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Is that time of the year where we shift into a new era and this year we are to shift to the wholesome a decade era 2010. Its been 10 years in the 2000's. How fast could it get? I think it could get much faster. (ok im crapping to much now). So what are my resolutions for my new year ? Hermm..honestly speaking although I might have them but I hardly stick to them. But who knows maybe this time I'll make it happen. My resolutions for 2010:
Being a GOOD child to my parents
Being the best that I can in my STUDIES
Getting myself in a BETTER shape (my promise to someone)
SPENDING less on clothes & unnecessary items
Keeping my LOVED ones closer to me
Being more FRIENDLY
Saving more MONEY
Maybe FINDING someone special (but too lazy)
Well these are my resolutions but it could change anytime. Like I said, I'm not fixed to it. Anything can happen and anything can change. So just hoping for the best and all. To all my loved ones, friends and dear readers, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2010!!

Nyonya Colours

Recently I (again like usual) traveled to The Gardens. Just went window shopping and walking with my friend Bell-Amin. Was thinking of just taking a stroll but ended up shopping for hours. Luckily it wasn't me who shopped like crazy..huhuhu..I'm controlling my spending now. Mummy says I'm spending too much. So I got to stop before my $$$ gets cut... Like always when window shopping, there's always food involved. So me and Bell decided to have our meal at Nyonya Colours. So far its one of the best places for food that I choose in Gardens. The price are average and the food are tasty and delicious..hehehe...truly nyonya style..Below are some picture of my was great..a bowl of Yellow laksa and a cup of hot green tea...slurrrp!!!

Christmas Day..

After so long finally I get a chance to post something. All this was due to my bloody laptop giving me problems and the stupid freaking wireless connection which is a total junk. So back to my post (LOL). Christmas as usual was boring for me. Maybe its because I don't celebrate it like I used to anymore. This new year the only place I went was my aunts house in Ampang. Not many were present because all mostly had other plans. So only a few came. Honestly it was totally boring for me. (hahaha). Maybe the only thing that was great was the food. Its because all the food that was served was cooked by 2 chefs who works at Hilton KL and one more a lecture at Taylors. They are also my cousins who are totally nice and friendly. Here are a couple of pictures I took with the first picture showing my aunts and family (part of my family) and the second ( & third ) picture are my cousins 2 pure breed dog Nugget and Exxel.

p.s.-I just can't wait for new year..huhuhu

Merry Christmas!!!


Whats so new? Nothings new. But a new me. Yes!! thats what I want. Tomorrows Christmas already. So fast!!! Not sure if I'll be busy tomorrow. For now the plans are just visiting my aunts house in Ampang (near the landslide incident...scarry place..hohoho). Every year I alway visit her. Shes the best aunt..hahaha..Maybe I'll visit my cousin Fiona, thats if she does an open house. Love her house very big cossy..huhuhu..and not forgetting her golden retriever "Nugget"..cute fellow... Well thats just for the one day plan. Don't know what else to do..Thinking of taking my family out for movie (Avatar) at The Gardens, but will see how later. Maybe morning or lunch movie then night at my aunts..hermmm...(thinking to myself.......) Anyways to all my loved ones, friends and readers, I wish all of you a
Jolly Merry Christmas!!!
Here's a video of my fav Christmas song. Enjoy it!!!

p.s.-Can't wait for new year!!..huhu..(To Bell: jangan lupa plan kita!! hahahaha)

Going steady...

A week. Thats what its all about. A week of everything and anything. Had total experience from that week. Had total fun too. But to gain all that experience and fun certain things had to be taken and received.
Stress + Tension + Tiredness + Brain cracking + Emotion = Experience I've gain.

p.s. - this only part of what i've had.... if dear readers aren't sure plz ask...hahhaa

Christmas's in the Air!!!

Todays the 17th. Theres 7 days before Christmas. Everywhere I've gone has been in the 'Gingle' mood. Songs being played here and there, from classics to modernize songs. But for me these days Christmas aren't like the times when I was still 12. At that time we used to have games, dance, presents, family, friends, counting down to the stroke of midnight on the 24th onto Christmas day. These days, Christmas are only celebrated with my love ones which are my family. Celebrating with my family are much more meaning full for me. Keeps us close always and forever. I'm not saying that celebrating with my aunt or cousins aren't meaning full but they don't really have the spirit I guess. Anyways, I wonder when will we celebrate this year? 06 & 07 had been at San Francisco Steak House. Last year Italiannies. Hope this year maybe some Korean food..hehehe... Below are my parents, sis & me walking round surveying restaurants...hohoho...

So fast....

