me and somehow it made a change to everything.

Anyway, the weekend was great. Had a truly relaxed weekend I should say. Relax in terms of not having to go around here and there, but got to sit back at home and just laze while it was raining cows, pigs, goats, lambs and all outside.

Had the loveliest dinner date on Saturday night. From a relaxing meal on the balcony of F Concept Dining by Buffalo Kitchens to an action packed film at the movies. Honestly, I've never been treated to a more lovely meal apart from those which was bought by my family. A quiet night with little disturbance and after a gush of rain, the cool environment just makes everything calm and peaceful.

The past two weeks and weeks to come have been and will be a truly tiring week for me. Lots to do and people to meet. A change is about to come. 

It's been such a rainy period lately. Do be safe and stay safe folks.

Anyway, how has the weekend been for you? Let's talk about it.

Ps - I have no idea why does the pic turn purple!

Friday, November 8


What's your Element? How do you define your Element? What type of an Element do you prefer? Anything can be your Element as long you're in your Element.

A new magazine is in town! Well it's still considered new for me. 

Element magazine. 

So I was given the change to read one of their issue and I must say, it's really something. Although it's new and of course much more can be done to really make it look and sound like 'Vogue', still for a young rookie in the challenging editorial world, they've been growing quite impressively. 

There isn't much or may I say hardly any magazine which is mainly focus on the LBGT community especially in Asia when it's considered a taboo. 

Element has certainly broken the rules. 

Element was created and published specifically for the Asian LBGT community with a vision to foster a better understanding of the community in this part of the world and around. Barely a year old and they've had 4 issues out with many more to come in the near future is surely something. Awesome huh!

There's trendy fashion spread, community lifestyle, personal matters, music must have, looks of the season, and etc which is specially cultivated for the LBGT community in Asia by the community itself. Surprisingly as it may seem, the magazine is pretty interesting to read. It doesn't bore you with long words and write ups which can read you to sleep. I guess that's the reason why they've manage to gain 25k active readers in such a short time. 

Here are some the interest in the magazine. 

Fashion. It is always the main focus of any lifestyle magazine. Without it, lifestyle wouldn't be the name. As for Element, I would say it really does keep you up to date from D&G to maybe even H&M. Not to mention great fashion spread like the one above. PS-I've stayed in that hotel before. Lol!

Personal write ups or interviews with leading figures who are part of the LBGT community as well as the everyday regular folks are also one of the focus in the magazine. They have this particular topic where it features folks and how they've grown being part of the community. It's pretty awspiring. 

Apart from that, special topics are also an interesting aspect of it. It's really nice to read about it, of the challenges, dilemmas, stigmas and much more. It's the positivity not negativity. 

Just having published the 4th issue, Element futures Lady Gaga on the cover and a few page spread cover story. Now how do you do that? 

I wonder would it be nice to be able to have Mariah Carey on the cover? She's a legend! 

More info on Element you can visit their site at

Wednesday, October 30

Almost there

Banana almond biscotti in my left hand. Tall hot hazelnut chocolate on the table on the left of the lappy. Sitting at Starbucks while waiting for the traffic to die off. Rain's gone and the ground's wet. Plug to my ears is Michael Buble - Feeling Good.

Finally it's Wednesday and I'm pretty happy. Why? Because it's holiday time again. Woohoo!

I'll be having a superbly long weekend from today till next Tuesday. I've not had such a long break since April.

You know I was thinking. I've been having this blog for the past 5 years and yet I've not done anything which is fun or cliche. So I've decided to go for something cliche. What is it? Well here is how it goes.

I should do a gift give away. What do you think? Just two simple questions and the first correct answer will get the prize. What say you?

Question 1: When is my birthday?

Question 2: These posting is my number what post?

A prize awaits the correct answer!

Have a great week ahead guys! XoXo!

Tuesday, October 22

Hit me baby one more!

Today's dance class was hilarious. We did Lady Gaga's Telephone which is one of fave song. So thinking I could pull it off but eventually I suck big time. But I did had fun but still if only I wore a more appropriate shoe instead.

That aside. Seriously I've been having mood swings like vastly and variously. No I'm not having any period moments. It's just that my situation is getting pretty tough lately and I just don't know what else to do. Its nothing to do with relationship and stuff because it's all just awesome at the moment. It's just another part of my life which is my job. 

I used to be all pretty cool and comfy with my job but now I'm having daily headache about it. Why? Well let's say its tough moments currently and I'm stuck in it. I seriously hate like fucking hate being in the situation I'm in now and I'm just like oh my God! 

Seriously what else? I just need to get my mind off this things at the moment. Plus I just can't focus at my work daily and all I'm always looking forward to daily is 5pm that's it. 

