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just wanna say...

from the first day i was thinking like " this place is so nice....all so good to each other...all can get along with each one having problems facing each other or anything like that...all don't seem to be the stv type....." but i was wrong. not fully but maybe partly. after sometime here true colours were shown. different characters of different roles were seen. some were totally not what i imagine meaning totally the opposite. good,bad,not that good,not that bad and so on. lots of things happen not just to me but to lots of people here. emotions were shown. anger were shown. tears were shown. sadness were shown. snobbishness were shown. everything were shown. and many things were broken. hearts were broken. friendships were broken....certain things i couldn't imagine took place here too. i couldn't believe it, but whats not to believe. everythings to believe . friends who are friends are friends with friends of a friend and the circle goes on and on and on (if get what i'm trying to say here).....this is life. everyone has their good and bad faces including me. i'm the kind if you're older then me, i respect you. if you're good to me, i'll be good to you. if you're another kind, i'll still be friends with you. but if something that really "pissess" me off, sorry...but i hope that doesn't happen anymore to me here...let the past be the past....hermmm what can and can't i say anymore....this is all i just wanna say.....peace $$


  1. its ok..i noe u getting period..huhuhu no la just joke...but u still have me rite just talk to me i will be a listener...


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