Last Monday was the 17th anniversary my "Popo" has passed. I can still remember the time before she left. I gave my Popo a pot of fern which I've got from Ulu Yam. I planted it and nurtured it just for her. So on one Sunday I gave it to her. Then the following week, when I went to her house, she told me to take it back because she said she won't be able to take care of it and my cousins might play with it. So, I took it back. A couple of weeks later, she passed away in a peaceful way. It was a sudden shock to everyone. Maybe I might not have felt the impact at that time because I was 4 years old that time, but now I truly do. At certain times when I would see my friends or other people around me who are with their grandparents I would feel how lucky if could spend time with my grandparents too. But maybe all this are mend to be that way. Anyways I'm happy the way things are..huhuhuhu....Miss my Popo always...huhuhu

The Days...


Ok I think I'm the latest or last to blog bout this camp. But who cares right?? (ahahha) So this camp from 18 - 24 November 2009. Thats right 7 whole days. Held at Ulu Yam forest reserved (Sg. Tua) from what I remembered. It was the camp I've ever been so far. Meaning of adventure and fun. With all the "says" by people, I've manage to survive and succeeded plus graduated from that camp..(huhuhu)...Had lots of activities. The 1st challenging and exciting one was called "Survivor". Can you imagine, out of nowhere, had to cook, prepare and sleep for one night only (huhuhu). Had to just sleep on the ground (wet and full of bugs especially blood sucking types). Hardly ate that night cause couldn't cook much..(fire was not all that good...hahaha). The 2nd challenging and exciting one was called "Mobile" (I think). We've learned to read and understand the compass and bearing. So it was time to put our skills to the test. So my group was given th…

Making the cut

Normally i would write something that had happen on the same day, but today it won't happen. Why?. The reason ?. Nothing much or entertaining happened today. So i'm gonna talk bout yesterday. huhuhu
When home like always for lunch. (if i'm free). Then later:

Situation 1 - at home
Me - i wanna get a hair cut today. ok? Mum - ok la. but take me to the stationary shop 1st. wanna get some paper (my mum's on a new project now "PAPERS!!!") Me - ok. but i wanna wash my face 1st (FUSH!!!! water splashing....) ok done lets go! Mum - wait i wanna wash my face too...(like copy cat la...hahaha) ok lets go!
Engine starting & seconds later........ZROOMMMM.....

Situation 2 - at the stationary shop
So we went to town. Did some paper shopping and all. Lots of paper my mum bought. Price btw 15 - 50 cents. (GOSH just for a piece of paper!!). So take3. Then pay.
Me - so many paper your buying!!. just buy the pack ones Mum - no. i want the thick but…

How bad could it get??

OK..Lady Gaga can be rather weird sometimes, but her song are always tops from Just Dance to Paparazzi. (Weirdness are IN now..LOL). Her latest single Bad Romance from her latest EP The Fame Monster, might not ease the ears of everyone but its rather catchy if you love to have some "Footloose" moments. It still has some moments of Poker Face in it with the beat and all. (But who cares right?). But you know, after listening to it, it might be a big one. (Maaayyybbbeeee). Its a total club song that you'll hear it blasting while people shaking to it. Here's the video of Bad Romance. The video is always Gaga-ish......

I'm so Excited alrite.....come on...

Yes!! I'm Freaking Bugger Shoot Fook Butch excited.......My exams are officially over...HURRAY....!!!!!!!.... No studies for me till end of December...HAHAHAHA!!!!!

My feelings are indescribable....LOL!!...

Next stop job:

I wonder how will I fare in the woods?? kakaka.... Do I need my Giordano or Padini sweaters ?? I will I just need my pasar malam shorts and baju?? Hermmm.........

p.s. - Ok. I wanna go n catch 2012, sleep late (like usual), bowling, eat, then sleep late again...hahaha

Are You "GAY" Enough??

Hey moi lovely blog. Finally I'm back. Miss u so much. Damn I really do miss u. If u were a human I would just hug n kiss u.
So lets get back to the topic I've written above.
Every morning I wake up and ask moi self. Would I be gay enough today? U know wit all the stuff going on here there n everywhere, sometimes I wonder how could I be gay enough? Its not as easy as it seems trying to be gay all the time. U gotta work hard for it. U got to find it most of the time. Some people ask me, "How could u be so gay today? U always look so gay". Well for me its not that easy but I try too. Being gay can really make lots of improvement to moi daily routines. I've learned this from moi friends who are all gays most of the time. So by learning I've found the benefits of it. Being gay keeps me smiling all the time and making moi job smoother. So maybe u should be more gay n not so sour. Smile always n be HAPPY always...
p.s. - the word "GAY" used here is not HOMO…

can u help me?

