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Time to go...

It's 6.00 pm now. In another 30 minutes time I will be out from my room and back home. I can't believe how fast time flies. Chinese New Year is just round the corner. But I'm not really that excited about it. Don't know why.
6.03 pm now. It took me 2 minutes to type the 1st paragraph. My room's almost clean accept only for the floor which it still dusty. Items has been keep. Clothes packed.
6.05 pm now. Another 2 minutes it took me. This time I got nothing much to write. Just waiting for my dad to come. Watching some youtube-ish....Found another great song by Leona Lewis. Here's the video. Hope you like it as do I. Watch......


  1. happy chinese new year =))
    bawak limau byk2 taw nnt..

  2. tq...boleh i akan bwk byk2 kena pastikan u alls makan tau...


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