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Alice In Wonderland

Another Tim Burton's (1 of my fav director) fantasy film : Alice In Wonderland.

It's a story bout Alice, now 19 years old,attends a party at a estate only to find she is about to be proposed to in front of hundreds of snooty society types. She runs off, following the White Rabbit into a hole and ending up in Wonderland, a place she visited in a similar manner 10 years before, yet doesn't remember. Wonderland was a peaceful kingdom until the Red Queen overthrew her sister, the White Queen. The creatures of Wonderland, such as the Cheshire Cat, Tweedledee and Tweedledum and the March Hare, ready to revolt, wait for Alice to help them. With the help of the White Queen, the Mad Hatter and the Caterpillar, Alice starts seeing flashbacks of her original visit, back when she was nine.

List of cast:

Mia Wasikowska as Alice

Jonny Depp as the Mad Hatter

Helena Bonham Carter as the Red Queen

Anne Hathaway as the White Queen


Okay. Today is my second day of sudden holiday by UPM due to the almost 400 ++ (from an online source) cases & 4 positive cases. I wonder how could UPM like just keep quiet bout these cases? It's serious. But at least I get an early holiday..hahaha...Anyway hope those 4 positive students will recover soon. Plus those still in college, take care and always wear those mask.

p.s.-want to go out but can't go out. hermmm...susahla.

MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia

Can't wait for the MTV World Stage here in Malaysia (which is the 1st in Asia) on August 15th 2009 at Sunway Lagoon Resort Surf Beach.
Hope I can go. August 15th here I come....huahuahuahua

p.s.-hope I' free on that day. Must Go and watch.


Do you want to listen to a very funny story? It's actually a FUNNY and very STUPID story. The story starts with a person being hungry.

One day Jimmy and his two other friends who were James and Juli were hungry. So they decide to have their dinner at a cafe. At the cafe, Jimmy and his friends tried to find a place to sit, but it was too full of people. After searching all round, they manage to find a place. As they were sitting deciding what to eat at the cafe, another three of Jimmy's friends came to the cafe. They were Sean,Bean, and Jean. They approach Jimmy, James and Juli. But at the same times, Jimmy decided not to eat at the cafe but at a fast food restaurant. So James, Juli, Sean, Bean and Jean all agreed to it. (Story cut short) But Sean, Bean and Jean did not want to go cause they had things to do. So they pass their orders to Jimmy. They ordered two large sets of lambchop and 4 medium sets of chicken chop. Sean and Bean gave their money each 10 dollars and another 12…

One Step From Stepping Away

I'm actually on a very slippery hill.
A hill that's very high from the ground.
I need only just one push and I'll go down.
But I won't go down in pain, but down in happiness.
I wonder how long can I stay on this hill.
The hill was such a nice place.
It was once green and beautiful, but now, it's almost bare and lifeless.
Can the back of my shoes not worn out?
If it does gets worn out, what will happen?
I wonder how long more?
Rain and shine has come and gone, but I'm still trying to stay strong.
My shoes won't last that long.

Just Don't Get It

I just don't get it. Am I the only person in this bloody whole wide world? Am I the only human on this planet? There's millions of other people out there. Why is it always the same person you go to? I just don't get it. Are you still a child who needs guidance in everything? Are you still a toddler who needs to be supported when trying to walk? You got to stand on your on feet. Don't expect everything to be done for you. I just don't get it. Why is it when other people can't show their emotion but only you can? Why is it only you can have a bad day but other people can't? I just don't get it. Be independent please. Don't hope to much on other people. Try it for yourself. Grow up.

p.s. it is just what I think.


Don't make your own assumption without any proof.
Don't think that you are always right.
Don't accuse people for something they did not do.
Don't start a fight if you can't win it.
Don't try to be the innocent one if you are not.

If this is what you want, then you shall have it. But don't come back one day crying for something, because everything is nothing now.