I'm feeling sooooooo.....

a day to remember


hermmmm....a pot calling a kettle empty vessel makes the most noise....
i have learned something since i've been here. if you can't take criticisms, don't take on any job....if you can't win a war, don't start one....because you wouldn't know whats your opponents strength and capability....

So What I'm Still A Rock Star.

Some "people" think they (that people) are the one who deserve this deserve that. "That people" think we can't do this cant do that. "That people" think we are like the weak-link not able to do this to do that. "That people" think we are not capable to do anything. Whenever people ask us something about certain job, "that people" will say are you sure you can do it ? "That people" will think negative of us. Actually "that people" don't know, we are actually more capable than "that people". "That people" may have joined lots of groups and thinks they know everything but, "that people" don't know they are actually not all that great. We may not join lots of groups but, we are still able to shine in our own way. So what if we don't get what we want ? So what if we are the way we are ? So what if we maybe better than you ? So what if we are more capable than you ? We may not…

How to save?

One :
Me : Mummy can give me money?
Mum : For what? Why no more is it?
Me : No ar. Lazy to go to the bank la.
Mum : Hermmm. Nah 100.
Me : Hihihi. Thank you.
Mum : Don't spend too much la.
Me : Ok.

Two :
Me : Mummy can give me money for petrol?
Mum : I don't have la din't bring.
Liana : Errmmm. I got. Nah. 70
Me : No need so much la. 50 enough.
Liana : Nevermind la. Just take.
Me : Thank you.

Three :
Me : Mummy can give me for petrol ar?
Mum : Haiyo why so fast finish?
Me : I spend on food and petrol la. Expensive.
Dad : Why?
Mum : He needs some cash.
Dad : I spare you 100 first. Monday I bank in for you.
Me : Ok. Thank you.
Dad : Enough?
Me : Enough lo.

How do I save my money from flowing out of my wallet so fast? I really don't know what to do. Here's a rough expenditure:

Food : At least 15 bugs per day (2 meals per day)
: Snacks at least 5 bugs (sometimes)
Petrol : 20 - 30 bugs for 1 - 2 weeks once.

Something in BM

Ssh sgt ke nak beri komitmen pd 1 benda? Bila bertanya, jwp diberi "I x tau bt la", "Ish nape I kena bt", "nnt I bt", "ok ok" akhirnye, 1 benda pon x bt. Minte bt keje yg paling senang di dunia pon xle bt. Ko bkn anak raja.. Kt keje sama2 sgt nak ckp lg... Hanya 1 saje sy minte iaitu KOMITMEN!!!! tolongla...!!!

p.s.-kpd yg membaca ni kalo terasa, biarla...
p.s. - sorry my BM is very pasar-ish..hahaha....had to voice it out....

down but have to move on

Yesterday was a real blow for all. They were having very hopes of winning because I could see it in them. But, their dream did not materialize. What was the reason for it? That I do not know, and even if I knew, I would not say it. Let it be. They were so down. When I saw them, they look down down down. But in my opinion, I know they did their best and they are the best. You do not have to win a competition to be famous or remembered. All you need is to be the best of the best then people will always remember you. That is what they did yesterday. They were the best of the best. Everyone knew it, but maybe luck was not on their side. But do not worry. People will always remember. So congratulations to all!!

attitude & character

I try to help and give what you ask but why are such an ass sometimes? Although I'm not involve with anything but I still take the trouble to help and care. But why? Sometimes I really question myself, can we really be friends? I find it hard to believe. I think my real friends are those who understands me truly. For me luckily, I know who are my true friends now. Those that I can trust, those that I can share, those that I can fall to. I've been so bloody patient with every single thing that you do. I've never question you about anything. Why do you always give that attitude that you're high and mighty? If only I could actually take a mirror paste your face on it for you to reflect yourself.

You know its funny how people change. Change like the weather. You were a person which you are not know. What made you change? Is it because you've found a new home on a new planet? I think that maybe the reason. You used to be how do I say, a great friend …

Finals !!! finals are coming up next week... SHIT!!!!! my assignments are still not done YET!!! they are due next week!!..."F"....

Final dates: 26, 27, 29 do "they" set the dates?? like hell!!...2 weeks gap...gosh!!!....

ARGHHHH!!!!!! what to do? don't know man!!!....CRAZY!!!!

2 place in 1 day..

