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FESTIK 2009 can be said was a blast!! It was like UPM's version of the Oscars...hahahahah. Firstly the theme was real COOL. It was Urban Retro. And of cause following the theme, TGV sure made an appearance during the award ceremony...hahahaha. Picture on the left was what everyone who went wore...huhuhuhu...NICE...
Ok so why was FESTIK 2009 a blast?? Here's the answer. TGV 's production which was '40 seterusnya.....?' was awarded the 2nd Best Theatre Overall....hurray congratz to all & also not forgetting Best Actress in a Leading Role which was won by Nan...(wah so like the oscars...hahaha)

So TGV only won 2 awards, but that did not bring our spirits down at all. We were there to have FUN & ENJOY!!! Although 2 only but TGV was nominated in 7 other categories. The 7 categories were (Oscar version) : Best Audio, Best Publicity, Best Upcoming (harapan) Actress, Best Publicity Display, Best Props & Set, Best Actor in a Leading Role, & also Best Directing & Adaptation.....although we din't win in this 7 categories but being nominated was also an achivement for us all......
FESTIK 2009 was great...CONGRATZ TO THE CAST & CREW of TGV!!!!!

p/s-I've manage to meet someone face to face .....HUAHUAHUAHAHAHA but no pic, to bad.....


  1. addy upload some more pics.. anyway we done great jobs! and publicity was the best ! :D

  2. huhu..face sapa yang takde ek..


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