Wednesday, May 24


Have you heard or read the news? Taiwan is set to become the first country in Asia to legalise same-sex marriage! What an achievement for all the activist in Taiwan and a great news for the community in the region. I'm looking forward to the after effect of the new rule not just for Taiwan but the region. Will you be moving to Taiwan anytime soon?
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Well I don't hope for Malaysia to follow or let alone even recognise this rule nor the community. We'll just be 'like that lor'. Happy news aside, its heart wrenching to hear the news of the bombing in Manchester city. Why are humans just so cruel to each other?

Now for some updates.....

In my previous post I wrote about me and my love hate relationship with my job right? I'm not sure if it is a good or bad thing, but my relationship with my job has just reached a new peak. I'm officially serving my notice period till the end of June. I know some may say "Wahhh change job again ar? Wahhh job hopping ar? Wahhh! Wah this wah that". All the 'wahhs' will come out of their brains but honestly I don't simply make decisions based on what I feel but instead I make them base on what I can see and achieve. I don't make decisions like some dudes who only use their dicks as their brains. There is always a reason to everything and whatever it may be, I know it will be good for me. Of course I can't tell the future but at least I know where I'm heading too. I'm very excited for my new role and the people I'll be meeting. More to come!

So the day I tendered was quite a private affair with only two of my colleagues knowing it first before the email was sent. Yes I tendered via email. Some may think its a bit 'not nice' but hey, what era are we living in? Anyway, as usual, my manager had a talk with me and asked what can be done to change my mind about my decision. Honestly speaking, nothing can as I've set my mind to it and I'm a very goal oriented person. So nothing can change that. Then I met with my director. He too tried to talk me out of it, but as like before, I've made up my mind. You know, I don't hate the company nor the people. I just want growth that's all. 

Up next.....

I've been feeling so lethargic lately. I'm not exactly sure what's the reason but every day I feel so tired when I'm awake in the morning. What could it be? Am I SICK? or going to get SICK?

Aside from that.....

As years move on, I've been losing friends like how my hair falls on a daily basis. Many turned from friends to acquaintance and eventually, 'who are you again?'. Life.

Sunday, April 30

Another long weekend

Don't you just love this country? There are always public holidays which makes it so great! Haha.

This week is more of like a "spending time in town" kinda thing. Last week I was in Penang for a short vacay-cay. Didn't do much actually. Just walked round, looked for stuff to eat, dragged our feets here and there, eat again. All we did was really just eat and eat most of the time. My stomach was literally bout to explode from all those food we stuffed our face with.

Visited few places, the usuals in Penang. Didn't really plan on where to go cause we just wanted to make the trip more of like a random thingy.

Didn't really take much pictures either. Brought a camera together with me but nah, just used to snap a little stuff and nothing much. Hahaha.

On another note, I'm currently at Starbucks, Tropicana Mall typing this out and there's this one guy beside me who I find so freaking irritating like for real.

I'm guessing he is doing his work here cause I over heard him having some call about his project and stuff, but the thing that is getting on my nerves is how he eats his nuts. Yes eating nuts which is driving me nuts! Hahaha. He chews kinda loud, he just keeps shoving them down like he has not eaten nuts for the longest time ever! I know it may sound like something small to you or what's the issue of someone eating nuts but I'm not sure why it just gets to me. Maybe cause I don't eat nuts like he does? Hahaha.

These days I tend to get irritated by the smallest thing. Is this a sign of some mid life crisis? Gosh no. I can't be facing it! I shall not accept that fact!

Last Thursday my company had their monthly town hall and they decided to give out some token of appreciation to staff who've been in the company for 2 years (since we started). I've been here for the pass 1 year and 10 months. While I was at the event, I realised there were many things I love and still do about this place and I'm not sure how am I going to part with it if I had to. I mean, I've literally seen this company grow from the start till today and so much has change. So I'm just thinking, if the day does come for me to move on, how would I react and feel? How would the people around me feel and react? Would I be missed? Would I  be appreciated? I don't know. I'm not saying I'm gonna leave anytime soon but it is just something which I've been thinking. After years of working for a few different company, I've never been so attached to a company like this. I just feel connected some way, some how. Maybe cause I've been with it since the beginning and you tend to have a special bond with the people? Sorry this may sound a bit of a drama-to-be show but yea.