Date: October 10, 2009
First stop: The Curve
Second stop: OneU
Food at frst stop: Little Penang
Food at second stop: Otak-Otak Place
Mission #1: Spending lots of $$$ on food only.(huahua)
Mission #2: Suppose to pay for my online shopping but din't
Mission #3: Bought 2 sleeping pants at Wh OneU
Objective: To waste sometime outing although got lots to do
Effects #1: Tired legs, eyes, & everything
Effects #2: But had a great time

p.s. - I don't have much pics coz I din't take any..huahua


Ok. I'm a fan of Mariah Carey. I've just bought her new album Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel. It's actually worth the money. Priced at RM36.90 (original price RM46.50/Malaysian edition RM26) from Speedy. I could say the songs are so much more better then her previous album E=MC2. The song in the album are full of R&B pop ballads contemp. Slow not to harsh. I'm loving every part of it. No regrets getting it. I would give a rating of 4/5.

No no No

I'm feeling a little weird. I'm falling ill. I must not get sick from it. I was healthy yesterday. Why am I getting sick? I think it must be from something I've seen or heard. I'm really not feeling well. I 'm getting workup. But I should not. I should not. Why am I feeling so sick? I need my medicine. I need a shot. No I can't fall ill. NO....

I need them...LOL

I want all this now...Hungry for them...


Came back yesterday was fine...Last night middle of the night had running nose...This morning got up had very slight flu....After shower had very bad flu....Now my nose is running cause it's trying to run cause I'm having running nose aka flu...



Playing The Game

Playing the game right will keep you safe. That's what I'm doing most of the time. I'm always good at playing games but on this particular day, I actually failed in playing this game. I was asleep. I did not realize. I had a slip up. But luckily I've known my mistakes. I've started to take cautious steps. Playing the game that people wants you to play is never an easy game. If you make one wrong step, you are out. Warning! Stay alert! Play the game right.
p.s. - for a special someone, today you were just lucky


Was watching some dance moves video, suddenly, this video caught my attention. Love the dance moves. How nice if I could learn the steps too...

p.s. - if only i could dance like that..huahuahu

Warning..might get addicted to the "beat"

Ok..honestly speaking, I've actually, recently, just heard this song from WG (WonderGirls..LOL) around 3 weeks ago. But trust me, I really had the beat stuck in my head for days. Its so catchy and funny plus not forgetting cute too..huhuhu..So here's the video by WG with Nobody (English version). Enjoy....

p.s. - find more of Nobody on youtube. u'll be surprise...


Beyonce finally is going to hit our shores. After two years from her suppose to be concert here in Malaysia 2 years ago, she is back and ready to take on Malaysia...Her first concert here will be on Oct 25, 8 pm at Bukit Jalil. The concert is part of I tour.
I really need to get the tickets. Anyone wanna join? hahaha I wonder what will PAS do this time?...only time will tell...

p.s. - seriously, I really wanna go....hope to get the tickets soon..huhu


Look at yourself in the mirror. Is it you ? Is it someone else ? Do you see any changes ? What do you see ? Have you notice your changes ? Are you the same person since I've known you ? If you say yes, then you're wrong. You're not the person who I've knew. Wake up. Mirror yourself. Don't be influence by people who are not any better then you.

Good or Bad

I've been trying to hard to please.
I've always let people take everything.
I've never spoke my mind for long time.
I've been to caring for sometime.
I've been to much to the "left".
What if I move more to the "right".
I wonder what will it become.

Someone told me.......

Someone told me, he has a pity for me. I say why? He said I'm being used by someone else. I say are sure? I don't think so. He said why don't you look back at the things that have happened. Then I realize. I am actually sought of being used. When someones in need, to me is the place for something for their own agenda. I've never realize that until now. I've cherish my friendship so much but sometimes someone makes the worse out of it.
Someone told me, you don't need a million friends. Having the closes to you is the most important.

p.s. - friendship


Are you having this?


A.D. I need this.
A.D. I need that.
A.D. help me.
A.D. lend me.
A.D. you free.
A.D. can you do that.
A.D. follow me.
A.D. borrow this.
A.D. you be this.
A.D. you be that.
A.D. go find that.
A.D. go call them.
A.D. faster come here.
A.D. answer me.
A.D. now.
A.D. later.
A.D. go there.
A.D. where are you.
A.D. faster.
A.D. go.
A.D. come.
A.D. bye.

A.D. you can rest now...(???)

Marie Digby

Marie Digby's song are actually quite nice...I've bought her debut album long ago but still I'm not bored with her's a new song from 2nd studio album..hope you guys like it...hohoho


Sometimes I realize,
Do I get anything back from it?
It's not that I want it but, just some appreciation will do.
Maybe I'm just giving to much.
Should I stop giving?
Maybe I should.
I'm tired.