And then comes these one folk who just decided to add oil to the fire some sort of. Firstly if you're younger then me, which I hardly know, wait whom I don't even know, don't try to act like you bloody know me and say things which comes out from your bloody ass instead of your mouth. Seriously grow up. Ps: a cute face doesn't guarantee you your future plus with an attitude like that, I wonder what'll happen. Kids have some respect for other people and don't be a jackass. 

Anyway enough of ranting from me. I don't want to be like someone's grandmother or mom yapping away here.
Just can wait for my vacation next week! I just hope it goes well and I just want to do what I can to relax and enjoy. Can I just spend everyday sipping vodka lime? 

Have a great week ahead guys! 

Thursday, October 10


Its raining superbly heavy right now. The window is now a mirror with my reflection in it. But surprisingly it isn't cold. Funny I know. I'm cold bloody? Hope not. I live for the applause. Okay that doesn't make sense or connection at all.

It's Thursday baby! How great is that. It'll be a long weekend. Anyone on leave on Monday? Do get some break and enjoy the days off. Put out those flames and ease yourself to some nice comfy massage or spa to chill those muscles. So what's the plan? Sharing is caring you do know that.

This week so far has been pretty lame. I mean work wise it truly has been. I just got no boost to do any of it plus my focus it mainly been on other stuff. I seriously should start a business. Well it can be any type of business. But it'll have to be mainly online. Well just be on the look out something coming out from me?

You know I've been in love with a particular song ever since I heard it sung by a contestant on The Voice China. Although I don't really know the meaning of the lyrics but every time when it's played you just feel song and all of it. That's what music should be.

Monday, October 7

So it happened

So it was like any other weekends for me and my family. Morning I headed out to the gym and lunch. After that met up with my family at MidValley till around 10pm, then left and visited Bangsar for our supper. Left the place around 12am and finally reach back home around 12.30am.

As I open the front door I had a funny feeling and my guts was telling me something was wrong. True enough as the lights were on, the floor was covered with letters, papers, documents etc pulled out from the cabinet drawers and in the room, clothes were thrown on the bed, floor, boxes were pulled out and emptied.

Coins were gone, iPad and jewellery, but the laptop was not while other stuff were not as well. Notes in red packets were opened but not taken. Mom's precious items from my grandmother and other stuff are gone.

Back grill was broken while the fence was cut. Even with a dog at the backyard, he still came in. Neighbours heard the dog barking and there were noises but they could not see a thing because it was so dark.

It was just one of another unfortunate event to happen to my family this year.

The person who broke into the house must have been in a hurry I presume. He left a screw driver which he had used to perform his actions. But I believe he was no amateur.

The police came and look and took the screw driver which was left behind by the person, but I have doubt that they will do anything. Our house was the only house which have not been broken in until that day. So now its complete. The whole row of houses have been broken in.

Will the authorities do anything? The police came, took a couple of photos and acted like they came to just show they were doing their job that's all. May be its understandable since they can't do much as well.

Will it happen again in the future? I wouldn't know. As I believe just like my dad, the person is staying around there or frequent that area. Keeping eyes on us as what we do and how we act.

A neighbours' house which was under renovation, had the workers stayed there. They said they saw a guy sitting and smoking right behind my house but they assume it was normal for a person to just sit and smoke. Undoubtedly they had no common sense but who can blame them, if not they won't be doing what they do.

Assumptions says it happened between 8.30pm - 11pm.

Dad says more precaution is needed that's all. We can't live in fear of this kind of matter. It wasn't the feeling of loosing things or precious items, but it was the sense of intrusion of someone, coming in, touching your stuff and leaving.

But I'm glad no one was home. The scene could have turned out differently if maybe there was someone and the person decided to break in.

Most important that my family was safe and sound.

Wednesday, September 25

What I want?

So another Monday has passed. I'm not feeling any much blue-rer than I am already. I guess we need to change our outlook on life to see it less blue but more  bright yellow? 

2013 has been a year with ups and downs for me. It's been pretty challenging particularly family and love life. I would not want to touch on any of that. I guess the past have thought me a lot in life. Never turn back and just keep moving forward. I've had hardship, tears, sores, scares, pain and much more but it has taught me to be stronger then ever. But always remember the past. Never forget it because some memories are meant to be cherished. 

People may think "what have he faced?" in their minds when they see me. But if you look deep down you'll see a little boy sitting along the beach looking blankly ahead. I'm still my mom and dad's boy who still gets childish with them. That is me. 

Sometimes when you wish for something  to go alright it comes out for the worst and the other way round. People may think you've changed but have you? May be they've never understood the real you yet. 

You know there are things which I can never let go nor forget. People who made the biggest impact in my life may it be short lived or long haul. Even a day of someone saying something or doing something which I cherish will never be forgotten. 

