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Life in Uni.....Starting a new Chapter nice (so near too)..I love Uni life. So many people to meet. Exciting. But can be tiring too. But loving it. Totally different from those days in school. Sometimes how I wish I could just turn time back. But life's goes on. Being here sometimes brings up the stress in me. Mostly from waiting for the bus and assignments. LOL. But still love it... I had to stay in a residential college. Wasn't excited bout it at all...It was college 5 or K5..but later I gotten used to it...turns out it was very fun here!! lots of stuff to do..hohoho. Besides I
got new friends too...great people..funny too!! crazy sometimes but it's all alright... I could not ask for better friends....
Bell and Jali were the first few who I've they are one of the closes friend I have here in upmthen there's Jun & Daphne who are some of the others who I've met here in upm...Jun, she's like the nanny to all of us..hohohoh...while Daphne's like the GLAMOROUS girl in upm...hahahaha
there are so many more people I've met here and known.....just hope that the friendship will last.....peace
So my life begins a new chapter from now on......


  1. hey, since when i'm your nanny lol???'s ok.
    i'm bangga to be the NANNY too.
    oh my god!! sgt tua la sy macam ni


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