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How do i say this. I can't explain this feeling. Sometimes I think I'm just trying to hard. To hard to please the heart of someone else and the feeling of someone else. Every time I'll have to watch what I say and how I say. This is just to not hurt that person. But has that person ever think of my feelings? Sometimes I'll just be silent acting like whatever has been said is just something small and I'll just let it go. But actually deep down in me I just can't forget it. In my face it may not show but in my heart it burns. Not wanting to hate that person but sometimes it just hurts to hear and see.
Sometimes everything that person says not just to me but to or about some else really makes me wonder. Sometimes that person thinks that's "it's" always right or the smart one or the good one. But actually that person is NOT. Always judging other people and questioning other people. Always wanting to be the person who solves all the problem that other people have. Always wanting to act like the caring one to other people. Sometimes that persons actions really make me don't care anymore. Not knowing sometimes "it's" actually the stv type.
Everyone has feelings not just you.....PEACE...


  1. ad..i think who is ur that person...its is......

  2. bellverse-someone just someone nothing more nothing less


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