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whom it concerns...

whom it concerns...i tried to get along with you, but i just couldn't. maybe it could be me or maybe it's about you. from the first day i knew we might not be friends. but i still tried. but then stories were told about certain things which wasn't all that easy to my ears. but still i just like "ok let it be". but there are some lines which has been made that should not be crossed. but you did. so you let your feelings out to someone thinking it would be alright in the end. but sorry that's what i can say. whats said has been said. you can't change the past. sometimes i feel like i did something wrong but sometimes i feel like did i? . i don't really bother. if you still want to be my friend, sure i will. but if not, then i'm fine with it.

whom it concerns...liking is not loving. i just like someone doesn't mean i love that someone. i used to like you but now i accept you as one of my closes friend. i don't want to be fake. so it's better to like than to love for me. i've liked many people in my life just like you. but maybe i don't have what it takes so i'll let it go. i don't want to think about it. i am the type not to compete with other people. i just want to carry on with my life. but i will always pray happiness for you even with whoever you are with. i will always like you as a friend. a closes friend.


  1. uik..share wif me lo...who is the person???
    i wanna to noe who is it..huhuhu

  2. Heheh....i noe i noe!!!
    AD, i tau siapa tu yg u write bout. 2 person kan??


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