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just wanna write something

Once upon time, there was a little boy who used to be just like all the other teens out there. He had friends lots of friends which always made him happy. Friends which he cherish. Friends which he loved. Friends which he always cared. But years later, this boy's friends started to drift apart. They used to be so close with a bonding that can't be broken. They used to share the tears and laughter together. But now, this boy only have those tears to himself. Friends which used to be so close, now are all gone. Friendship made were lost. A couple of years later, this boy made new friends again. Friends which he had never had before. Friends which he shared everything. Even the tears of sadness and joy. But this boy is afraid, the same thing might happen again. Losing friends which he cherishes. But this boy has problems. Problems which could affect his relationship with his friends. He does all he can to prevent it. But how long can he prevent it?.....this boy can only do the most that he can......this boy is just a normal human being......this boy did not asked for all this thing.....this boy wants to be free....this boy is not sure if he can handle it...... This boy wants to go away.... not from his friends but from this problems....