I really do hope for a more simply and yet passionate time to come. I will try not to ask much, mend broken strings and may be tweak myself. 

Few more months and 2014 will be here. Not a single day I face without a memory from the past. 

I know I'm just typing gibberish stuff here. Well it is some sort of my diary here. To speak what's on my mind and heart. 

It has been 5 years since I first started blogging and I'm still living it up. Maybe I shall try up to 10 years? As long I've got words to speak and I still breathe, this blog will stay. 

Tuesday, September 10

Phoning around

Had an interview yesterday. Please keep it a secret and don't speak a word about it. Otherwise I'll chase you into FRIM and ask a member from a gang to hunt you down. Take out your heart, steam it with ginger and eat it so I'll be forever handsomest of them all. Why are fairytales forever about a girl or a princess? It's so discriminating.

I bet these days, no one can be separated from their phones. Even for a split second. I admit I'm always stuck with my phone. I guess it's my partner forever and ever. Even in the toilet the phone is there. Well some have it while making business while others, may be its to capture something nice *wink wink*.

Having a phone is great. Well, you can call, text, play games, snap pics and so much more *cough*. But there should be a place and time to have or even use your phone. I'm not saying no to it, but be reasonable. I get sarcastic voices around me whenever I go out with friends and family, thus I try to reduce my usage of it.

So lets talk about the gym. I know, I know, guys you're pretty famous with so many folks. You need to update your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, Line every single minute during gym hours. I'm not saying you can't but it tends to be inconsiderate I would say. If the gym was empty with hardly any soul around it is surely okay. But imagine with just a limited amount of weights and strength machines around, lots of folks wanting to get in shape, and you, who will like do 1 rep which last for 20 seconds then turning to your phone for like 5 minutes. Hogging the equipment while you work out with your phone instead of the machine. How great is that? Like seriously?

I'm not sure of whether you gym junkies or hunkies out there carry your phone around and actually fiddle with it while working out?. I won't say I've never done it, I do do it at times but I try to look at my phone after I'm done with all my reps. Most of the time I would just keep in the locker and only check on it before shower. There have been folks in the gym whom I see would just sit at the machine for quite some time not using it but merely fiddling with their phones. When you approach them asking if they are using it the reply you get is "Yes I am", but only after another 5-10 minutes on the phone. The cycle goes on until they are practically done making out with their phones.

Apart from that, I would say its a distraction as well. Your focus should be on the workout routine or something and not your phone.

Support #StopHogginGymEquipmentsByFiddlingWithYourPhones

The usage of a phone *wink wink*

Friday, August 30

Same love

It's has been 2 weeks since my last post. Been superbly lazy to write. Actually, not exactly. I do have the thoughts to write but just not the mood to write. I'm so complicated. Am I not?

Firstly, the recent death of those victims in the Genting crash is a really sad situation. Plus the guy and girl was from my Uni as well. May all the victims RIP.

Nothing much have been happening for the past 2 weeks and days. Other then eating and sleeping all the time, nothing much. Is cancelling my trip considered a thing? Don't want to talk about it. No worries I have next year for more beach trips.

Work has been rather sluggish lately with not much productivity from me at all. Apart from just keep eating non-stop from the second I step into the office, nothing much else. I've been looking around for new possibilities but nothing much to spill about it since I've not got any calls yet. Let's cross our fingers shall we? These 2 days has been madness. I've got hardly any time for lunch and I hate last minute work. Seriously!

I've been swimming more lately. More as in twice this month. Yes you should be laughing at this part. Ever since I've bought my first pair of swimming goggles, swimming is a must I guess if not it'll be a waste right? I do have 2 pairs of snorkeling sets but they don't count. Please don't expect me to be like a super awesome swimmer who can go laps after laps like some bloggers *wink wink you know you are*. But, I won't say I'm good, but do I love diving under water and reaching the base of the pool and then heading up to the surface. Merman wannabe. Apart from enjoying getting my hair, skin every part of me wet *wink wink*, I've became slightly tanned. Seriously, I love it! I've never loved being fair. I love being just nice not over-ly or under-ly. I wouldn't want to look like a pale pear or an overly baked potato. I've got tanned lines from my trunks! I think a few more weeks, I'll be just nice. But the main problem, I can't use my goggles for too long otherwise I'll end up looking like Batman. Note: I never knew the guys at KJ pool are just so "friendly" *hamster eyes*.

Currently I've been thinking of my gym membership. Since I'm still working here, I can visit it daily. What if I were to switch jobs and all? Which gym to join and with great classes as well? Don't think I can do away with my bodypump and dance classes. They are my savior! Which which which?