Paddington House of Pancakes (PHOP)
The Curve, Mutiara Damansara

So it was my 5th or 6th trip to PHOP. Somehow the food there doesn't let you down. It's always the same with no change in it's taste. This time I decide to show some of the DELICIOUS food they have. Here's some pictures of from PHOP....

A cup of Cappuccino

Hot Chocolate with marshmallows

A combination of both

Chicken sausage with potato pancakes with sour cream veges & some others

Baked beans, chicken sausages, potato pancakes & wedges, scramble eggs with sour cream & others too

So if you're looking for some great meal, drop by to PHOP. They have a few outlets. around KL The ones that I know are at MidValley, One Utama & The Curve. A must try.....

What's with the colour?

It is now 12.00 am.

B + L + U + E.


That's my colour now at this very minute. I'm feeling really not my self. The happy go lucky side ain't here. Where has it gone to? A sudden change. I just want to sleep it all away. Waking up tomorrow not remembering anything. Can tears help? Hermmm...only for a moment. Frustration with my surroundings. How long will it be? Do I have to push? Am I being too pushy?

p.s. - if only I had nothing to worry & no burdens


Date: 24 August 2009.
Time: 10.45 p.m.

Beep Beep Beep Beep

Message arrived

A very surprising message

The contents:
You have been chosen

Are you kidding me? Noway!! Are you serious? Stop playing!!

No, I'm not ready! No, I don't want! No, I've had enough!

Why! Why! Why!

p.s. - It's making me think to much now.


People look at you,
Thinking you're stealing.
People don't trust you,
Saying you're faking.
Living a life that's not yours to hold,
Like an outcast always being push aside.
Fighting the blaze that shines so bright,
Walking through the fire to forget it all.
Looking up high towards the clear blue sky,
Preventing the pain to flow from your eyes.
A brave face that's what you wear now,
Not being feared by the threats they make.
Taking a deep breath filling your lungs,
Making new hopes and having more faith.
Tonight you will walk head held high,
Moving through the rain with no fear or pain.
It's an uphill battle and you're ready to gain.


It's 1/2 hour to lunch time. But not feeling hungry yet. Also not sure what to eat. I'm so bloody bored with the food here (honestly speaking). I wish it was like lunch when I was working. Everyday I had great lunch.. LOL.. I could get sandwiches with roast duck & avocado, big chicken pies, lovely mix rice set meals, japanese unagi..huhuhu... miss those food so much... yummy...

Being crabby...

I've got a new hobby. It's crabs. Hermit crabs. Got 2 of them the other day for 5 ringgit each. The price was ok so I got them. Cute sis says they look like aliens..hhahaha

A B C = 1 2 3

The exams are back. Mostly everyone had their exams last week, but gosh, all my exams are this week. Yesterday had "Kenegaraan" exam, it was easy but why I din't read?? (Sigh...)

Hope all the best for my coming exams & also to the rest who having them too......

Only Me

So many things to do. Assignments assignments assignments. F#@k I bloody hate them.But what can I do? Nothing but to do them. Huh....sigh...
It's so complicated now. I'm angry, tired, happy & confused.

ANGRY: Is it because I'm to kind? What ever the hell people ask I will just give in. Is it because of this people like to take opportunity from me? What do you think I am? Someone you can stomp on? Get out of my face. When I lend you something, I hope you respect me and give it back on time. If I don't shout doesn't mean you can do what ever you like. When I say okay I'll send it, doesn't mean I can do it always. Am I the only one in this bloody place? I find it hard when people don't give the respect for me. I'm not asking much but just a little....

TIRED: Mentally and spiritually I'm drained to the bones. Forcing my self to wake from my dream land & return to it only when its just 4-5 hours before. How long more can my body handle this? No…

Alice In Wonderland

Another Tim Burton's (1 of my fav director) fantasy film : Alice In Wonderland.

It's a story bout Alice, now 19 years old,attends a party at a estate only to find she is about to be proposed to in front of hundreds of snooty society types. She runs off, following the White Rabbit into a hole and ending up in Wonderland, a place she visited in a similar manner 10 years before, yet doesn't remember. Wonderland was a peaceful kingdom until the Red Queen overthrew her sister, the White Queen. The creatures of Wonderland, such as the Cheshire Cat, Tweedledee and Tweedledum and the March Hare, ready to revolt, wait for Alice to help them. With the help of the White Queen, the Mad Hatter and the Caterpillar, Alice starts seeing flashbacks of her original visit, back when she was nine.

List of cast:

Mia Wasikowska as Alice

Jonny Depp as the Mad Hatter

Helena Bonham Carter as the Red Queen

Anne Hathaway as the White Queen