There are times I totally hate the place but most of the time which is around 80% I just love it. I don't mind putting in more time for it and ensuring I give my best. I've had people telling me how awesome it is to be me, to be able to see a company grow thus far and be part of it. Somehow it does make me feel proud in certain ways.

But yea, we all have to move on one day sooner or later. Unless its written in the stars? LOL.

Here's a favourite song from my favourite singer.


Friday, April 21


I'm really trying hard to keep this place alive honestly. I'm also getting the momentum back to keep updating. I remember when I first started blogging (which was like 9 years ago) I would update every single day! Too free I guess back then. Hahaha.

Its Friday how happy I am that it's Friday.

Will be heading to Penang this weekend for a well deserve break. Don't think I've traveled anywhere since my last trip to Langkawi last year.

I'm cutting down on all overseas trip for the year, cause as much as I want, I need to save more. Been spending quite a lot lately.

I'm also trying to start something new, new adventure, new venture, new phase in my work life. Hope it goes well and I can make something out of it.

I was supposed to write something else here but I've forgotten what was it. Sometimes I really have short term memory. Worst than Dory I think.

Sunday, April 16

1,100 strangers showing up for sex

Does the title of this post sound familiar? Perhaps some of you may have read it before but for those who've not, check it out here.

It talks about 1,100 strangers showing up at a guy's house for sex and the victim blames it on Grindr. The interesting part was it says the guy's ex was the one who is responsible for creating those fakes profiles on the app to lure men to his ex's house for sex. Is it true or not, well we're not sure but I feel there is a possibility for it.

Saturday, April 15

So sticky!

Honestly the title has nothing to do with this post. Hahaha! Just randomly wrote it to get your attention. Have I?

It's Saturday! Actually the only reason I'm kinda happy its the weekend is that I don't have to be awake in the morning, but other than that, nothing else really matter as I still work during the weekends may it be from home or office. Yup I do. Well, sometimes I do blame myself for it. It is like "who ask you to work in this industry?, Padan muka!" you know what I mean? Hey, working in an e-commerce is a trend but if you're not ready to face the working life of it, better don't even think of joining.

Wednesday, April 5

What's next?

Gosh it's April!

Achieved another mile stone. Hosted an event with a total estimated pax of slightly above 300 humans. It was certainly an exciting night and I did receive compliments from the team and even the Dato. So good to hear all those positive feedback although I know there's still room for improvement.

Tuesday, March 28


Firstly, I would like to take this moment to tell "gula tikus" I miss you!! Yes I've not spoken nor seen you for the longest time and have neglected our friendship but deep down I still love you for who you are! We need our McDonald session! So much to catch like how when someone loves ketchup too much at McDonald's they just pour it all out? Okay that sounds a bit wrong but hell, we are who we are right? I know you will read this so I'm putting you at the top of my list!

Wednesday, March 1

How it happened

There are few things that have happened in the last few weeks. Just need to find some time to sit down and just write it all out here.

I need a vacay-cay!

This song is soooooo catchy and totally relatable. This song should hit #1 on the  Billboard charts. Its underrated. 

Saturday, February 4

One wish is all I need
Early birthday celebration by lovelies.

What is it? Well it's my birthday! Yes I've grown another year older!

Can't believe how old I am now. Gosh!

Anyway this birthday, I don't need many wish but just one.

That's my only wish.

Sunday, January 29

New Year to New Year

From English new year to the Chinese new year. Another year has passed.

Firstly, I would like to wish a very Happy Chinese New Year folks! As the saying goes, it is the year of the cock. Wonder will there be any cocky people who would talk cock-sense using their cock rather than their brains?