Sunday, June 25

Sunday, June 18

2 weeks more to go

I'm writing this in my office. Yes its a Sunday and I'm in office. Why? Well I just have lots more to settle before I wave this place goodbye. Besides I prefer working in the office rather then home or a cafe somewhere. Reasons are because I have a season pass for parking which means my parking is covered, I have a comfortable place to work with food and snacks, awesome wifi which allows me to watch my favourite movies and I don't have to spend 15 bucks on a cup of coffee cause my office has a bean-grounding-coffee-machine.

2 weeks more before I leave this place for good (for now). Having lots of mixed emotions but I know its for a greater good anyways. Apparently another colleague of mine just resigned as well. I'm not sure if the management is not aware but clearly something is wrong somewhere in here and nothing seems to be done to fix it. Guess everyone is always replaceable and talents can be found anywhere? Who knows.

Wednesday, June 7

Being an adult

You know they always say, you're not an adult until you've been bounded by huge commitments? Have you heard of that before? Yes no? I'm guessing some would say yes and some would say no.

I guess now I've officially been labeled as an adult. Why am I saying that? Well it's because I've signed the papers for my first property. Yes,soon I'll be having my own space and living within my own liking. Technically in another 3 years time la.

Remember in one of my previous post I wrote about life goals? Having achieve the 1st goal and this year I'm about to clinch my 2nd life goal? So yes, this is my 2nd life goal and I've met it which I'm going to hold dearly in my hands.

So I am officially an adult now. Sometimes it sucks but isn't that the cycle of life?

Sunday, June 4

Read me

With only a torch light in my hand, I opened the door of a wooden house and stepped in. As I move further into the house passing the main door towards the staircase in the living area, I could hear sounds of water droplets hitting the floor like rain. I quickly gave light to the place where the sound were coming from and with horror I could see streaks of blood dripping against the walls from the ceiling to the floor. Blood was also dripping down from each step of the staircase which heads up to the second floor of the house. The blood were made of colours from red to black and not something you would to see.

Being terrified, afraid and scared,  I still brave myself and headed up to the second floor of the quiet house. As I made my way up, I stepping on puddles of blood on each step of the staircase causing it to splash against the walls and messing up my shoes.

On the second floor, there was a room. I opened the door and stepped in. The next thing I knew I was looking down at a girl who was trying to text someone on her phone for help. While she was doing it, there were large flesh eating bugs crawling around the room which was covered in blood. As she tried to text the bugs begun surrounding her and biting while she hold back her screams but tears of pain flowed down from her eyes.

Within a blink of an eye, I was looking at the girl from the floor with bugs crawling all over and suddenly her phone drops into the pool of blood around the room vanishing out of sight. The girl screams with all her might that all of hope is gone for her and she will be doomed to be where she is ever.

Suddenly I could here a ringing sound and felt vibrations coming from around me. Next thing I realise it was 8am and time for me to wake up.

This is one of the weirdest dream ever had for the longest time. I used to have weird dreams last time ranging from road accidents to plane crashes and even family related events but nothing quite so horrific as this.