Sunday, December 27

Merry Christmas 2015

Have you been naughty or nice? Did you make it to Santa's nice list this year? What was your wish list for this year?

Merry Christmas folks!
Marina Bay Sands

Wednesday, December 16

Adele on X Factor 2015

Louisa Johnson has won the X Factor 2015! Wooohooooo! Been following X Factor since Leona Lewis won it and it never failed to thrill me. Some how the British version is still much more exciting compared to the US version.

This year I've been rooting for Louisa since day 1 of her audition. She's just a star. Superb voice! Plus she's only 17 years old man.

Love her performance on the finals of X Factor. Can't deny she truly deserves to win it.

Owh. Adele performed as well during the finals! That new hair just looks superb on her too.

Adele - Hello oleh stefa73it

Monday, December 14

Randomly me

The weekend has ended, yet again. Why are the days passing so them fast lately? We're already in the second week of December and Christmas is just 11 days away. Went to Pavilion today since my last visit was in August 2015. The Christmas decoration there really suck this year. Guess their marketing budget was cut short?

Anyway just some random post from me today. Currently on the verge of being down with a flu. I had a cold on Saturday morning and it has been on and off for the past two days. Getting caught in the rain on Sunday didn't make it any better.

Be heading to Singapore this weekend and be back on Monday for a short vacay-vacay. Guess this would be my longest since the so called Penang trip which ended up abruptly. Haven't been down south for sometime and looking forward to seeing how the place is during Christmas since it's famed for it to be extensively decorated.

Been planning for next year's trip since winning a contest which offered me free credits to be used by 31st Dec 2015. Just booked flight tickets to Phuket in February 2016. Planned to go during my birthday period however with CNY just a couple of days away, not a good idea. Currently looking at hotels for the stay in Phuket and two more trips for the year. Not easy planning a holiday trip, like for real! Have to keep doing tonnes of research and stuff plus with my work being such a pain, its seriously not easy. Been asking friends for advise to make the planning much easier and faster. Normally I would make a good plan for it but I really don't have the time for it now. Plus I dislike improper or last minute planning when it involves trips overseas. 

New year is coming and haven't got any plans for it either. I guess these days my priorities are just spending time with the ones I love and close friends. Not sure should I book a suite on AirBnB and have some small gathering with  my friends or not. Perhaps might just check-in myself into a hotel room and just chillax. Not sure anyway what to do. Seems like I might be ringing the new year on a low note? Anyway need to make up my mind now. Got to do the bookings asap! Any suggestions?

This song is so awesome!

Thursday, December 3

I guessed I've been good enough

It's December. Like literally December is here. I'm not dreaming but December is really here.

11 months has passed and so much has happen. Been reflecting back on what has come and gone, lets just say I've made many right and wrong decisions through that period. Do regret some of it? Yea I do but well, it is the past.

Till today sometimes I wonder are my decisions the right ones or wrong ones? How am I reacting to my surroundings? Am I careful enough? Sometimes I do think a lot and honestly its something which has been part of me for some time and I can't get rid of it. Over thinking is bad but well, I'm always cautious with and of everything. I don't want to go down the same path I've been before. I'm tired and kind of had enough of it. If there's something wrong, I'll just back-off this time and not move forward with it. But I'm sure my decisions thus far has been right.

This was one of my 2015 songs during those periods. So deep with meaning.

Anyway I'm hoping 2016 would be a greater year for me and for everyone else as well. So much to look forward to and expect. Crossing fingers all will go well.