So here's a little update from me. I promise I'll update on Friday night. Pinky promise? Hugs and love to all.

Sunday, August 11

Current times

It's the month of August now. It's Raya again. It's almost nearing end of the year again. Another year will past and another new year will start. Selamat Hari Raya to all who's celebrating it.

"Should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavements?...." plays in the background as I type this post. A song that kept me going since early of the year  till today.  

So I was transferring some photos from my phone to make way for some space and as I was doing it, I had flash backs after flash backs looking at some of the photos that I've still kept until now. It's the moments that I've had through that period. 

Photos are the only memories that one can cherish other then the moments that we've felt. Pictures speak more as truly like the phrase that goes 'a picture speaks 1000 words'. Well I guess for me it's not just a 1000 but definitely more. 

Those flash backs brought a little mist to my eyes as I thought of the moments, the laughs, the funny faces, the simple night of enjoying a bucket of ice cream, the cute white furry friend that I always loved. I guess when you've decided to make a turn along the long winding road, the path to return to the straight road can be hard to achieve. 

I'm not fooling myself. I'm not lying to myself. I'm just facing myself. Hey putting on a smile everyday may seem hard but it's the best one can do. Honestly speaking, those moments made a huge impact on me although it was just a home run. I did wish for a long haul but maybe I just needed a breather. 

Like I always wished, to turn back time to say what I should to do what I should to show what I should to feel what I should. 

There's still a light at the end of tunnel anyways. All one would have to do is just have the strength to get up and walk towards it. Not just give up and breakdown for a miracle to take place. 

As my grandma said before that I'm a dragon head with a rabbit tail. 

Guess that's my reason for being this way. The unusual and totally hard to be understood.

Let bygones be bygones. 

Wednesday, August 7

Long time ago

Mid way to evening I was hit by the sore throat bug. Then came the flu. What the hell?!

Today join another class in gym called Fast Fit. Damn it's tiring! Especially it's right after Steps. But I love it. 

Tragedy for today. I actually left my key in the locker and I locked the lock. Only to realize in the shower that I left the key inside. Had to get the staff at the gym to cut the lock. The worse part while I was waiting, everyone in the locker was giving me that look. "Why is that guy not showering or changing or anything?" The stares were making me so uncomfortable as if I'm trying to try my luck. Gosh!

The lock. 

Anyway the story for today is not bout that. It's about someone I knew back then, has emerge back into my eye sight. Not literally. You get the picture. Well I knew this person like almost 3 years back. So after sometime we more of I, just slowly faded away. After some almost 3 years down the road, that person has emerge! It took me sometime to actually figure it out but now I know. How the world really revolve around and small it is. Having said that, we have really changed in person and all. I'm shocked but happy. Hye karma has its way around things doesn't it?

Long weekend. Hope you guys have a great one! 

Monday, August 5

AA = Adventure + Adrenaline

Don't ask why it's called 'White'. I have no f-ing idea why it's called 'White'.

I'm deprived of sleep. Like seriously. The past week I have been having so much of late nights. Slept at 2am on Friday then woke up at 8am on Saturday. Slept at 5am on Saturday (which is actually Sunday morning) and woke up at 10am on Sunday and slept at 1.30am. Today I am late for work. Hurray!

Ok skipping all those shoot. So I love outdoors. I like being under the sun, getting dirty, dry and wet. Many would think I'm an indoor person but sadly I'm not. It's just that I hardly have the time to go outdoors and when you got no 'kaki' to join you, it is even more saddening.

Recently I've been reading lots of articles about white water rafting. Seems truly exciting and fun. I've done kayaking but not rafting. Seeing pictures of it really makes me jelly of those folks. On Instagram, Facebook, I want to do it! Not from peer pressure, but just to have some fun that's all. It keeps the adrenaline going.

Just like doing capoeira. Since my gym have those classes, I join them. Not forgetting to mention the blisters you will get on your feet, but its more of the fun from it. Just three weeks of class, instructor said I'm picking up the steps pretty fast. Did I mention I manage to do a handstand? *woot woot*

Swimming lessons have been placed on hold for me. Until I get a goggle of my own, don't think I'll swim. It's not like I'm a pro, and I don't swim like those regular folks. I dive under water.

I've been blogging bout wanting to do this and that lately. What's happening to me? Period.

Do you guys like outdoors? Are you afraid of the sun?

P.s - Who's up for white water rafting?

Today no pic. *wink wink*

Monday, July 29

What would my baby say.....oh oh oh oh

Just had no idea for a title. So made one up with Pixie Lott in my head. How would I look if I go blond?

Oh freaking hell! The weekends gone. I had 3 off days and nothing came out of it. Except from spending and eating. That's a very bad habit. Can someone control me? 

