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I will say it one last time

The first time I met you,
You were someone I might look up too.
As the clock started to tick,
You started to become a person which I could trust.
When I knew you better as person,
You were soon to be a friend I've never had.
When you became a friend to me,
You were a friend that I might run too.
But as time when on,
You weren't the person who I thought you were.
When I needed trust and honesty,
You gave my lies and excuses.
When you say we had to work together,
You were trying to give an impression.
But now it's to late,
When you try to be close,
I know you are just acting.
When you try to be the head,
I know you want power.
When you say no,
I know you are saying yes.
When you say we will be friends,
I will say it one last time.

You can't change the past that has already been writen.


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