Wednesday, September 25

What I want?

So another Monday has passed. I'm not feeling any much blue-rer than I am already. I guess we need to change our outlook on life to see it less blue but more  bright yellow? 

2013 has been a year with ups and downs for me. It's been pretty challenging particularly family and love life. I would not want to touch on any of that. I guess the past have thought me a lot in life. Never turn back and just keep moving forward. I've had hardship, tears, sores, scares, pain and much more but it has taught me to be stronger then ever. But always remember the past. Never forget it because some memories are meant to be cherished. 

People may think "what have he faced?" in their minds when they see me. But if you look deep down you'll see a little boy sitting along the beach looking blankly ahead. I'm still my mom and dad's boy who still gets childish with them. That is me. 

Sometimes when you wish for something  to go alright it comes out for the worst and the other way round. People may think you've changed but have you? May be they've never understood the real you yet. 

You know there are things which I can never let go nor forget. People who made the biggest impact in my life may it be short lived or long haul. Even a day of someone saying something or doing something which I cherish will never be forgotten. 

I really do hope for a more simply and yet passionate time to come. I will try not to ask much, mend broken strings and may be tweak myself. 

Few more months and 2014 will be here. Not a single day I face without a memory from the past. 

I know I'm just typing gibberish stuff here. Well it is some sort of my diary here. To speak what's on my mind and heart. 

It has been 5 years since I first started blogging and I'm still living it up. Maybe I shall try up to 10 years? As long I've got words to speak and I still breathe, this blog will stay. 

Tuesday, September 10

Phoning around

Had an interview yesterday. Please keep it a secret and don't speak a word about it. Otherwise I'll chase you into FRIM and ask a member from a gang to hunt you down. Take out your heart, steam it with ginger and eat it so I'll be forever handsomest of them all. Why are fairytales forever about a girl or a princess? It's so discriminating.

I bet these days, no one can be separated from their phones. Even for a split second. I admit I'm always stuck with my phone. I guess it's my partner forever and ever. Even in the toilet the phone is there. Well some have it while making business while others, may be its to capture something nice *wink wink*.

Having a phone is great. Well, you can call, text, play games, snap pics and so much more *cough*. But there should be a place and time to have or even use your phone. I'm not saying no to it, but be reasonable. I get sarcastic voices around me whenever I go out with friends and family, thus I try to reduce my usage of it.

So lets talk about the gym. I know, I know, guys you're pretty famous with so many folks. You need to update your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, Line every single minute during gym hours. I'm not saying you can't but it tends to be inconsiderate I would say. If the gym was empty with hardly any soul around it is surely okay. But imagine with just a limited amount of weights and strength machines around, lots of folks wanting to get in shape, and you, who will like do 1 rep which last for 20 seconds then turning to your phone for like 5 minutes. Hogging the equipment while you work out with your phone instead of the machine. How great is that? Like seriously?

I'm not sure of whether you gym junkies or hunkies out there carry your phone around and actually fiddle with it while working out?. I won't say I've never done it, I do do it at times but I try to look at my phone after I'm done with all my reps. Most of the time I would just keep in the locker and only check on it before shower. There have been folks in the gym whom I see would just sit at the machine for quite some time not using it but merely fiddling with their phones. When you approach them asking if they are using it the reply you get is "Yes I am", but only after another 5-10 minutes on the phone. The cycle goes on until they are practically done making out with their phones.

Apart from that, I would say its a distraction as well. Your focus should be on the workout routine or something and not your phone.

Support #StopHogginGymEquipmentsByFiddlingWithYourPhones

The usage of a phone *wink wink*