Oh oh I got two pair of new shoes. I'm a happy boy. Yes boy!

Skipping the chase, lately I've notice I'm the most complicated person ever if not maybe one of the most complicated person ever. I can have mood swings, 'tut' swings (did I just said that), hair swings, hand swings, any kind of swings you can think off. I can go from all super cute innocent guy to the most hated guy ever (not that I've ever tried to be one before). I think being an Aquarius is tough. I tell you tough. You read that right. Tough. 

I'm trying real hard to hold on to what I have. Sometimes I just tend to drift away. Please pull me back will you? I promise I'll hug and kiss ya. 

I think I need an adventure. I want to cycle under the sun, stand under a gushing waterfall, roast chicken wings, sun bathing by the beach, relaxing on a king size bed, having the most awesome massage ever, dining with a view of the city skyline, dancing to Jessica Sanchez' Tonight, sipping on a glass of vodka lime, playing Nicki Minaj in the bedroom while......, jungle tracking for the adrenaline, shouting out my lungs on a roller-coaster, flying off to a world of the unknown and doing all that with person close to you heart. 

I'm dreaming to far off. Time to snap out of it. Pinch me?

So how was the weekend for you guys? You know, we should have a gathering for all the guys here. Who's up for it? I'm seriously serious.

How's the combo above? Thumbs up or thumbs down?

Tuesday, July 23

Call me baby

What a July. What a JULY!

Last whole week been waking (minus the 'n' between 'a' and 'k' ) late almost the whole 5 working days. At least 30 mins that is. Luckily my biological clock is still functioning otherwise l'll be screwed (not that "screwed") by my boss. 

Been joining more classes at gym lately. Apart from body pump I've joined dance classes (so what if I dance? don't be a jelly please) and tried steps. The latter is totally not my thang honey I tell you *finger swing*

Work has been okay so far. Again I'm thinking of you know bla bla bla ma ma ma. Everyone seems to be landing new jobs. Why!!

Started back my acupuncture sessions again on a weekly basis. Well more needles might help. Time to look good and feel good. 

Okay so I've been a good boy (guy) for almost two months now. Yes. I'm a good boy. My nose ain't growing longer but I do wish it'll grow sharper. Not that I'm not a good one, but this good is different. Again it's not sex related. No no no. Feed you to the lion. 

Alright my writing is getting weirder by the day. 

I need a real good massage. Anyone good at it? 

I need the beach the sand the sun the sea! I think I'm from the sea. Merman. *wink wink*

The pic says it all. 

Ps-it's less skin here ;p

Monday, July 15


Sing me a lullaby when I close my eye,
Drown me with a love song whenever things go wrong,
Hold me so tight till the sight of the first sunlight,
Take me for a date one that I will never ever forget,
Give me a lovely surprise filled with lots of sugar and spice,
Cook me a heavenly meal that even a wound would heal,
Show me how much you care that would cause my heart to flare,
Take me for a ride cruising around town to show your every side,
Shower me with your love fluttering through the air high above,
Tell me you love me for it will be an everlasting memory.

Sleep tight dont let the bed bugs bite. 

Friday, July 12

Dead bird

Ok the title seems a little off. It does. Well that's how I'm feeling. Like a dead birdie. Not that my birdie is dead. It's well of to do. *wink wink

There's always the saying that goes:
"History teaches us that a man learns nothing from History".

What does it mean? Do you know?

From my understanding, it means, a person never learns something that has happened in the past, and still repeats it in the present.

History has taught me a lot in life. I mean history in life not History the exam paper although I scored 4.0 for paper 2 in my STPM. Anyway I've learned not that I've not learned from history.

A sentence that I've learned.

"Go with the flow"

I shall and will.

Time to pack up and head to the gym. Its pump time and Sunday it'll be Capoiera!

Monday, July 8

Little stuff

First week of July has ended. Lots more to go before its the new year. Then Ill be another year older. It sucks like totally! Ok keep calm and stay young.

Just thought of writing some little stuff about me which I've not done before. There's no limit but just a few. Let me see. Alright here it goes. 

1. Food junkie and lover 
2. Animal lover forever
3. Did a 10 day jungle camp with 8 days without shower
4. An outdoor person but everyone these days seem to be all indoors
5. Gardening is essential
6. Handy craft is part of me (used to be)
7. Can be a shopping maniac (but controllable)
8. A big Mariah Carey fan
9. Not afraid of getting tanned (love beaches)
10. Traveling is a must (only if I can afford it)
11. Ate a big fat sago worm
12. Waist reduction from a 34 to 29
13. Family 1st, lover 2nd, friends 3rd
14. Straight to the point no use for fancy start ups
15. Mixed parentage (grand parents la)
16. Total banana (but I do speak some)
17. Acts like a minion at times
18. Love cuddling
19. Branded clothing is not important but how you dress is
20. Used to have a pierced ear
21. Sleep naked (at times)
22. Spoiled mostly all tech gadgets given
23. Only use Clinique Happy
24. Hardcore Godiva fan
25. Learned to dance from mom
26. Not close with cousins (dads side)
27. Loving at times (whenever needed)
28. Wasn't raise with a silver spoon in the mouth
29. Always seeking adventure (depends on what adventure)
30. Originality and self loving 

Oh my. My self do seem boring. But I like it although some parts I do wish to change it. 

