Monday, May 26

Priority and option

Was chatting with my close friend from Uni on how I missed being with them so much and the times we all spend together was just so fun. Now we are all grown up, with jobs and life. Everything has change since graduation. Wish time would turn back.

Anyway was thinking about something and it made me really think hard and deep on certain issue that a friend of mine shared with me 

A friend of mine knew this particular person and they've met with each other for like 3 times. Everything was good you know, they constantly text and did do some calls which made the getting to know each other good or I would say interesting. Why am I saying this? It's because there's a 'but' along the way in that sentence. My friend felt that that person was great, interesting, funny, just the perfect and right person. But what my friend started to notice was how would my friend actually fit in if things were to go further then knowing each other on a mutual basis. This is because that person has a wide social network and a way of life which was more out there maybe, and when you have it, means knowing lots of people and this means having a limited amount of time and, many people around saying hi and bye and, how would it be for my friend and that person "if" they were to be together? I guest my friend shouldn't be thinking so much about it yet but I don't blame my friend as well cause you're dealing with feelings and you wouldn't want to play around with it. 

All I can say is , may be it's still a little too early and only time will tell if that person is truly meant for you. Like my friend's case, I would advise to just go with the flow and if that person truly cares and have feelings towards you, he or she would actually do something about it. He or she would actually make you a priority instead of an option.

Friday, May 23

Split into two

Up and down, running all around. What's been done, can never rebound.

Okay. I've decided to put my Bali post on hold. Why? Because I've got no freaking time to even edit the pictures let alone write the full post. My time just isn't enough at all within a day. Can I have like within one week, one day to be like 48 hours at least? There's so much I can do.  Ever since I got back from my trip it has been days of following up with lots of stuff. Anyway it's good to be back but I do wish for a longer holiday. Lol. 

Sometimes I just wish I could spilt my self into two. Being me alone is just tough. You have the support but still you're only one. I wonder how does it feel to have a twin? Exciting? Fun? Unique? What do you think?
Lately I've been having so much of thoughts in my head till I can't focus on one thing for too long. It makes my brain burnout and melt like gummy bears under the scorching sun. 

You know people have the most random and weird personalities. I think I'm one of them and I'm like a thorn sticking out of the ground. I've never felt I was special in anyway. I've never felt I was ever good looking or anything. I was always at the back of the line. I've never been able to travel and spend like others. I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I'm just average and normal. 

Back to the topic, I just wish I could clone my self to be me where ever and whenever needed. 

Thursday, May 15

Post holiday syndrome

It's not a sickness but just a syndrome. Hate it totally hate it. Hey I'm not nuts.

You know, of cause you don't, I've received a reply from a random person when I said "Hye" in my reply. That person thought I was a Malay because the spelling of "Hye" is used mainly by Malays while the Chinese spell it as "Hey". I didn't know of such thing. Does it make sense?

Gosh! My holiday has ended just like that. Seriously just like that! What the hell!

Why does it always happen? When you're on leave, time moves damn bloody fast but when you're working it moves so bloody slow?

Anyway, updates coming soon on the trip to Bali! It was fun and relaxing I would say. Stay tuned!

Saturday, May 10

Pre Holiday Madness

I just feel so random. Not sure why but it's just plain random. I'm like hallucinating.

I always hate this. Whenever I'm about to go for a holiday, lots of stuff would occur. Not always or much but just some at the wrong time.

Something happen yesterday. I was adjusting my car seat by pushing it back because I had to put on my shoes. After I'm done, when I tried to pull the seat back to its original place, it got stuck. Shit! Imagine me driving with my arms stretch fully and my legs as well. It's a horror!

Anyway, I've been loosing some weight again, I think. Not that sure but my fat percentage did drop. I'm happy but my muscle mass is not growing. I mean it's growing but at a super slow rate and I can't achieve my goal for this weekend. So sad la. How oh how? Help me!

Some update to share. Visited the club last week after some time. The last I went to the club was like back in February if I'm not wrong. Who did I go with? Of cause I didn't go alone. I wonder how can some folks visit the club alone like seriously alone. I will never in my life go alone because it'll be so weird! Back to the topic of discussion, so was with two of my friends and it was seriously funny and fun that night. All three of us had some drinks and the next thing we knew it, we were all tipsy (a little) and not really concentrating on the right mission we were there. Well the place wasn't all that fun lately whenever I go. Not sure why but maybe it's because I kind of don't fancy visiting clubs, instead I prefer hanging out or something.

Sometimes I notice I have this memory shortage problem. I tend to forget stuff and remember stuff easily. Is it the age issue? I don't know. At the moment, I can't remember what I've got to do for tomorrow morning. I'm freaking out a little now but at the same time I can't brain my brain about it. Shit!

Tomorrow's the day. Away from all this madness for a few days and I'm so excited! No emails, no calls and no texts! Beat that people! 

Thursday, May 1

Happy Labour Day

The only thing I'm happy is that it's a public holiday. That's all I ever care! I'm so superficial. Am I not? Actually I'm not. Honestly I'm not. I think so. Oh whatever la!

What a hectic week! Events and meetings non-stop and work's still piling up day by day.

Anyway, some update on the police investigation thingy, and in the end, the cop said it was my fault and not the other person. So I was compounded and had to pay up for it if not I could be in court. So to avoid the much problematic hassle, I just paid and finish of with it. Well, there goes part of my savings for the month of April. Awesome huh?

The month of March and April was just truly sucky for me like totally idiotically sucky. Had so many stuff going on which wasn't that great, cash flow was just like our dams running dry, few accidents major and minor, some people problem, work as usual and others la. 

Anyway, May is a new month and I'm totally looking forward to it so much. Bali is next week and I just can't wait to drop everything here and enjoy my time there with no care in the world! The food, beaches, people, massages, entertainment, drinks and everything which I could possibly do there. 

Any of you been to Bali? I'm pretty sure many out there have been. I feel so back dated. Well its my first time so if there's tips or must go places that you could share it'll be so awesome! I used to do researches to places that I'm heading to but lately I've been so lazy and I just leave it to the other person to handle the planning. I'm so mean! I know I know. Please pity me even if you don't. LOL!

Its Labour Day. What are your plans? Anything special other then just heading to the gym, or hanging out with friends? Well mine is super boring. Gym and back home for dinner with mom and dad and the little boy. Gosh I'm missing my nephew. He's just so adorable but pampered!

Oh yeah have you listen to Shakira's latest single called Empire?  Please say you have. If you've not, please go and listen to it. I swear it's damn good, but I'm not sure if everyone has the same thought as me though. I do notice I don't have a particular genre of song that I am a fan of or like. As long the song can get me singing to it or even dancing to it or even me looping it non-stop, it has to be something awesome which I just love. For those who've not listened to it yet, here it is. Share your thoughts!

Well Happy Labour Day everybody! It's a day to chillax and kick back. Go out and get some fresh air!