Monday, February 15


Happy Chinese New Year! I know I know I’m a little late in wishing, but hey, isn’t Chinese New Year for 15 days?

So how has your New Year celebration been? Are you still visiting friends and family? Well for me I didn’t exactly do any visitation this year and the year before or even the year before. Yea, not a very festive person am I. But if you asked me out during this occasions, I’ll gladly oblige. Haha.

This year Chinese New Year has been a little quiet, generally I would say and year after year, my reunion dinner seems to be getting more intimate because my cousins, the girls to be precise are all getting married while the guys, not sure why la taking so long. Lol.

Year after year I’m always faced with this question. “Adrian where’s your girlfriend?”. My answer was very simple, “I don’t know”. There! 

Friday, February 12

Lets fly!

It is that time of the year again! Holiday for me!

It is 12.30am now and I need to be up by 2.45am, and head to the airport by 5.15am.

Damn! Morning flight sucks.

P.s - Stay tuned for my next post!

Friday, February 5

Happy Birthday Adrian :)

Happy birthday Adrian :)

Who's Adrian? That's me. Hello. (from the other side).