Looking for some new light at the end of the tunnel. 

Hope the weekend has been great for you guys. Time to face a blue Monday.

Those are new. Those white spots. 

Monday, July 1

Pink Dot 2013 Singapore

It's 1st of July. It's a Monday. It's the second half of the year. It's still a bit hazey.

It doesn't really sound that good does it? Actually it should be good, only it being in the second half of the year. Another 6 months to 2014! Luckily I've not made any yearly resolution. Otherwise I'll definitely fail in making them a reality. Hash-tag epic failure.

As you can read or see the title of the post for today. Yes not black or white or even purple (even though I heard my ex colleague saying its the official colour), but it's pink. I'm not so sure why it is pink although I would think it would be associated with breast cancer but still pink is a colour which is soft and yet peaceful. I think I better stop crapping about the colour.

Here's the story. So, over the weekend (yes I did not informed anyone about this) made a trip down south. More of I flew over to our neighbour which has a cross breed between a lion and a mermaid spitting water out of its mouth, Singapore. I guess you already do know the reason I was there so I won't go watering the plants anymore.

Pink Dot 2013 Singapore was the biggest yet this time round. There was 21k odd people from all backgrounds of life there. I mean, you could truly see the support by the community there and around. There was obviously the queer folks, the gal-bro and families as well and foreigners (like me) gathering and cheering, for a good cause. There were even pets. So adorable! The pets *wink wink*

It was a first time for me to attend such an event and it was an experience. Apart from all the eye twitching around (literally), the night was fun and very pink. Wonder will there be a Pink Dot in KL? Do you think it'll happen?

The crowd was friendly as well and all smiles with each other even you don't know who the cappuccino they are. There were even folks from my gym which was a little surprising. 

Another attendance next year for me? I'm guessing it would be a yes. Let's have a blogger trip. What you say? 

Tuesday, June 25

InTrend Jun 2013

Oh my! Oh my! Oh my! The haze is extremely mad today. View from 17th floor is just pure grayish stain outside the window. Madness and in office it's the smell that's crazy.

Anyway apart from the haze I was totally shocked by what I got to know earlier today. 

I, I mean my blog was featured with 4 others bloggers on page 136 of InTrend magazine. How cool is that? If its not cool then I'm ok with it. Shoo shoo. I've never in a million years would imagine writing crappy stuff would even get anyone's attention. Let alone a mag. Well I'm pretty excited from it since its a first for me.
Here's the page ;)

Here's the feature.

 It's pretty small but I feel speechless. Quarter page. Sorry I'm just excited. Don't get mushy. 

I'm guessing they wrote the article sometime in early May since the pic in the feature was back in April. Or they chose that as the rest was not quite appropriate. Too much camwhoring?

Something about the mag, well InTrend is a local fashion and lifestyle mag. Been around for years and they've got good followers. Bought the mag like literally. Self obsess? 

But the header in there is different from the current. How?

Monday, June 24

Haze me

Ok so the haze is really getting worse by the day. I won't say haze. It's pollution!

The weekend was great. A few adventures here and there. Hit the club as well and finally someone said I look younger then my age. Love ya xoxo. Well clubbing in a hazey environment is really something. But had a wonderful day. 

Today was pretty much not my day. If only things had gone better I won't be feeling kinda down. Ok back to the story.

So it was a sis and bro day out. She needed an advisor for her annual dinner dress. I have good taste it seems. Anyway drove to her place, picked her up, and the best part. Reverse my car, I saw a lorry parked behind. Instead of hitting the breaks I stepped onto the oil and you know how it went. Drove forward there was this screeching sound! Both of us got down and sis went "oh my god!" I was hoping just a dent or a scratch but no! There was a gaping hole on the boot cover. Freaking gap like a V-j-j. Damn it. 

So the incident has cause me tonnes of problem.   

Feeling really sick thinking about all these stuff. 

Thursday, June 20

Perfection and obsession

My Thursday has ended. My replacement day just ended. But it ended on a high note and a lovely day. More days to come of it.

Is the "society" just to obsess with perfection? Perfection in terms of looks, physic and material stuff. If you're perfect, those that surrounds you are mostly those that are the same. But if you're otherwise, so are those around. 

