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what to do....?? hermmmm

so many are things happening. i'm so mixed up. complicating friendships. i made lots of friends here. but, slowly many of them are moving away. why? slowly i'm starting to know their true colours. some of them are really great people, but some of them are slowly changing by the day. so many problems are arising from these friendships. why? some are starting their own world. some are in their own fantasy. nowadays it feels like there's a wall build between friends. what can be done? i think nothing can be done unless all the truth are expose..what to do????


  1. its because in diz world nobody will show their true color in beginning of relationship...beware with who had notty shadow..huhuhu

  2. ad in this life people wil b prepared wit it...u cant aspect them to be the same.. and ad how close u wit them u wil still dunno the insight of them.. coz people is complicated to understand.. n one more thing ad the situation cannot adapt to u but u must adapt wit the situation..

  3. bellverse & nostrodust, maybe u guys are right...i'll just have to go with the flow maybe...

  4. People change, and they come and go. But their presence is there to teach us a little more something about life. Everything happens for a reason.

    People don't change things, but things change people.


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