Saturday, July 26


It's the weekend! Aren't you just excited? Basically for those country which recognizes Raya, it'll be a truly long weekend la. For those country which doesn't well, enjoy the regular weekend you'll be experiencing.

Anyway, I'm going on a road trip! The first for 2014. Seriously? Yes I'm serious! Well work got the best of me, so I haven't had the time to actually go on a road trip. Only did a sky trip and not any road trip. So now I'm going to do a road trip.

What are you going to do for your weekend? It's a long long weekend.

Monday, July 21


I was told, I read, I saw, I understood. What can I say? Well, the best is just let it be. I've got no time for petty stuff.

The weather has been extremely hot lately with not a single drop of rain at all. Water rationing coming soon? I won't rule that out. It could be a possibility and the gym will start being flocked by many folks. Apparently there was a surge of sign-ups during the previous water rationing crisis.

When I was a kid, back then, that sounds so old, I didn't really care of how I look or what I wear. I would just leave it all to my parents to decide and buy them for me. I'll just wear it and be so happy with it. After that I grew older and I started to become picky on what I wear. I wanted certain colour and design. I didn't wanted things that were not of my liking. I started buying more clothes, not exactly me but my mom bought them for me. Teen life, I started taking into consideration how I look. My hair had to be properly trimmed and cut. My pants ironed nicely. My shirt with no wrinkles on them.

By the time I was in Uni, I took even more care on how I look. I started to drop the pounds, bought nicer clothes, mix and match pairs. Head to toe was being taken into consideration. My hair had to be styled by a professional. My choices of food were slightly more particular. How I spoke and walk even went into consideration.

adlexus.blogspot.comEntered the working world, had the money in hand, made some major changes to my life. Joined the gym, bought branded stuff, drank at cafes, ate at restaurants, partied at clubs, spend much on many stuff which at that time was considered as a must and it reflects social status. I began spending a lot and enjoying like there was no end.

After 3 years of being in the work force, meeting people, knowing life and learning the meaning of cold hard cash, I've learned that is not what you wear on your back or how you look that matters, but instead it's the person you are that counts. I don't believe in splurging all you've made into vacations or goods which can only bring you temporary happiness for the sake of being notice in the community. I may not drive luxurious cars. I may not travel to European states. I may not party with who's who at major night spots. I may not eat the most expensive menus. I may not dress in the most sort after designer. I may not have cool rich friends. But one thing that I have is my family, friends and most important me being me.

Me, the small kid who always plays basketball in the evening throwing balls through hoops hung on a tree, screaming and shouting around the house, fighting and pulling with my brother and sister, it is me, who I've made a promise to stay true to my self forever and always.

Friday, July 18


Another tragedy for Malaysia and Malaysia Airlines. MH370 have yet to be found and now another aircraft, MH17 suspected to have crashed or shot down near the border of Russia and Ukraine soil.

I can't imagine how would the family and love ones of those on board the plane be feeling now, to hear such saddening news. Pray for all to be safe and sound although it may seem impossible but there is always a possibility.

Looking at all the images and videos online, it just breaks my heart and causes my eyes to tear up. 2014 is truly a challenging year for all Malaysians. With so much going on and it's only half of the year with another 6 months to go. I truly hope all will be fine.

There are times I wonder those people who post or spread countless unless information on the net about MH17, have they ever thought of how the family and friends would feel? Posting pictures of bodies, heart wrenching videos, it is all uncalled for, but then again, is people like me and you who encourages them to post because we seek so much for this kind of information.

Do hope justice is served if the plane was truly shot down. Again, prayers for the souls of those who've perished in the crash and words of comfort to the loved ones of those.

Cry performed by Michael Jackson

Monday, July 7

Throw the towel

Ok. It's Sunday. It's hot. It's not raining. It's not even snowing. Hell! But it's okay. I'm watching ANTM S2. Yea I'm back dated. It's okay.

Honestly,  been hitting the gym quite frequently lately. Reason why? Well I had an epiphany. All the while I was feeling, "well I'm still okay...not much fat" but I realise, it was all fake! I was gaining fat like there's no tomorrow! So yea. I decided to be strictly disciplined by fixing schedules and gymming to meet goals.

Anyway, the above is not what I want to talk about, actually. It's actually all about towels.
I guess everyone of you or maybe part of you do hit the gym and some of you may bring your own towels or borrow the ones provided by the gym. Having the convenience of the towel service is extremely well and it helps prevent from having to bring your own from home or wherever.

But there are times, those towels, can be a little not so wonderful to use or worst, can't be used at all. How is it? Well, there are cases where the towel is torn and it seems as though it was used to hook something up and pulled till there's a big tear. Another is the smell. Gosh some of the towel really do stink like it was just washed in plain water and hung to dry. There are those which smell of body odor like pretty bad, so bad. Also, there are towels which isn't just meant to be a bath towel. How? It just can't soak up water! I always wonder, do they actually have some QC when it comes to like cleanliness and hygiene for these towels?

OK. I may seem like I'm whining and stuff, but when I think of it, I'm actually paying for it. It's part of the services that is being provided. Just like a hotel room. You're paying for all the amenities provide, what's in the room, the toiletries and the towels. Isn't it right? But it's just my silly thoughts of stuff in life.

What's your view on this?