"Society" discrimination?

Monday, June 17

I'm a real boy

Remember each time Pinocchio were to tell a lie, his nose would grow long? That's because he's not suppose to tell a lie.

Honesty brings trust. Trust leads to loyalty. Do you agree with that? If you don't, well I'm not arguing. 

Being honest, trustworthy and loyal I guess it's the three main pillars to build and have in a relationship. Of cause there's other aspects as well but I think these three are more important. Not sure what do you guys think since I can't read minds. 

Any-hoo, I'm sure there are many many many out there with this qualities which can be denied. 

So how honest, trustworthy and loyal are you?

Sunday, June 16

Mirror me

So how shall I shoot? Up down left right back front top bottom the list goes on for god knows how long.

Have you looked in the mirror and say "gosh what's that?" "Hi I'm XXX" "I love you" "I'm fat" "I got 1 ab" "miss you" and the bla and la you can think of. 

Each time I stare at the mirror I see a new side to me. I'm always wishing, wanting and trying to be the best I can not just for  me but for the ones I love and cherish. Yeah sometimes I can be a bit over the top or maybe a little unorthodox but I do try to be who I truly am. If one is able to accept all my topsy turvy attitude and personality, I guess that person truly understands me inside out. 

Life has truly change a lot for me for in the recent few years. From walking steps by day now I'm running laps by day.

Back then is past, I'm living for the current and future. 

What do you see in the mirror?

Wednesday, June 12


I just ate a red apple. I'm going to pretend to faint and pass out. I can't breathe. Unconscious. Stiff. I've become the male version of Snow White. Will someone bring me to life?

Such fairy tales. But fairy tales do happen in reality. It all depends on what type that's all.

Anyway, the week has been quite good. Looking forward for more time ahead. Can't think on what to blog actually. My brain's like so blank now. 

Questions: what's your fairy tale?

Monday, June 10


Confession. Such a powerful word. Have you made a confession? The one that you confess to a priest doesn't count. Ok skipped that.

I've got a confession to make. That is, I can't swim. I know I'm not the only one who doesn't but still its so embarrassing. I've only learned cycling when I was a freshman. How's that? I did learned when I was like 7 but gave up since I've had mosaic bruises on my legs. I had a mischievous childhood. Climbing stuff was my forte. Trees not "poles". 

Back to my topic. So, since I don't know how to swim, decided to take lesson from 2 incredible swimmers. Won't mention their names to avoid them from bloating up like hot air balloons. As I was excited, got my self a nice fitting *wink wink* pair of trunks, not speedos. (Sorry no pictures of it)

Skipping all the bla bla bla, the only swimming I could do was, swimming backwards or head under water as though I'm some sort of a scuba diver, of cause I was moving forward and not static at a place.

Anyway it was great. Getting all wet. Did I mention I love water. I guess it explains why I'm an Aquarius although it doesn't really relate to any of it. Can't wait for my next session. Maybe some sun bathing? Tan lines *sizzle*

Can you swim?

Friday, June 7

Summer lovin'

It's summer fashion. Not like we have summer locally (season wise), but the weather really does feel like it. Less fabric more skin? I guess it should be.

I think something is happening. How would you know something is happening? Simple. You wouldn't. You just wait for it to happen that's all. Is it good or not so good? Well I'm hopin' it's good as always.

I'm so wishing I'm on an island gateway again. Work has been good but some news isn't making me happy at all. Just wait and see I guess. Can't wait for my final holiday of the year in November. Some time to escape reality. 

Oh yes. I need more sleep too. I got to force my self to sleep early. 

Happy Friday guys! It is Friday now since its midnight. Have an awesome weekend. 

Tuesday, June 4


How furry would you go? Not that kind of "furry". I mean animals *wink wink

Who love pets? Raise your hand! 

Well I was brought up with pets especially dogs. Not much of a feline fan but I can still accept them. If I were to have a place (with my future.....) I would so want to get either a rabbit or a dog. Fish tank maybe for hobby. 

Chow Chow! 

What's your furry friend to be?

Sunday, June 2

Which do you love?

Another weekend another week gone. It's the half year mark. Damn it's fast! Another week of great time to close.

Let's shoot. So everyone has a part of their body that they love or don't. It can be one, two, three or even everything. Well I do love my whole self as I am but there are two parts which I do love. Not a self fetish thing alright, just to set the record straight. 

Eyes and legs. I guess this are the two parts I love more. (It's so Mariah to love your legs) I love the rest as well but maybe just 0.001% more to this two. Funny? I know it is. But I'm pretty sure there's such interest. 

Ok what did I just crap again? 

