Sunday, June 29

Life in the fab lane

I foresee busy weeks to come and never ending pile of shoot coming along.

I've always wondered, where do those 'people' get all the money to flaunt their happening and lavish lifestyle. Happening as in, they're always at parties or in most cases they are at those higher end restaurants such as Alexis or something (which only God knows) for almost 3-4 times a week, eating, drinking and sharing their latest life news nightly. Apart from that, they also travel and not just to your backyard places like Sekinchan or Banting, but instead they travel to places such as Greece, Sydney, London, Paris, Tokyo, Seoul and all those places you see on TV.

I had a chitty chatter with a friend of mine about this and we did wondered how do they sustain such a life? Things are not cheap, even owning a freaking car will cost you at least 1k per month let alone a house, and the brands that they carry on their backs.

It's not just the feel of having such luxurious or fabulosity lifestyle, but it's also a status or something I think? But having all this does and will certainly come with a price. If you're earning huge chunks of cash monthly than maybe just maybe you could have this kind of life, but if you're just an average earner and wanting to live the fab life, I'm not sure how one can actually do it. I'm imagining the loans they have or maybe the support from the family they get.

I'm always curious to know how they do it. There are also times I feel, I don't really fit in with any of them. I'm living the simple life while they are living the life out there. It just feels weird.

Do you live the fabulous life? Would you? Why?

Monday, June 23

I spy with my little eye

I just had a reality check. I'm seriously growing fatter like seriously. Not lying. Was looking in the mirror and I saw some love handles building up. That's some serious shit going on! Somebody save me!

Situation: Walking into a cafe. Bunch of guys sitting there. Sat down for awhile. Got up and ordered drinks at the counter. Waited and collected it after that. Sat back down.
I'm sure many (not exactly many but more like all of you) of you have been in that situation right? And many of you would have gotten that stare or glare. The funny thing about it is the stare that you get is not just any kind of stare. It's a stare with some meaning of like 'who's that?', 'from where?', 'what are they/he doing here?', 'who is/are he/they...?'  and etc. Apart from just those thoughts that might be running through their brains, they are also scanning you as a person from head to toe on how you dress to how you look. Judging? I don't know you tell me.

Some stare can just be uncomfortable while some is just flattering to be honest. Still why do people stare? The funny thing is when they're staring and when you turn to look at them, they just turn their heads 180 degree around and pretend they are not looking at you. Hilarious.

Do you stare at people? Why? What reason?

Tuesday, June 17

Keep it on or off?

I can hear the paws or may be the nails of dogs running around the floor from my upper floor neighbour. Actually sometimes middle of the night I can hear them as well. It can be quite irritating at times but it's okay. Dogs are cute so are.......

Last week was just a hectic week. Okay not hectic but more to busy. I feel like I hardly have any time for anything. Isn't it sucky? Just say it is! 

Anyway (I seem to be using the word anyway so frequent in all my post) finally made a decision to get a new car! Yeay! It'll be my first car! Technically second as the first is by my dad but this would be my own! I'm buying it myself so it's something I'm proud of but I do wish to own a house instead of a car. Took both my parents for the test drive and they were pretty pleased with it. 

Back to the topic. So last night I was having a chat my friend and suddenly we were at this particular topic. What was it? Well it is this.

"Do you sleep with your clothes on or off"

For me it really depends. At times I would prefer to have it all on. There are times I would just wish for everything to be off. There are also times I would prefer for it to be partially there and not. But my main choice would be to have it all off. Why? Well because it's more comfy and relaxing. The main purpose of why you want to be relax is so that you could sleep better and having it all off helps me sleep better. So we were talking about it on why we don't and do. It's pretty interesting to know those who are into it or modernize while there is also those who more traditional in terms of being more covered up.

Some of them actually feel rather insecure or just too exposed having everything off. I don't think it's overly exposed as you still have the blanket to cover up when you sleep *wink wink*. But mainly they feel shy. I guess if you love yourself, it wouldn't be that bad. So loving yourself is very important and not just internally but externally as well. There are those who actually felt that having everything off makes everything else on your body extra sensitive. I'm not sure in what way, but I guess you guys can figure it out yourselves. Right? It feels so free, I mean the whole day you've had everything on and tight, and your only chance to be free is at night so why not make full use of it? 

