Wednesday, October 30

Almost there

Banana almond biscotti in my left hand. Tall hot hazelnut chocolate on the table on the left of the lappy. Sitting at Starbucks while waiting for the traffic to die off. Rain's gone and the ground's wet. Plug to my ears is Michael Buble - Feeling Good.

Finally it's Wednesday and I'm pretty happy. Why? Because it's holiday time again. Woohoo!

I'll be having a superbly long weekend from today till next Tuesday. I've not had such a long break since April.

You know I was thinking. I've been having this blog for the past 5 years and yet I've not done anything which is fun or cliche. So I've decided to go for something cliche. What is it? Well here is how it goes.

I should do a gift give away. What do you think? Just two simple questions and the first correct answer will get the prize. What say you?

Question 1: When is my birthday?

Question 2: These posting is my number what post?

A prize awaits the correct answer!

Have a great week ahead guys! XoXo!

Tuesday, October 22

Hit me baby one more!

Today's dance class was hilarious. We did Lady Gaga's Telephone which is one of fave song. So thinking I could pull it off but eventually I suck big time. But I did had fun but still if only I wore a more appropriate shoe instead.

That aside. Seriously I've been having mood swings like vastly and variously. No I'm not having any period moments. It's just that my situation is getting pretty tough lately and I just don't know what else to do. Its nothing to do with relationship and stuff because it's all just awesome at the moment. It's just another part of my life which is my job. 

I used to be all pretty cool and comfy with my job but now I'm having daily headache about it. Why? Well let's say its tough moments currently and I'm stuck in it. I seriously hate like fucking hate being in the situation I'm in now and I'm just like oh my God! 

Seriously what else? I just need to get my mind off this things at the moment. Plus I just can't focus at my work daily and all I'm always looking forward to daily is 5pm that's it. 

And then comes these one folk who just decided to add oil to the fire some sort of. Firstly if you're younger then me, which I hardly know, wait whom I don't even know, don't try to act like you bloody know me and say things which comes out from your bloody ass instead of your mouth. Seriously grow up. Ps: a cute face doesn't guarantee you your future plus with an attitude like that, I wonder what'll happen. Kids have some respect for other people and don't be a jackass. 

Anyway enough of ranting from me. I don't want to be like someone's grandmother or mom yapping away here.
Just can wait for my vacation next week! I just hope it goes well and I just want to do what I can to relax and enjoy. Can I just spend everyday sipping vodka lime? 

Have a great week ahead guys! 

Thursday, October 10


Its raining superbly heavy right now. The window is now a mirror with my reflection in it. But surprisingly it isn't cold. Funny I know. I'm cold bloody? Hope not. I live for the applause. Okay that doesn't make sense or connection at all.

It's Thursday baby! How great is that. It'll be a long weekend. Anyone on leave on Monday? Do get some break and enjoy the days off. Put out those flames and ease yourself to some nice comfy massage or spa to chill those muscles. So what's the plan? Sharing is caring you do know that.

This week so far has been pretty lame. I mean work wise it truly has been. I just got no boost to do any of it plus my focus it mainly been on other stuff. I seriously should start a business. Well it can be any type of business. But it'll have to be mainly online. Well just be on the look out something coming out from me?

You know I've been in love with a particular song ever since I heard it sung by a contestant on The Voice China. Although I don't really know the meaning of the lyrics but every time when it's played you just feel song and all of it. That's what music should be.

Monday, October 7

So it happened

So it was like any other weekends for me and my family. Morning I headed out to the gym and lunch. After that met up with my family at MidValley till around 10pm, then left and visited Bangsar for our supper. Left the place around 12am and finally reach back home around 12.30am.

As I open the front door I had a funny feeling and my guts was telling me something was wrong. True enough as the lights were on, the floor was covered with letters, papers, documents etc pulled out from the cabinet drawers and in the room, clothes were thrown on the bed, floor, boxes were pulled out and emptied.

Coins were gone, iPad and jewellery, but the laptop was not while other stuff were not as well. Notes in red packets were opened but not taken. Mom's precious items from my grandmother and other stuff are gone.

Back grill was broken while the fence was cut. Even with a dog at the backyard, he still came in. Neighbours heard the dog barking and there were noises but they could not see a thing because it was so dark.

It was just one of another unfortunate event to happen to my family this year.

The person who broke into the house must have been in a hurry I presume. He left a screw driver which he had used to perform his actions. But I believe he was no amateur.

The police came and look and took the screw driver which was left behind by the person, but I have doubt that they will do anything. Our house was the only house which have not been broken in until that day. So now its complete. The whole row of houses have been broken in.

Will the authorities do anything? The police came, took a couple of photos and acted like they came to just show they were doing their job that's all. May be its understandable since they can't do much as well.

Will it happen again in the future? I wouldn't know. As I believe just like my dad, the person is staying around there or frequent that area. Keeping eyes on us as what we do and how we act.

A neighbours' house which was under renovation, had the workers stayed there. They said they saw a guy sitting and smoking right behind my house but they assume it was normal for a person to just sit and smoke. Undoubtedly they had no common sense but who can blame them, if not they won't be doing what they do.

Assumptions says it happened between 8.30pm - 11pm.

Dad says more precaution is needed that's all. We can't live in fear of this kind of matter. It wasn't the feeling of loosing things or precious items, but it was the sense of intrusion of someone, coming in, touching your stuff and leaving.

But I'm glad no one was home. The scene could have turned out differently if maybe there was someone and the person decided to break in.

Most important that my family was safe and sound.