Anyway I always love the way I am. Besides, nobody is perfect. If he was, he'd be God!

Which do you love more? Can be anywhere. *wink wink*

Wednesday, May 29

Grab shake rub

2nd day into my flu. Yesterday had chicken soup and it really helped like a lot but today again I'm back to square one.

Anyway it was a superbly sleepy time at the office again as usual. Flu makes people sleepy. Fact. I think. 

Had a dinner date again earlier. Wanted to head for the gym but advise said that i should give my body a rest. Agreed. 

Question: what do you look for in a person? I tend to get that question and somehow I can never answer it. Not sure why. All I can say is time will tell. Some people tend to have like a list of A-Z of criteria but, I mean I do have them too, but somehow I choose not to follow them at times. Playing it by the book will only get you so far.

Cherry poppin.  Time for bed. Night guys!!

Monday, May 27

Weekend filled Birthday

Dreadful Monday. Totally. Caught a cold now a sore throat. I really need to recover by Friday. A big company event coming up next week and I can't be sick!

Anyway, it was a long weekend. But with that, I still didn't get the rest I needed. But I did had fun. 

Saturday celebrated one of my close friend's birthday. The themed was "Bold" so everyone dressed in their best to look their best. It was a fun filled night. Food, cakes, desserts all sorts. Honestly ate too much that night. Still food made the night happening. Imagine playing cards and losers are punished by eating? 
The following day we had the chance to dip ourself in the pool after stuffing the stomach with breakfast meals at the coffee house. All in all, it was great and Happy Birthday Mr Eiffel Tower.

On Sunday evening another birthday dinner. But it was for my uncle this time. All family members were there and it was great meeting up with all again after sometime. Happy Birthday Uncle!!

How was your weekend? Monday Shemonday. 

Saturday, May 25

Pump it

It's a public holiday today. I mean yesterday. How awesome? But still tired. Having a long weekend is good but the lazy ness is so bad.

Attended the usual body pump class today. So far been good with it although sometimes I tend to drift away with my focus. I may need to slow it down a bit. Seem to be getting too tired lately. I need a holiday? Maybe. Oh well. Oh yeah. Singapore baby. Have you mark your dates?

Time to off the lights. Nite awesome people. 

Thursday, May 23


Can someone tell me what the hell is happening? Well actually I more or less do but what the hell again? So Imotiv is a new way of posting comments and keeping up with the latest blog updates and all? Seems cool. But hell its pretty confusing. Seriously. I've been updating here thru my phone the few post and today I've decided to access it thru the lappie and to realise that, that part of my blog has changed. Oh my, but its more like a live feed thingy. Not bad. Acceptable although I've missed out a few comments in the few previous post.

Lethargic in touch of some magic

I think I've not gain back my full form of being fully recharged. I'm always sleepy and tired for the past 4 days. Seriously superbly tired. But I'm trying not to let my self drown in my tiredness.

Yesterday manage to catch up with Mr SY for cake (since he's having cravings for it) and drink. We talk about shaving legs and that really made me think. Why do guys want or actually shave their legs? Answer please guys!

For today was another night out. Dinner and just a drink. Friend's birthday, plus it was also his first anniversary with his partner. The both of them are extremely sweet. Happy birthday my friend. Stay awesome and always blossom! 

I should really get to bed now. Goodnight and sweet dreams. I need magic. 

Monday, May 20

Virgin runner

Legs starting to ache. Superbly tired. Overall enjoyed the morning.

Sunday morning was the Milo Malaysia Breakfast Day marathon and why am I blogging about it? Well it's because I ran in it. I mean it's my first time even though I've had many contemplation to run in others. For a first timer, well, I did not bad I would say. Manage to complete it within less then an hour. An achievement? I would say it is. Would running be a new hobby for me? It depends.
My first medal for running. 

Do you run?

Friday, May 17


So here I am on the bed with a book reading some general knowledge stuff. Lately been kind of lazy to do anything actually. I'm so deprived of my precious sleep due to my late night attitude.

I've been getting dreams once in awhile of people or someone I should say. But still oh well. 

Dreamlover can you come and rescue me? Okay now Mariah's playing in my head. 

I should be sleeping like sleep! And stop thinking bout certain things. 

Monday, May 13


Love. Lover. Boy. Are you a loverboy? Don't be shy just say it. Haha.

I've been thinking for sometime now. There's something I've always wanted to get but never had the guts to get it. Can you guess? Well I've always wanted a tattoo. Not those super big dragon or folk fore type like you see those guys in the gym or streets have. I want something small yet it's full of meaning. Location wise not sure where it'll be. Still thinking. But what I want is a symbol of "infinity". Why? Find a dictionary and look it up. 

But still thinking if I should get it.

Hot weather is really so Summerish!