Wednesday, June 11

About the gym

Busy day today busy day everyday. Like seriously busy. Been trying to update since like few weeks back, actually since my last post but I just don't have the time to do it. More of I'm just lazy or it's already late at night to do it. I need to split myself into few pieces at times. I want to have mutant blood injected into me which will give me the power to clone and split myself into a few of me. How awesome would that be right? *wink wink*

Been trying to go to the gym more often the past few days. I have this OCD (I think) since I've been gymming that is if I don’t work out for a day or two, I feel weak, tired, skinny and fat! Am I a gym addict? Please say I’m not cause I don’t want to be one! (I think). Did I say that I was into muay thai now? I mean those at the gym lah since I'm not or more of I don't that commitment to join those professional full time training at those centre although I would love to! Anyway, my boxing and kicking skills seems to be improving from my own perspective. Legs don't feel pain after I've kicked the bag and arms doesn't ache after many punching moments. I just love it because it helps me relax and sweat it all out! Oh yeah sweat is good!

So talking about gym and stuff, I've always had this question on my mind. Have you been like hit on and have you done anything, 'kinky' in the gym? Frankly speaking, people this days are from all sorts which leads to 'anything can happen' moments.

I've seen a few folks especially in the locker rooms (that's where everything happens) acting like vultures or a predators looking for their next prey. It can be quite entertaining on how they go about it but some can be really disrespecting in terms of to the society. I mean it's pretty obvious the community has certain issues with LBGT folks and people who does this kind of stuff only makes it worst and not any better. Even the straight community would find it inappropriate for this kind of things to happen. It's a public gym dude, unless it's like those specialist gym, by all means do what you like. I've seen folks roaming around the locker room, shower cubicles and others looking for an easy target. I'm not saying you shouldn't be doing it as it's your wish and problem not mine, but still, you know, it ain't appropriate. There was once I saw this fellow who was just clad in his towel, walking up and down the whole locker room since I arrived until I was about to have my shower. Persistence is surely his plus point.

If you're just checking out that person, go ahead even I don't mine *HAHAHA* but more then that maybe a proper way to approach would be better.

I'm not trying to portray that I'm a saint or anything, but it's stuff like this which doesn't portray a good image for everyone.

What are your views on this? Has it happen to you?? Share la. *wink wink*

Sunday, June 1

How I've changed

Been at home the whole day back at my parent's place. Although I do get annoyed at them sometimes, I just can't imagine what I'll do without them.

It's already middle of the year with another half to go. I feel time moves to fast. Don't you feel the same?

So, this afternoon I was watching Devil's Wear Prada for the 1000th time due to boredom. Somehow, that movie have never been boring to me. It's such a fun movie to watch. Anyway, while watching it I did realise one thing which was how much Andrea changed from a normal street girl to this up-class fashionista with attitude. While watching it, it had me thinking in the end. It had me realising how much I've changed, me, myself. Changing for the good or bad I would not know but all I know is I've changed from a person to another.

It all started when I attended my college for my degree and from that moment I've changed from a person who just stays at home with my mom and dad, to someone who had the taste of being out and about. I used to be timid, always not willing to try anything new, but being exposed to all sort of scenes and environment changed all that. I learn to life on my own, who to trust, what's pain, how to face my fears, how to climb a wall, fishing for gold, digging for time and so much more. I turned to someone else who's more out spoken, brave to speak up, not that shy and timid, and I would say it totally changed my personality of who I was before.

With all those emotional changes, there was the external changes as well. I've taken into consideration of how I look, what others think of me, what would they say, how they would react, all this made me to change my dressing, my appearance, my actions and everything. I became more concern of everything. I joined the gym after I got my first job, I paid to get a good hair cut, fork out lots on nice clothes, read on the net and magazines on the latest happenings, got new gadgets, trying to fit in, everything was this, that, on me.

I made lots of new friends whom I've never expected I would which till this very day, they have become some of my bestest and we are able to share many sorts with no cold feelings. I've meet many people from different background who've thought me many sorts of being a person. They thought me how to be out and about and see the world. I've been in love, broken hearted, played, fooled, ignored, and all those lovey dovey stuff. But with all this I've never fail to put on a brave face right up till today.

Me and my sister we share our stories together whenever we meet. My mom is always the person who backs me up when I down. Dad is the man of the family who advises on work and finance related matters. Brother comes to the rescue whenever I need him to be. I sit and speak matured adult stuff with my family and never be scared or afraid to share the concerns I have. I could never ask for another family like mine. Throughout the few years I've learned to appreciate them so much more even though I do know at times I might have neglected them.

Since then till now, I've changed. A lot, like so much. If I do bump into any of my school mates, the first thing they'll notice is how much I've changed. I was never the smartest in school, I wasn't the best looking in school, I wore the same pants for a week and the shirt lasted me for two years. I wasn't in the elite group. I didn't go out like they did. I wasn't the rich kid who had 2 bucks in their pockets on a daily basis. Somehow, some way all this changed as I grew.

Do I regret all that has happen and would I turn back time? Maybe I would turn back time to spend more time with my family, but regrets have no point of regretting it, as the past is in the past, we learn from it. I'm almost at that point that my regrets should not be repeated in the future.