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Fu Yoh!!

Ok... It's been long since I've updated here... So here I shoot...
1st-ly what happened so far during my holidays from start till now is, digi cam is gone. YES! MY DIGITAL CAMERA IS GONE!!! ARHHHHH!!!! So how it happened? Well it went lost after a bowling game. Yup a bowling game. All the photos, the memories are all gone...... Who ever took my cam, well all I can say is.... Idiot..hahahah... Luckly I din't getting bombastic scolding from my parents.... Lucky me... Fu Yoh... So far nothing much has happened during the holidays...
Only about 2 weeks ago I've notice something under my left eye. It's like a lump (bengkak kecik). At first there were any pain, but now when I press lightly, it does hurt. So, my sis and my friend and my teacher told me that I would have to get a slit(which means cut my skin) to remove the lump. So today when I went to see my family doctor for my skin check up, I ask him about the lump and he told me that actually normally the slit is a must. But he gave some antibiotics to see if it helps. I hope the antibiotics do work although it has maybe around 30% chance of helping. So scared to go under the knife for the slit...After 10 days I'll know what happens next...Fu Yoh....


  1. i have many lump~
    my eye~
    my cheek~
    my heart~


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