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can we just like but not love someone?

Liking someone is hard. But loving someone is even harder.
Whats going on in my mind?
Whats going on in my heart?
Is there a pill for this confusion that's happening in my mind?
Is there a cure for the pain that's in my heart?
Sometimes my heart cries. Sometimes my heart aches.
Why am I having this feeling for you?
I know it's impossible for you to be mine.
But why do I still want you?
I'm only making myself miserable because of you.
I want to forget you. But why is it so hard?
I want to start a new beginning.
I want to forget all the ones.
I want to go back to my old self.
I want to forget you in my heart.
But how?
Every night before I sleep I will think of you.
Thinking what you are doing?
Thinking will I see you tomorrow?
Thinking how will I face you tomorrow?
All this thinking makes my heart crumble.
It's because,
You're heart is for someone else.
You'll never open if for someone else.
You'll only love that one person.
Because of all this,
I've made up my mind.
I'll try to forget everything that I feel for you.
I'll try to go back to myself.
I'll try not to love someone until I'm ready to face it.
I'll just try to like but not love someone.
Liking does not hurt as much as when you start to love someone.
My only hope for you now is that the person that you love will finally come to you.
That you'll be happy.
And that one person will not hurt you in anyway.
No other star shines brighter........


  1. liking is juz like a small fragment of luving..if we like sumone,da...n as a bonus,at d same tym,we do luv her/him...

  2. ad..u suppose to be brave as like me..even im not brave as i means it we same...

  3. jun - no no no no

    aku - hope so

    bellverse - i'm trying to put on brave face


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