Wednesday, April 23


I'm trying to refrain from writing about work in my upcoming postings. Trying to make it more about me.

Anyway I received a letter yesterday and it was from the police traffic department. Apparently I'm being called in for investigation because a guy lodge a traffic report against me. So what is it all about? Here's the story. 

To make it short, early March, I was driving and it was superbly jam. I was changing lanes from the left to the right. Suddenly a car squeeze into the lane and hit my butt. That driver drove infront of me, stopped his car, got down and knock my glass. Then started shouting at me and threatening to hit me. After that demanded for me to compensate him for the scratch on his front bumper which in the matter of fact, there was not a single scratch at all! Demanded that I gave my name and contact number which in return I did not give any due to my own safety. I didn't make a report against him hitting my car because I didn't want to cause any hassle but now since he has I just wish him the best of luck. People like him will get his day soon and it doesn't have to be from me. I do believe in karma. People like him will meet his foe soon. I don't curse anyone because it's not me but if I am extremely mad I will at times. I won't say what race but all I can say that he has tarnish the image of the society even more. He wasn't even driving like any imported car but merely a Myvi SE in white.

Have you ever encountered such incident and having to go for an investigation?

Friday, April 18

A little like this

Okay. I shall refrain from spanking I mean speaking about work from now on-wards unless I'm just a nut case. LOL!

So, I'm working very hard in the gym now. Finally reality hit me and I've notice loves handles are growing on the side. Time to trim and shape up. Besides, I want to look good on the beach. Striking a pose whenever I can. Ok I admit I love taking pictures, I mean being in pictures. I don't have the face of an angel but I'm happy with what God gave me thus far.
Finally joined TRX class! Not a first but after months I'm back into action. Honestly, it was just freaking tiring! But I love the adrenaline I get and the sweat, was just pouring non-stop!

Oh still pondering if I should go for Pink Dot. I mean I do want to go but I've just got so much to consider. Money is the biggest factor though. Singapore is do darn expensive in terms of the hotel! Last year I spend like almost 400 for one night. Anybody kind enough to let me stay? LOL. Anyway, might be booking my flight there soon. So far, TigerAir is the cheapest. It ain't the best but its the cheapest.

Anyway just something to share. Have you experience knowing someone, like for a short while thinking you could be friends but in the end it was only to gain something out it, and finally just left you to be? Well back in time, there was this one person I knew. So we chatted a bit and became acquainted, met up and the story goes on. At first it was all good, the constant texting and stuff, then suddenly you realise it is always you initiating a story while the other is just not giving a care. Finally after some time, you just decided is not worth your time and plain just ignore that person like forever. So what I've learned is, people can sometimes be a jerk and sometimes a candy. I'm not being selfish or demanding, but it is the way the story went that time. Maybe that is the case when someone doesn't know what he or she wants. In the end they might be forever alone and maybe their ego is just too high. Whatever it is, well it is the past and like they say, it is no use to dealt on the past too much.

Friday is here but I'm not happy for the weekend because one day is still taken up by work. Chucks!

Monday, April 14


FML. Not literally but subjectively.

I'm just so tired! Like seriously I am. I've been skipping morning gyms for days. My tummy is growing bigger. I look fat. Just completed and event couple of hours ago, and man, it was the longest time I've stand without even sitting. Even eating I was standing.

The whole weekend was actually filled with work. Saturday had to be at a Ford showroom to do a video shoot session. Sunday had to help organise an event which last for roughly 4 hours plus. Working from Monday to Friday was a pain adding the weekend, it wasn't all that great. Does it?

adlexus.blogspot.comAnyway, I've been considering to get a new car actually. I guess its just the right time to actually get one since I've been driving my current car for 7 years. I've got a around 3 models in my mind, but still will need to consider the cost of it. Thinking of Kia Rio, Honda City or Nissan Almera. I've seen and felt the first and the last but the City I've not yet. Thinking to go for a test drive for Rio actually. I'm not a fan of huge cars, instead I prefer something compact and just nice for me to move around. But I feel I'm just so poor now to afford for anything. Sometimes I wonder how do those rich kids survive? They're studying, not working but they can spend all the money in the world. Spoiled or plain lucky?

Which would you suggest?

Some other updates. Recently had some infection going on which at first I thought was just a minor situation, but the next day it got slightly worst. Decided to make a trip to the doctor and what was given are just some medication. Touch wood, it has been improving and hope it heals fully. It's just so irritating though and uncomfy.

I'm just less then a month away to my first trip of the year which is Bali! I've been wanting to go there for months and finally I can! Flight booked but hotel I'm still pending on it. Need to book fast. Can't wait to go, relax and enjoy while escaping work. Not forgetting to mention what nice scenery around there *wink wink*.

Well my weekend wasn't that great and hope the next coming weekend would be much better.

How was your weekend? Good bad? Exciting? Sad? Fresh? Fun? Share la wei......

Thursday, April 10

I'm only one not two or three

I'm walking down the street with an open heart. Listening to every beat of my thumping heart. Why do I feel like everything is hitting on me so very hard. I'm just trying my best to face it all with a small brave heart. 

I've never been so tired in work like I am now. Like seriously it's all very overwhelming to me in terms of the load. I do try to keep my cool at all times but there are times when I just can't hold it but I can never let it go for all to see. Sometimes I wonder why did I sign up for this? But like I've always reminded myself, take every challenge as a new experience.

Anyway, I just can't wait for May. I'm going for my first trip of the year! Hurray! I'm so excited and I just can't wait to escape the city of madness! And work of course!
Been working hard again to get my body back in shape though. I've been reducing cardio for some time as I wanted to build back my size, which doesn't seem to work. Instead I'm putting on more fat. So I've started joining my regular dance class to burn baby burn those fat. Look at the picture. See those fat on my tummy? Layers.

Maybe I do need a gym partner? But I'm scared to have one with only one reason. That is, if I do have a gym partner, I'll be talking more then actually working out which in the end will turn out to be less productive. Do you think so? But I'm always welcome to have a gym partner. At least after gym I can go yam cha. LOL!

This week will truly a hectic week like superbly hectic. I'll be working on Saturday and Sunday. How bad can it be right you may ask? Well lets just say, I just don't feel like it.

I need some advise. How do I build my shoulders to look round-ish and nice? Do share =D

Saturday, April 5

What a week

Finally the weekend! No need to face or worry of work for two freaking days! It's so awesome.

Been such a tiring week and a super fast one too. I was actually wishing the week to be longer so that I can actually finish my work. But looks like I need to speed up stuff.

Anyway, I've coloured my hair! So exciting. I've not had it coloured like for almost 4 years. The main reason was because it's so hard to maintain especially with short hair. But still I had it done last Sunday. While the girl was blowing it dry I suddenly saw the colour. So nice!

Here's to before the colour. It's just so black and dark not forgetting the plainness of it.

Waiting for my stylist to come and help me out. Ps - he's at the back there. That's my stylist.

The outcome! Love the colour it is just lovely. Don't you think so? It's called light ash brown. Not sure what's with the ash to it though. 

But I guess I'm going to have to do touch ups in 1 to 2 weeks time. 

Do you like colouring your hair?