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something inside....

this feeling is growing day by day. whenever i don't see you i will start to think. but whenever i do see you, i feel weird. i always remind myself that i should not have this feelings. it's not right for me to have this feelings for you. for which i know it would be impossible for me to achieve. but i feel happy when you are around, but sometimes i will start to think of the things that ...~~~~~~~~~... sometimes to avoid myself from going deeper, i would just avoid myself from you. but no matter how i try, i will somehow still meet you. sometimes i do hope what if my wish do come true. but i know that, it will never will. maybe all i can do is just be myself and just carry on..for that something inside me may one day just fade away................................


  1. Oh like that lah now.. Don't anggap me as friend. =( Or daughter. What kind of daddy are you haa

  2. wah so angry lo....hehehehehe
    no la...secret...not ready to tell yet anyone about it...hohohohoho

  3. i noe the answer who is in ad's just simpe and easy to i noe taht person tau..~~

  4. may it be a secret forever bell...:)

  5. i think i noe who's tat!!!
    ad ,tell me la...
    nvm . u juzz con fess ur love to her lol.hahaha


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