Monday, July 29

What would my baby say.....oh oh oh oh

Just had no idea for a title. So made one up with Pixie Lott in my head. How would I look if I go blond?

Oh freaking hell! The weekends gone. I had 3 off days and nothing came out of it. Except from spending and eating. That's a very bad habit. Can someone control me? 

Oh oh I got two pair of new shoes. I'm a happy boy. Yes boy!

Skipping the chase, lately I've notice I'm the most complicated person ever if not maybe one of the most complicated person ever. I can have mood swings, 'tut' swings (did I just said that), hair swings, hand swings, any kind of swings you can think off. I can go from all super cute innocent guy to the most hated guy ever (not that I've ever tried to be one before). I think being an Aquarius is tough. I tell you tough. You read that right. Tough. 

I'm trying real hard to hold on to what I have. Sometimes I just tend to drift away. Please pull me back will you? I promise I'll hug and kiss ya. 

I think I need an adventure. I want to cycle under the sun, stand under a gushing waterfall, roast chicken wings, sun bathing by the beach, relaxing on a king size bed, having the most awesome massage ever, dining with a view of the city skyline, dancing to Jessica Sanchez' Tonight, sipping on a glass of vodka lime, playing Nicki Minaj in the bedroom while......, jungle tracking for the adrenaline, shouting out my lungs on a roller-coaster, flying off to a world of the unknown and doing all that with person close to you heart. 

I'm dreaming to far off. Time to snap out of it. Pinch me?

So how was the weekend for you guys? You know, we should have a gathering for all the guys here. Who's up for it? I'm seriously serious.

How's the combo above? Thumbs up or thumbs down?

Tuesday, July 23

Call me baby

What a July. What a JULY!

Last whole week been waking (minus the 'n' between 'a' and 'k' ) late almost the whole 5 working days. At least 30 mins that is. Luckily my biological clock is still functioning otherwise l'll be screwed (not that "screwed") by my boss. 

Been joining more classes at gym lately. Apart from body pump I've joined dance classes (so what if I dance? don't be a jelly please) and tried steps. The latter is totally not my thang honey I tell you *finger swing*

Work has been okay so far. Again I'm thinking of you know bla bla bla ma ma ma. Everyone seems to be landing new jobs. Why!!

Started back my acupuncture sessions again on a weekly basis. Well more needles might help. Time to look good and feel good. 

Okay so I've been a good boy (guy) for almost two months now. Yes. I'm a good boy. My nose ain't growing longer but I do wish it'll grow sharper. Not that I'm not a good one, but this good is different. Again it's not sex related. No no no. Feed you to the lion. 

Alright my writing is getting weirder by the day. 

I need a real good massage. Anyone good at it? 

I need the beach the sand the sun the sea! I think I'm from the sea. Merman. *wink wink*

The pic says it all. 

Ps-it's less skin here ;p

Monday, July 15


Sing me a lullaby when I close my eye,
Drown me with a love song whenever things go wrong,
Hold me so tight till the sight of the first sunlight,
Take me for a date one that I will never ever forget,
Give me a lovely surprise filled with lots of sugar and spice,
Cook me a heavenly meal that even a wound would heal,
Show me how much you care that would cause my heart to flare,
Take me for a ride cruising around town to show your every side,
Shower me with your love fluttering through the air high above,
Tell me you love me for it will be an everlasting memory.

Sleep tight dont let the bed bugs bite. 

Friday, July 12

Dead bird

Ok the title seems a little off. It does. Well that's how I'm feeling. Like a dead birdie. Not that my birdie is dead. It's well of to do. *wink wink

There's always the saying that goes:
"History teaches us that a man learns nothing from History".

What does it mean? Do you know?

From my understanding, it means, a person never learns something that has happened in the past, and still repeats it in the present.

History has taught me a lot in life. I mean history in life not History the exam paper although I scored 4.0 for paper 2 in my STPM. Anyway I've learned not that I've not learned from history.

A sentence that I've learned.

"Go with the flow"

I shall and will.

Time to pack up and head to the gym. Its pump time and Sunday it'll be Capoiera!

Monday, July 8

Little stuff

First week of July has ended. Lots more to go before its the new year. Then Ill be another year older. It sucks like totally! Ok keep calm and stay young.

Just thought of writing some little stuff about me which I've not done before. There's no limit but just a few. Let me see. Alright here it goes. 

1. Food junkie and lover 
2. Animal lover forever
3. Did a 10 day jungle camp with 8 days without shower
4. An outdoor person but everyone these days seem to be all indoors
5. Gardening is essential
6. Handy craft is part of me (used to be)
7. Can be a shopping maniac (but controllable)
8. A big Mariah Carey fan
9. Not afraid of getting tanned (love beaches)
10. Traveling is a must (only if I can afford it)
11. Ate a big fat sago worm
12. Waist reduction from a 34 to 29
13. Family 1st, lover 2nd, friends 3rd
14. Straight to the point no use for fancy start ups
15. Mixed parentage (grand parents la)
16. Total banana (but I do speak some)
17. Acts like a minion at times
18. Love cuddling
19. Branded clothing is not important but how you dress is
20. Used to have a pierced ear
21. Sleep naked (at times)
22. Spoiled mostly all tech gadgets given
23. Only use Clinique Happy
24. Hardcore Godiva fan
25. Learned to dance from mom
26. Not close with cousins (dads side)
27. Loving at times (whenever needed)
28. Wasn't raise with a silver spoon in the mouth
29. Always seeking adventure (depends on what adventure)
30. Originality and self loving 

Oh my. My self do seem boring. But I like it although some parts I do wish to change it. 

Looking for some new light at the end of the tunnel. 

Hope the weekend has been great for you guys. Time to face a blue Monday.

Those are new. Those white spots. 

Monday, July 1

Pink Dot 2013 Singapore

It's 1st of July. It's a Monday. It's the second half of the year. It's still a bit hazey.

It doesn't really sound that good does it? Actually it should be good, only it being in the second half of the year. Another 6 months to 2014! Luckily I've not made any yearly resolution. Otherwise I'll definitely fail in making them a reality. Hash-tag epic failure.

As you can read or see the title of the post for today. Yes not black or white or even purple (even though I heard my ex colleague saying its the official colour), but it's pink. I'm not so sure why it is pink although I would think it would be associated with breast cancer but still pink is a colour which is soft and yet peaceful. I think I better stop crapping about the colour.

Here's the story. So, over the weekend (yes I did not informed anyone about this) made a trip down south. More of I flew over to our neighbour which has a cross breed between a lion and a mermaid spitting water out of its mouth, Singapore. I guess you already do know the reason I was there so I won't go watering the plants anymore.

Pink Dot 2013 Singapore was the biggest yet this time round. There was 21k odd people from all backgrounds of life there. I mean, you could truly see the support by the community there and around. There was obviously the queer folks, the gal-bro and families as well and foreigners (like me) gathering and cheering, for a good cause. There were even pets. So adorable! The pets *wink wink*

It was a first time for me to attend such an event and it was an experience. Apart from all the eye twitching around (literally), the night was fun and very pink. Wonder will there be a Pink Dot in KL? Do you think it'll happen?

The crowd was friendly as well and all smiles with each other even you don't know who the cappuccino they are. There were even folks from my gym which was a little surprising. 

Another attendance next year for me? I'm guessing it would be a yes. Let's have a blogger trip. What you say?