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Today or should I say yesterday cos its already 2.11am now, was really a gloomy day. The morning part was just okla but then as it when on I felt like something wasn't that right. I was starting to get moody, not interested in doing anything at all.People talked to me I just like anwered yes no don't know. Then came the rain which made me sick for like few hours with low fever. But later was ok. And then I had some cold feelings from certain people around me. I don't know, maybe cos I'm just thinking to much or maybe tired or what, but it really made me feel extra worst honestly. Then came certain things which I thought would be bout something nice, but it was bout something that is soon to take place. The things that were said made me really not in the mood to communicate at all. Why was the day so full of negative things? It really was a real real real gloomy day la. Sometimes I just wish I din't joined any activities. I really regreted some of it. Too much weight to carry. But I've made that choices, I can't turn back now......What to do la....???

Sigh.....2.30am...wanna sleep..hope everything will be forgotten tomorrow meaning later....(telling myself-must not think too much!!!)