Monday, March 2

heavy for me....


This are my feelings right now. Right now I'm typing.
Everything is going through my mind now. So many thoughts are rushing through my mind now. The problems that arise from the problems that are unavoidable. The problems that are made by man.
My head's thinking to much of everything. Everything that is to heavy for me to take.
People say try not to think about it too much. People say try to forget it.
But what if it's unavoidable? What if it won't disappear? Why does it has to come?
My face always smile but in me it does not. The feelings are building up in me.
Making it heavy for me.
Would it break me?
Would it bring me down?
How do I destroy this feelings? My heads spinning my hearts tired.
I want to go somewhere.
Somewhere I could just relax..... enjoy..... laugh.....
Somewhere I could have comfort..... love.....
Somewhere only tears of joy would roll not tears of sadness.....
Hoping that all this feelings would just wash away like the waves above the shores

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