Sunday, April 21


"I dreamt about you last night. I've never dreamt about someone before but I did about you". So yes I had a dream about my previous recently last night. After that dream I woke up shortly before closing my eyes again. It was a dream about care and being loving never before I've seen. At this very moment I'm like, but it's all a dream. Why do we dream about someone? Is it because we're thinking about that person a lot? I've been told it could be a possibility. What's the reason actually? Anyway I'm not sure why I did. Thinking about could be once awhile but still maybe there's another reason. Can you help to explain?

How far do you actually trust and make it happen with this sentence: If it doesn't work out we still can be friends. 

Thursday, April 18

Extremely hot

What is hot, the weather is hot, not other hot stuff. All these hotness is making me sick like literally. Been having feverish moments the past 2 weeks and flu (stuffed wet nose) which have not gotten any better, I mean it has but not as fast I hope it would be.

Lately been feeling very sleepy for no reason. I mean like I could just sit and stare and start to doze off. Like an old grandpa relaxing under his porch on a cool Spring day. Maybe I should check into a hotel for like 2 nights and just sleep. Who wants to join? Hands up please.

Work is getting more toned down now because its almost nearing the middle of the quarter. Work slows down but come quarter end I'll be cursing again. Life as a worker. Isn't fun. I've always wanted to have my very own cafe selling great coffee, hot chocs and of cause de-li-C-us cakes! When can make that a reality? Any interested people out there? Come come come lets shake hands.

Remember my 5 year plan thingy? Time is running out fast. I need to really work harder to achieve it!

My yearly must trip is almost here. A few more days I'll be out from this hectic city! KL and PJ is awesome but seeing it 24/7 can make you mad. Then again, I love the city too.

It seems my colleague knows something about me. I did as well about him like a month ago after a friend told me and another friend did too. So will we both be best-Ts in office? Well I don't know but one thing is for sure, the colours of a rainbow does shine brightly.

Memories slowly walking out the front door
Tear drops of pain flooding the bedroom floor
Chances await for one behind each close door
Love will come & sweep your feet off the floor

Sunday, April 7

Baby steps

Baby steps is exactly what I'm doing now as a friend have advised. Taking things slowly and moving at a super slow pace. Healing from a few things which I've learned. Day by day I do realise in the end is the memories that matters the most.

So that aside, yesterday was a great day for me. A fun filled day with great people. Thanks to the both who've waited and sorry cause I was late. Well Malaysian timing ma. Lol! But I'm looking forward to our next outing which will be more fun and exciting. Dust of those dancing shoes! P.s. - do what's right and feel right. Follow your heart and not your brain at times like this. Slow and easy will do.

Later part of the day, was also filled with great fun with great people. With a couple of friends, headed down for a night out with music and drinks. Well lets just say, only for those there to know what when on. Anyway, the night was great.

As of now, I'm super like mad exhausted. Got up at 1pm, but I'm still sleepy. Was suppose to take a nap but skipped it instead, otherwise I'll be awake with massive headache.

Suppose to head out and offer prayers to my grandparents but mom said, "I think you better not. By the time you get things done, we'll be late." So skipped that and I do hope mom remembers to place for me what's needed. Anyway, was thinking of going out but then again, I skipped that idea again. I've been doing lots of skipping huh? I still want my nap but heading out for dinner in awhile. Got a special invitation from my uncle "Make sure you come later ok for the dinner! Ok uncle".

Let me ride your bicycle?

Friday, April 5

Learned & Live

The reason I chose to let go is cause things may not get serious, and if it did, it may not last long. Why? It's because of something which everyone wishes for which is time. I guess I've been truly understandable even if one may say I'm not. Work, passion and social. The three things which I totally respect and because of that I chose to give it up so that one can have time for those. I don't wish to be the person that one day one will look back and say "because of you I couldn't......" Time cannot be reversed as one can't change history.

Just like the going goes, until the right time arrives, everything will be alright

Wednesday, April 3

So I've learned

So I've learned something from the past 4 days. Something to cherish and finally understood. Mom did say to always look forward and just go on.

Ok. Hye lovey dovey people.

So GE is around the corner. Who do you vote for? Don't tell me cause I'm not bothered. I'm freaking mean am I? Anyway, planning to have a trip down south maybe for a night or two. Not sure when to be exact but soon I guess. Plus for sure I'm going alone, but anyone is welcome to join. Traveling with new friend(s) is always exciting. Don't you think so? It's not soul searching stuff if that's what you're thinking. Not into that kind cause to me it doesn't really make sense.

Finally, from last week onwards been joining bodypump at the gym. The funny thing is, out of my 1 and a half year (including my previous gym) I've not joined any class except at my friends gym. Please don't laugh but I was just plain lazy. But now I've decided to make it my part of my daily resolution. Awesome or not? Please say not.

Lately I've been drowning myself with all sorts of thoughts and mood swings but I'm pretty sure it'll get by soon.