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Ting's me.. Ok... Finally bout the lump in my left eye it's gooooone....hurray!! "The antibiotics did worked" and I'm so relief. No slits & recovery for me (according to the doctor today) ...huhuhuhu..
[The lump is gone....hehehe. Happy!!]
Another thing for today, I've finally upgraded my laptop (the 1 I'm using now to type these letters) RAM from 1 Gig to 2.5 Gig. I've added a Kingston 2 Gig RAM plus my existing 512 RAM...Yes!!! It's so much more faster I mean faster then before. No more slow poke for me...lolz....
[Hello speed to my life...Happy!!]
Not only I've upgraded my laptop RAM, I've also managed to get (finally) a great hip hop laptop beg....huahuahuahaha.. It's grey & BIG My dad bought a couple but it all didn't fit I mean weren't big enough to fit the laptop.. (But they were very nice..huhuhu)...
[More collection to my begs.....Happy!!]
Finally, after eerrrr around almost 2 months I think, searching everywhere for my size (seriously I could not find my feet size (M) because everywhere was sold out), I finally found it. It was at The Mines, The Crocs Outlet (not Concept). I manage to buy my Crocs which is the Clogs. Another great thing, it was only HALF the price because the Crocs Outlet Store which is the 1st in M'sia, sells Crocs stuff at 30%-70% LESS compared to the Crocs Concept Store. This mind sound foolish but it's really. Don't believe me, go to the Crocs Outlet at The Mines new site.
[Another new footwear to tear (joking)....Happy!!]
p.s. today when Ikea shopping....luv that place... plus got new stuff too...huhuu...