Friday, August 30

Same love

It's has been 2 weeks since my last post. Been superbly lazy to write. Actually, not exactly. I do have the thoughts to write but just not the mood to write. I'm so complicated. Am I not?

Firstly, the recent death of those victims in the Genting crash is a really sad situation. Plus the guy and girl was from my Uni as well. May all the victims RIP.

Nothing much have been happening for the past 2 weeks and days. Other then eating and sleeping all the time, nothing much. Is cancelling my trip considered a thing? Don't want to talk about it. No worries I have next year for more beach trips.

Work has been rather sluggish lately with not much productivity from me at all. Apart from just keep eating non-stop from the second I step into the office, nothing much else. I've been looking around for new possibilities but nothing much to spill about it since I've not got any calls yet. Let's cross our fingers shall we? These 2 days has been madness. I've got hardly any time for lunch and I hate last minute work. Seriously!

I've been swimming more lately. More as in twice this month. Yes you should be laughing at this part. Ever since I've bought my first pair of swimming goggles, swimming is a must I guess if not it'll be a waste right? I do have 2 pairs of snorkeling sets but they don't count. Please don't expect me to be like a super awesome swimmer who can go laps after laps like some bloggers *wink wink you know you are*. But, I won't say I'm good, but do I love diving under water and reaching the base of the pool and then heading up to the surface. Merman wannabe. Apart from enjoying getting my hair, skin every part of me wet *wink wink*, I've became slightly tanned. Seriously, I love it! I've never loved being fair. I love being just nice not over-ly or under-ly. I wouldn't want to look like a pale pear or an overly baked potato. I've got tanned lines from my trunks! I think a few more weeks, I'll be just nice. But the main problem, I can't use my goggles for too long otherwise I'll end up looking like Batman. Note: I never knew the guys at KJ pool are just so "friendly" *hamster eyes*.

Currently I've been thinking of my gym membership. Since I'm still working here, I can visit it daily. What if I were to switch jobs and all? Which gym to join and with great classes as well? Don't think I can do away with my bodypump and dance classes. They are my savior! Which which which?

So here's a little update from me. I promise I'll update on Friday night. Pinky promise? Hugs and love to all.

Sunday, August 11

Current times

It's the month of August now. It's Raya again. It's almost nearing end of the year again. Another year will past and another new year will start. Selamat Hari Raya to all who's celebrating it.

"Should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavements?...." plays in the background as I type this post. A song that kept me going since early of the year  till today.  

So I was transferring some photos from my phone to make way for some space and as I was doing it, I had flash backs after flash backs looking at some of the photos that I've still kept until now. It's the moments that I've had through that period. 

Photos are the only memories that one can cherish other then the moments that we've felt. Pictures speak more as truly like the phrase that goes 'a picture speaks 1000 words'. Well I guess for me it's not just a 1000 but definitely more. 

Those flash backs brought a little mist to my eyes as I thought of the moments, the laughs, the funny faces, the simple night of enjoying a bucket of ice cream, the cute white furry friend that I always loved. I guess when you've decided to make a turn along the long winding road, the path to return to the straight road can be hard to achieve. 

I'm not fooling myself. I'm not lying to myself. I'm just facing myself. Hey putting on a smile everyday may seem hard but it's the best one can do. Honestly speaking, those moments made a huge impact on me although it was just a home run. I did wish for a long haul but maybe I just needed a breather. 

Like I always wished, to turn back time to say what I should to do what I should to show what I should to feel what I should. 

There's still a light at the end of tunnel anyways. All one would have to do is just have the strength to get up and walk towards it. Not just give up and breakdown for a miracle to take place. 

As my grandma said before that I'm a dragon head with a rabbit tail. 

Guess that's my reason for being this way. The unusual and totally hard to be understood.

Let bygones be bygones. 

Wednesday, August 7

Long time ago

Mid way to evening I was hit by the sore throat bug. Then came the flu. What the hell?!

Today join another class in gym called Fast Fit. Damn it's tiring! Especially it's right after Steps. But I love it. 

Tragedy for today. I actually left my key in the locker and I locked the lock. Only to realize in the shower that I left the key inside. Had to get the staff at the gym to cut the lock. The worse part while I was waiting, everyone in the locker was giving me that look. "Why is that guy not showering or changing or anything?" The stares were making me so uncomfortable as if I'm trying to try my luck. Gosh!

The lock. 

Anyway the story for today is not bout that. It's about someone I knew back then, has emerge back into my eye sight. Not literally. You get the picture. Well I knew this person like almost 3 years back. So after sometime we more of I, just slowly faded away. After some almost 3 years down the road, that person has emerge! It took me sometime to actually figure it out but now I know. How the world really revolve around and small it is. Having said that, we have really changed in person and all. I'm shocked but happy. Hye karma has its way around things doesn't it?

Long weekend. Hope you guys have a great one! 

Monday, August 5

AA = Adventure + Adrenaline

Don't ask why it's called 'White'. I have no f-ing idea why it's called 'White'.

I'm deprived of sleep. Like seriously. The past week I have been having so much of late nights. Slept at 2am on Friday then woke up at 8am on Saturday. Slept at 5am on Saturday (which is actually Sunday morning) and woke up at 10am on Sunday and slept at 1.30am. Today I am late for work. Hurray!

Ok skipping all those shoot. So I love outdoors. I like being under the sun, getting dirty, dry and wet. Many would think I'm an indoor person but sadly I'm not. It's just that I hardly have the time to go outdoors and when you got no 'kaki' to join you, it is even more saddening.

Recently I've been reading lots of articles about white water rafting. Seems truly exciting and fun. I've done kayaking but not rafting. Seeing pictures of it really makes me jelly of those folks. On Instagram, Facebook, I want to do it! Not from peer pressure, but just to have some fun that's all. It keeps the adrenaline going.

Just like doing capoeira. Since my gym have those classes, I join them. Not forgetting to mention the blisters you will get on your feet, but its more of the fun from it. Just three weeks of class, instructor said I'm picking up the steps pretty fast. Did I mention I manage to do a handstand? *woot woot*

Swimming lessons have been placed on hold for me. Until I get a goggle of my own, don't think I'll swim. It's not like I'm a pro, and I don't swim like those regular folks. I dive under water.

I've been blogging bout wanting to do this and that lately. What's happening to me? Period.

Do you guys like outdoors? Are you afraid of the sun?

P.s - Who's up for white water rafting?

Today no pic. *wink wink*