Wednesday, November 27

Lucky plucky

Its official. Only 7 days to go. From then on everything will change.

Kind of nervous for it as well. Hope all goes well.

Weekend will be attending a wedding. It'll actually be a first for me to attend a friend's wedding. I'm such a unfriendly friend. I've been invited to so many but attended none. So I've decided that I should attend this since I've actually made her a promise that I'll be there. Hope my outfit fits for the occasion. Couldn't get a lovely Tiffany blue shirt so just settled with what I had. Stay tuned for the outlook! Insta maybe.

Oh my. I'm listening to Christmas songs now. As always only Mariah Carey is my fav among many others.

Nephew's 1 year old birthday is coming up soon. What should I get him or maybe the parents? Any ideas?

Changed my gym membership to all club now. At least I would be able to join various classes at various times. Why don't guys join classes at gyms? Is it because of masculinity issue? Oh yeah. I've started yoga. Basic yoga that is. Damn, I thought I was flexible enough but looks like I'm not so, but I did manage to actually keep my legs in the air with my back off the ground for some time. Any gym buddy to be volunteers?

You know, I've honestly got no idea on what to write here. I need inspiration! To Mr.Ricky, you've not claimed your prize yet!

Been planning for next year's holiday. Not exactly planning but been having it on my mind. Only two trips have been identified. One beach holiday (which is a must) and a city holiday (another must). Where? Haven't confirmed yet. Crossing fingers I'll be able to go for it.

Christmas and New Year coming up pretty fast! Have you done your Christmas shopping or you're the last minute shopper?

p.s. - Dear Santa, I've been a really really good boy this year *wink wink*. I wish for an awesome surprise and gift this year.

Wednesday, November 20

It's tough

The only person who truly understands you is yourself. No one else does. Not even the person closes to you can truly understand you.

I'm now in a situation where I want to take control of my own direction. I've made enough mistakes. It's a risk I'm willing to take and may it be big or small, I'm willing to face it. Words have been flying around on how I should do this and that. It's not that I don't appreciate it, it's just that give me the chance and I'll prove it to with my actions. 

I can't turn back time. I'm not like the others who are just shinning stars in the sky. I wasn't lucky nor had the choice. Deep down, if only I pushed for what I wished, maybe things might be different now. 

I'm willing to be ridiculed, talked about, or any other negative words, but I'll still be strong enough to pull it through. 

It's tough. Too tough to handle but it makes me tougher in the end.

Monday, November 18


I've got roughly 3 weeks. Broke the news to them last week and they were pretty unhappy but at the same time super supportive. I totally didn't expect how they actually reacted and gave their support. It truly touched me and somehow it made a change to everything.

Anyway, the weekend was great. Had a truly relaxed weekend I should say. Relax in terms of not having to go around here and there, but got to sit back at home and just laze while it was raining cows, pigs, goats, lambs and all outside.

Had the loveliest dinner date on Saturday night. From a relaxing meal on the balcony of F Concept Dining by Buffalo Kitchens to an action packed film at the movies. Honestly, I've never been treated to a more lovely meal apart from those which was bought by my family. A quiet night with little disturbance and after a gush of rain, the cool environment just makes everything calm and peaceful.

The past two weeks and weeks to come have been and will be a truly tiring week for me. Lots to do and people to meet. A change is about to come. 

It's been such a rainy period lately. Do be safe and stay safe folks.

Anyway, how has the weekend been for you? Let's talk about it.

Ps - I have no idea why does the pic turn purple!

Friday, November 8


What's your Element? How do you define your Element? What type of an Element do you prefer? Anything can be your Element as long you're in your Element.

A new magazine is in town! Well it's still considered new for me. 

Element magazine. 

So I was given the change to read one of their issue and I must say, it's really something. Although it's new and of course much more can be done to really make it look and sound like 'Vogue', still for a young rookie in the challenging editorial world, they've been growing quite impressively. 

There isn't much or may I say hardly any magazine which is mainly focus on the LBGT community especially in Asia when it's considered a taboo. 

Element has certainly broken the rules. 

Element was created and published specifically for the Asian LBGT community with a vision to foster a better understanding of the community in this part of the world and around. Barely a year old and they've had 4 issues out with many more to come in the near future is surely something. Awesome huh!

There's trendy fashion spread, community lifestyle, personal matters, music must have, looks of the season, and etc which is specially cultivated for the LBGT community in Asia by the community itself. Surprisingly as it may seem, the magazine is pretty interesting to read. It doesn't bore you with long words and write ups which can read you to sleep. I guess that's the reason why they've manage to gain 25k active readers in such a short time. 

Here are some the interest in the magazine. 

Fashion. It is always the main focus of any lifestyle magazine. Without it, lifestyle wouldn't be the name. As for Element, I would say it really does keep you up to date from D&G to maybe even H&M. Not to mention great fashion spread like the one above. PS-I've stayed in that hotel before. Lol!

Personal write ups or interviews with leading figures who are part of the LBGT community as well as the everyday regular folks are also one of the focus in the magazine. They have this particular topic where it features folks and how they've grown being part of the community. It's pretty awspiring. 

Apart from that, special topics are also an interesting aspect of it. It's really nice to read about it, of the challenges, dilemmas, stigmas and much more. It's the positivity not negativity. 

Just having published the 4th issue, Element futures Lady Gaga on the cover and a few page spread cover story. Now how do you do that? 

I wonder would it be nice to be able to have Mariah Carey on the cover? She's a legend! 

More info on Element you can visit their site at