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To Friendship

Stand and look at the World below;
Shoulders squared, and The breeze through our hair ;
Stand together , not saying a word,
Words are not needed;
We have said all that needs to be heard .
The eyes are a mirror to the fire in our hearts .

What we dreamt of, and what we will get,
We know not where our destinies want us to go;
We have had regrets, had our moments of joy,
We have drunk the same spirits, and shared the same stories;
Things that made us laugh, and the things that made us cry,
All gone, like wisps of sand through our fingers,
Still we stand their clutching,
trying to bring back the days of ebullient abandon.

You and I, we have lived
during the years we knew each other, and breathed
The pristine air of intellectual anarchy,
We have had the most precious insights ,
in the ugly scab they call life.
We have lived, we have learnt,
We have hurt, and have been hurt,
We have been naive and we have been wise,
We have seen Hope and illusion, Love and Delusion.
Whatever We did , we did together, that's all that matters.

Someday when our faces are streaked with lines,
And our hair is quite gray,
We will look at the sky above ,and remember,
The sweet memories of friends long forgotten,
The vision of friends preparing to face the world,
each in his own way,
The dreams in the eyes of other young men will make us think,
of the fond face of the friend whose spirit had the same fire,
The same reckless abandon,
The same insane sense of reason,
That day my friend you will remember me ,
And I will remember you.


  1. dearie ady,
    ur poem so indah..

    biarkan kita menjadi teman,
    teman mengukir senyum,
    teman ketawa,
    teman bersedih,
    teman gembira,
    teman bermuram durja,
    teman tika datangnya gelap malam,
    teman tika terang suluhkan siang,

    sampai kapan pun, kita tetap teman..
    terima kasih..


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