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Sigh...Okay. It's been so long. Miss my blog so much until sometimes I'm too lazy to update it...
But now I'm not so lazy after all..hehehe..
It has been such a holiday for me. Actually not really a holiday. A holiday is mostly when you relax and all, but I din't really relax.
So here's some updates for what has happened so far.

November 25
th till 30th year 2008:
I attended one of the college's camp that is KPSP 2008 which stands for Kursus Pembangunan Sahsiah Pelajar 2008. It was a REAL experience for me. I've honestly never attended such a camp before, but this was far most I can say THE most CHALLENGING camp. It was a test of your mental & physical stability...hahaha joking..It was actually to see how are you able to go with pressure being poured on you physically and mentally. I was really drain to the bones during the camp. Sleep was the only thing I was craving for during the camp. We had to dig, RUN, ask, swim, shout, THINK, built, and lots more...From the camp, I've finally known something which is trully important in life. That is the people who you can trust and believe in plus the true colours of certain people. (Tin kosong) But the greatest item that I've got from this camp is the experience. Nothing beats it when you've experienced it for your self.


December 11
th till 13th year 2008:
Okay as you can see in the pic, that was the event that I've attended. It was fun, pack, busy, pleasant, funny, enjoyable, wet, dry, hot, and surprising time plus not forgetting being richer by a few ringgit.LOL. It was truly a camp that's really enjoyable and fun. There were lots of activities from sunrise to sunset.

December 13
th year 2008:
This time I was at Bukit Jalil Nasional Stadium. Not for football but it was for the opening ceremony for the ASEAN University Games a.k.a. AUG. It was great to see an opening ceremony, but honestly it was totally boring and not exciting plus hot like (almost) hell. But at least I've bought a souvenier for my self..hahaha a nice carry bag...yuppy. And one more thing, BLOK 101 was the place that we were sitting.
December 14th year 2008:
Genting Highlands. What to say? Is was Bunga's 1st time there. So we (Me,Skem, & Bell) made sure that he got on all the rides, if not all, the important ones. It was really funny moments. Bunga really couldn't go on all those rides.LOL. He was controlled by fear during all the rides. We were very lucky to be able to catch the main rides there cause it was raining of and on plus it was so misty up on the hill.

Got lots to say but I'll just stop here for the moment. Memories forever....Peace..