Tuesday, October 21

a tale of fantasy which comes alive...


A story which brings the child out in you

Debunga Setia is the name our story. It was an all in one experience not just for me but for everyone (theatre group 5 qkb2103 by Edmund). A fun filled time we had. We only had 2 weeks to prepare for this production. But with such little time, we manage to give the best we had. A show that really brought the child out from all of us.....
Nature production
(the crews of Debunga Setia)

I'll really miss the fun and the times I had during the whole time in this group with all the people who are not just funny but crazy at certain times too..hope we'll bump into each other.. ;)...XOXO

QKB 2103 08/09 theatre group 5

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