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Why did I join it when I did not wanted ?
Why did I say yes when I wanted to say no ? Why did I accept it when I did not wanted ?
Why did I help when I did not wanted ? Why did I be so kind when I was not ?
Why did I let people in when I did not wanted ? Why did I kept silent when I wanted to say ?

So many questions that I put forward. But WHY sometimes I can't seem to find the answers. My life is full with questions... W.H.Y.

Tag dan Menge-tag...hahaha

tag ini hasil drpd tag bell-nudin..hohohohoh


* happy go lucky (tu mesti)
* yg blh menerima ku for who i am (campur BI xpela)
* boleh menyayangi ku seperti ku menyayangi dia
* suka bergaya/shopping (ikut situasi)..hohohoho
* good heart
* suka berjenaka
* suka cuba pelbagai jenis makanan kalau blh (suka makan le)


* moody tanpa sebab
* GK (melainkan kalau terpaksa)..hahahah
* anggap dirinya lbh baik drpd yg lain
* kuat cemburu
* tidak blh bergurau sedikit pun
* kuat marah
* terlalu cerewet sgt (over namanya..hahahah)


* MARIAH CAREY (lagunya dan orangnya tp bukan fanatic ye) hahahaha
* Lee.W.Y masa sekolah rendah (dulu best friends)
* Ellie (close la)
* Chung (ok la)
* YY (adalah orangnya masa F6)
* si DIA la (malu nak ckp la tp tu dulu la)
* si DIA yg selalu/kadang2 difikiran ku (xle ckp...biarlah rahsia)...hahahahahah


Happy Chinese New Year!!!!

Tonight I will be having a family reunion dinner at my uncles just want to wish all those who will be celebrating Chinese New Year... A very very prosperous Chinese New Year of the Ox..

Time to go...

It's 6.00 pm now. In another 30 minutes time I will be out from my room and back home. I can't believe how fast time flies. Chinese New Year is just round the corner. But I'm not really that excited about it. Don't know why. 6.03 pm now. It took me 2 minutes to type the 1st paragraph. My room's almost clean accept only for the floor which it still dusty. Items has been keep. Clothes packed. 6.05 pm now. Another 2 minutes it took me. This time I got nothing much to write. Just waiting for my dad to come. Watching some youtube-ish....Found another great song by Leona Lewis. Here's the video. Hope you like it as do I. Watch......

Sometimes Someone

Have you ever felt that when you try to be close to that someone, that someone seems to go further away? Well sometimes that's what I feel. But when you try to go further away from that someone, that someone seems to come closer to you. Well sometimes that's also what I feel. Sometimes when you care for that someone, that someone doesn't really notice it. Sometimes when you try to talk to that someone, that someone doesn't really want to talk to you. Sometimes when you're with that someone, you feel that that someone doesn't want to be next to you. Sometimes when that someone is with other people, you are like an outcast push to the side from that someone. Sometimes its better not to think so much about that someone, because sometimes that someone might not always be "that or the way" which you hope that someone would be........Sometimes Someone....

I had a dream...

Morning, before the alarm rang.. I had a dream. It was actually a very nice dream. It was surreal to me. The dream was something I've never dreamed of before. It was a dream of something & someone........The dream was not the dream of an ambition but a dream of some sort of a fantasy fairytale..hahahaha (not really). Then (ring ring ring 11.30am) the alarm rang. My dream was gone. S#!t... Why did the alarm ring. It spoiled my dream!. Sigh.......My dreams always ends this way. Don't like it. Anyway, then I got up. Thinking (herrmmmm....) Its just a dream. But too bad this dream might not become a reality because its just a dream. If only sometimes dreams do come true. But mostly they don't. I wonder if were to sleep again, would I dream again this dream? Maybe not....dreams dreams dreams........

Journey to the Zooooooooooooooooooo......

Journey to the Zoo part one:
Ok...18-1-2009 was so fun. But before that, 17-1-2009, we (in the pic) actually plan to go to the zoo. So we (I mean I) drove all the way to Zoo Negara hoping to see ANIMALS but,....when we arrived the gates were closed. Arghhhh!!!!! We were hoping to go for the night safari, but there wasn't any, I think la.....All the way there but couldn't go in. But luckily we had plan B..hohohoho. No zoo why not OU (One Utama). So we headed straight for OU althought it was like 1 hours drive from Ampang to Damansara. Arrived at OU. When roung walking for few hours (only at new wing). Our dinner was A&W (in the pic)..So long since I've ate...But okla...After dinner when walking again.....Then before going back, we when to Coldstorage...I bought grapes, 2 pack, bell, "sparkling juice", then skem, got choc biscuits (which we couldn't finish..hahahah)...After some shopping at the supermarket, we finally decided to return.....
The End of Zoo Par…


Spring comes after Winter.
Winter comes after Fall.
Fall comes after Summer.
Summer comes after Spring.
These are the four seasons that the world has. People are just like these four seasons. When winter changes into spring, can you do anything bout it? No you can't. So this is just like humans. When a person changes maybe physically or mentally, can you do anything bout it? No you can't. Sometimes changes are for the good & sometimes it can be bad.But still, it doesn't mean when a person changes from A - Z, that person is totally a stranger to you. The person still has the same name that you call for, same voice that you listen too, same face that smiles to you, same body that you hug too. So what you can do now is just accept the fact that a person has changed. May it be good or may it be bad, that person is still there..........................................................


Today or should I say yesterday cos its already 2.11am now, was really a gloomy day. The morning part was just okla but then as it when on I felt like something wasn't that right. I was starting to get moody, not interested in doing anything at all.People talked to me I just like anwered yes no don't know. Then came the rain which made me sick for like few hours with low fever. But later was ok. And then I had some cold feelings from certain people around me. I don't know, maybe cos I'm just thinking to much or maybe tired or what, but it really made me feel extra worst honestly. Then came certain things which I thought would be bout something nice, but it was bout something that is soon to take place. The things that were said made me really not in the mood to communicate at all. Why was the day so full of negative things? It really was a real real real gloomy day la. Sometimes I just wish I din't joined any activities. I really regreted some of it. Too much weig…

I will say it one last time

The first time I met you, You were someone I might look up too. As the clock started to tick, You started to become a person which I could trust. When I knew you better as person, You were soon to be a friend I've never had. When you became a friend to me, You were a friend that I might run too. But as time when on, You weren't the person who I thought you were. When I needed trust and honesty, You gave my lies and excuses. When you say we had to work together, You were trying to give an impression. But now it's to late, When you try to be close, I know you are just acting. When you try to be the head, I know you want power. When you say no, I know you are saying yes. When you say we will be friends, I will say it one last time.
You can't change the past that has already been writen.